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We hope you have been able to enjoy the player profiles we have been putting out for you. Just this month we did a player profile on, Kona and her Game of War Story. However, we know that every member of this community has a Story and we want to hear it. From big to small each of you matters.

This month we will be giving away one 25 Dollar Gift Card to one player. The winner will be determined by a drawing and all you have to do to get in on this deal is submit a nomination. There are so many players in this community with unique stories and we want to be able to tell them here. Let us know about who these players are by nominating them to be our next player profile.

Example Nomination

Wondering what we are looking for? It’s easy anyone that has a unique Game of War Story. From the biggest to the smallest we want to hear it!

I am nominating Judy (yes this is a fake name I’m making up for an example). The reason I would like to nominate Judy is that she has been playing for 3 years and she has a really unique story about how Game of War has affected her life (insert short version of the story here). 

Disclaimer: Please ensure that your friend is okay with you sharing their story with us. We want to respect the privacy of all players so while they may have a great story only share it with us if they are comfortable with that. 

How it works

  1. Comment on this article or send thatcinder a message on Line to enter
  2. Entries must include the following information
    1. Your Line ID or email
    2. Name of the player you are nominating
    3. The reason you are nominating them
    4. Best way to reach out to that player if we decide to ask them to do a player profile
  3. Please nominate current players
  4. Nominations will be open through April 3, 2019
  5. If you win the drawing you will be contacted using the info you provided. If you do not respond within 24 hours a new drawing will occur.
  6. Your email will be needed and your choice of an iTunes or Google Play Gift Card will be sent to the email address provided. Please note this gift card is USD and may not work in some app stores out of the country.

So tell us who you know with a unique Game of War Story! We would love to share their story with the rest of the community.

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