New Year, New Meme

New Year, New Meme

New Year

Welcome to 2018! Over the years of Game of War, we have had many memes to make us laugh. Well, it is a New Year and time for a New Meme. We provide the picture, you provide the humor. For inspiration check out our Favorite GOW memes article here.

New Meme

Meme This
How it works

  1. Submit your Caption in the comment section below
    • Please include Game name and Line or Discord Name
    • We will reach out to the winner if you do not respond within 24 hours of us reaching out we will choose a new winner.
    • Please no profanity
  2. The Real Tips Team will choose our favorite caption and create the meme
  3. All Submissions are due by Sunday, January 7, 2018, 5pm PDT
  4. The winner will be featured on our Website, Facebook, Instagram, Discord, and receive a $25 gift card to Android Store OR iTunes (winners choice)
  5. Winner will receive the hard-earned title of “GOW Comedian”




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  1. 0BlackWidow Line ID leelee7788

    Oh how cute your talking smack in KC about how you’re going to burn me? What’s your coords?

    You don’t look so tough now with your shield up and on fire.

  2. Haha!!!! Got you now!!!
    Crap. Wife’s going to kill me. Got to buy a pack.

    Tony627gow. Line I’d
    In trap house alive room

  3. 1: “click here to download latest updates””

    2: from Apple Computers: “we’ve slowed down the processing on your computer because you are dumb. ”

    LINE: themurfs. Picture of black cat.

  4. Yes! Everything in my account is caught up!

    New Trinity Dropped!

  5. Dear Warrior
    We appreciate your questions about the rate of updates to the game and strategy and have passed it along to our developers.

    In the meantime, Please continue to enjoy as we are constantly updating. Please feel free to start another ticket for any more questions

  6. Hey i can finally buy and catch up! Finally going to burn someone. Caption1

    Wait, did MZ release another update after the one they just released??? Yup, they did…
    Cation 2

  7. X xVIPERx X - Daniel

    Picture 1: *In the midst of solo-zeroing people and capping heroless* “Wooo! Another one bites the dust.”

    Picture 2: *After the last solo-zero, MZ issued a new drop which got me zeroed* “You must be kidding me… karma is a ‘you know what’.”

  8. Yes! A new defensive gear set that comes with all the items needed to finally cap.

    Sheesh….look at that new attack gear set that trumps all the items I just received in the last pack I bought. Back to zero.

  9. Top of pic “Me waiting on a hit”

    First bubble “Incoming attack from (DD)SantaDoc”

    Second bubble “Hero has been captured by (DD)SantaDoc”

  10. Oh my goodness.

  11. LadiLips game name

    First Picture:

    “Ahh finally all upgraded! Time to go and t….”

    2nd picture: