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Our Heroes Venture into the Black Market

Phoebe and Darius Tackle the Black Market and its Dungeon...


A commotion outside the Stronghold caught Phoebe and Darius’ attention as they sat in the hall dining on bread and cheese. Venturing to the gates, they asked a passerby what the noise was all about.

“The Black Market has opened,” the serf stated, “as well as the Black Market Master Dungeon. It is free to unlock!”

Donning their cloaks, Phoebe and Darius followed the crowd, winding their way through the town until the streets became narrow and the ground dark and dank. Hooded figures weaved through the crown, pickpocketing those who were not paying attention. “What is this place?” Phoebe whispered.

“Fear not, fair maiden, I shall protect you,” Darius replied. Phoebe rolled her eyes, but played along.

Black Market Master Dungeon

Turning the last bend, they faced the entrance to the Black Market Mast Dungeon. Towering high above their heads, the yawning gulf enticed them to enter.

Clutching the free Black Market Master Dungeon Energy that Athena had bestowed on them, they slowly passed the gates into the dungeon. The path diverged in several different directions, with signs leading to the Speed Dungeon, Gem Dungeon, and finally, the Black Market Master Dungeon.

Leaping into the fierce hall, they drove their swords through the Dragon as many times as they could, each hit costing one thousand Energy. In return, they received chests to open that contained tokens for the Black Market.

“I wonder what types of items we can purchase with our bounty?” mused Darius. Pushing their way through the crowd back out into the sunlight, they ventured their way out of the seedy trenches of north side Dragonville into the wide open streets, and headed directly for the Black Market.

Black Market

Upon entering the market, Phoebe and Darius grabbed a quick bite to eat (as their breakfast had been disturbed) and began browsing. They discovered many desired items for sale, such as Advanced Ports, Gear Chests, Loyalty, and March Speed-ups.

Quickly spending their tokens on Advanced Teleports for later attacking purposes, they realized they wanted more! “Phoebe, where can we obtain more of these tokens?” Darius asked.

“From packs and events, Darius,” Phoebe stated. “Let’s head home.”

As they passed through the Stronghold gates to Phoebe’s Castle, Darius sighed deeply. “I must return soon to my own land, lass,” he grumbled. “The Demigods are summoning me for a task. May I ask that you await my return? I am going to request a permanent transfer to Dragonville so that we might sit our Strongholds next to each other. Maybe we can even have matching names, like I’ve seen on some couple’s banners.”

“That’s pushing it, Darius, but yes I will wait for you,” she sighed. “Please return posthaste.”

As Darius vanished into the Portal in a flash of purple, Phoebe glumly sent her troops out to gather and flopped down on the ground to sulk. “Next time,” she thought, “I’m caging him in with the Dragon so he can’t escape.”

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