Nike Core Set: Stats, Recipe, Set Bonus, and Hero Skills

Nike Core Set

The Nike Core Set is a first-of-its-kind Infantry Missile Set with multiple troop type Defense Debuff that is perfect for heroless targets. Even 13.4 billion troop Strongholds!

Game of War took notice of the Custom Debuff Sets being made and provided players with easier access to such sets. Rather than attempting custom in your Forge, the Nike Core Set is exactly what you need for Defense Debuff.

Nike Core Set Stats

If your Nike set is gemmed, with set bonuses in place, it will have:

2263% Troop Attack
4315% Infantry Attack

The following are the bonuses of a typical set without Set Bonus or Gems:

Nike Core Set Crafted Stats

Nike Core Set Set Bonuses

The set bonuses are insane! Almost as insane as Ctesse's gold!

1300% combined Infantry Attack boost
437.5% Defense Debuff of each troop type

Nike Set Bonus 5Nike Set Bonus 7

The Impact of the Nike Core Set

When we put everything together with Gems, Set Bonuses, Skills, Max Research and equipped this is the outcome:

Nike Core Set Max Equipped

The stats of this set are everything you need to burn a huge heroless Stronghold with an estimate 13.4 billion troops.

Nike Core Set Burns 13 Billion Troop Stronghold!

Nike 13 billion troop burn

This burn of 13.4 billion troops is incredible! But hey, at least he saved 210,000 in his Hospital!

What is also incredible is that King of KING was able to obtain, craft, set on a heroless target just a few hours after the set was released...

The verdict on Nike is that... it's pretty darn great. Those of you running around in Nike gear better not lose your hero.

Nike and Ctesse Burns 356 Billion Player with Hero

Ctesse recently burned a player with 11 billion troops while his hero was at home!  The player let his cores burn out and didn't equip his normal gear.  He thought he was safe from any rallies, but he thought wrong.  Ctesse, with the help of Nike cores, was able to set him ablaze!

356 b profile Biggest hits in Game of war

This core set is simply amazing, and we are just beginning to discover its capabilities.

Nike Core Set RecipeNike Core Set Recipe

Nike's Prize, Battle Tactics, Victory Medallion, Flight Essence,

Helm: Triumphant Bascinet + Wreath Materials, Vigil Candle

Armor: Imbue the Triumphant Guard + Glory Plate, Symbol of Success

Feet: Triumphant Tramplers + Soldier Ration, Blessed Feathers

Weapon: Triumphant Lance + Elixir of Strength, Triumph Trophy

Acc: Triumphant Wings + Blessed Wings, Symbol of Success

Hero Skill Tree Recommendations

The skill tree for this set should reflect a set up for Infantry Missile.  Here is a typical skill tree setup using our Hero Skill Tree Tool:

Hero Skill Tree Infantry Debuff

Have you crafted this set yet?  What is the largest heroless Stronghold you've been able to burn?


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