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Paladin of Sola vs. Golden Shogun: Stats and Strategy


In a battle of epic proportions, our boys ran Paladin of Sola against Golden Shogun to see what sparks would fly.  We wanted to see what makes it better or worse than Golden Shogun.

Recently, Game of War has released one Deadly Missile Core Set after another.  However, with each new Missile Core Set comes a Defensive Normal Equipment Set to counter.  This has frustrated the Rally Leader community because they have the advantage for a short time until the new perma set comes out.  However, with Building 22, then Buildings 23 the pendulum will quickly swing in favor of Rally Leaders with their HUGE rally numbers with help from Hall of War 23 and Stronghold 23 March Size increase.  Also, adding to the their strength is increased Core bonus maximums from Forge 23.

So, choosing a Defense Set that is right for you has never been more important.  Let’s take a look at the most recent Defensive Sets offered.

First, I’ve created an AMAZING chart laying out all the statistics of both.  Before you message me on Line, yes, I didn’t include Upkeep Reduction nor Specialized Set Bonus, more on the latter… later. Ok, moving forward…

Take a look at the spreadsheet below:

Paladin versus Shogun


While Golden Shogun has a lower overall Defense than Paladin of Sola, its 100% Troop Specific Defense.  This makes Debuffing much more difficult than Paladin.  Paladin on the other hand has 1020% Troop Defense which can easily be Debuffed using Defense Debuff that we see in nearly all recent Core Sets. Paladin of Sola has some Troop Attack Debuff in the Set Bonus where Golden Shogun does not.  While this adds some points for Paladin of Sola, I believe judging solely on Defense Stats alone Golden Shogun is the better choice.

We will now take a look at other factors such as Troop Attack, Health, and Specialized Set Bonuses to determine the overall best set for Defense.

Troop Attack

These sets are clearly Defensive but having some Troop Attack never hurts.  Golden Shogun has twice as much Troop Attack than Paladin of Sola.  It is minimal Troop Attack but when considering a large number of troops, a small amount of Troop Attack is all that’s required to kill an entire rally.  Golden Shogun is the clear winner here.

Troop Health

The main difference between these two sets is the Health provided by Paladin of Sola.  When is Health desired for a Defensive set?  Typically, Health is desired in a limited troop numbers situation such as a Wonder Battle, Tile Trapping, or Solo Trap.  Paladin of Sola clearly wins the Health battle over Golden Shogun.  However, is it enough to choose Paladin of Sola over Golden Shogun?

An argument could be made that because of the Troop Health, Paladin is better than Golden Shogun.  However, if what we know about Troop Health in traps over 5 million troops which is that Health doesn’t matter, then using Paladin of Sola because of its Health is not a strong argument.

Has anyone wondered lately why these new sets have Health Debuff?  Could it be that Game of War is responding to the Kinoichi’s Kunai problem by reducing the Defense Debuff of Core Set and instead adding Health Debuff in its place?  This begs the question, do we really understand how Troop Health works?

Is Troop Health Better Than Troop Defense?

This question has been the subject of much debate in Game of War.  However, it is generally accepted by the Game of War Community that Health is better for small troop numbers under 5 million and Defense is better for larger numbers such as Traps.

Best Use of Sets

Therefore, Paladin of Sola would be best used to hold a Wonder, whereas Golden Shogun should be used for large traps because of its Specific Troop Defense.

Have you crafted Paladin of Sola? What Set Bonuses are available?

Thanks again for reading!


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  3. KillaKai says

    I don’t have mats for full set of either, but have enough for 3 or 4 pieces of each. Any suggestions for best mix set?

  4. Heir Valk says

    Great info, thank you. Question, the boost levels quoted, are they for the “raw” set gear or have you include embedded gems. Also, what would be the best, most complementary gems for either. I am actually in the process of equipping one of my hero’s pre sets with the Shogun set as we speak.

    1. Darkthorne says

      These numbers are for raw set gear with no gems. Typically the best gems for these sets depends on their purpose. I’ll assume you are using the set for defense as a trap. You will need to gem as much defense as possible with your current gem inventory. Troop attack debuff is second priority. To learn more about gem selection, please check out our Gem Selection Guide!

  5. Jp says

    Some ppl will complain no matter what no one is making u come to this website if u think u can do better then by all means try. Thank you for posting the stats for both gear I use a mix of both rite now myself

  6. […] Equipment of target i.e., Frostlord, Kinoichi Kunai daggers, Shogun or Paladin […]

  7. Argus says

    You should create an article on why MZ is incapable of taking out the guesswork. Also, you have a great web site, however all these adds are killing it! starting to be very frustrating to do anything

  8. Aaron Perkins says

    Is there an overall preference from players on these sets, like do more people get the Shogun or Paladin?

  9. Sir Newport says

    I crafted this on 06-24-2016 and here is a list of all the set bonuses I saw.

    Troop attack, troop health, troop defense debuff, troop health debuff, carvery defense debuff, ranged defense debuff, infantry defense debuff, Infantry heath deduff, carvery heath deduff , ranged attacked, infantry attack, carvery attack.

    Although I did not personally see ranged health debuff I will have to assume that it is one of the special set bonuses. I did not see attack debuff either which I found disappointing for something I want to use for wonder sitting. I also did not see troop defense and with all the troop defense already included in this set MZ may not have made more troop defense available.

    1. Darkthorne says

      Thank you Sir Newport. This is helpful!

  10. Jack says

    Okay so first of all you didn’t create an AMAZING spreadsheet, any 3rd grader could have added up the bonuses. Secondly, where are the battle tests? Am I missing this or does this title of the article say “battle tested” and then go on to talk about how you think one set is better than the other due to the differences in boosts? What a joke, this site is even worse than GOW itself.

    1. Sir Newport says

      Don’t hate, Darkthorne spends a lot of time providing valuable information for the GOW community.

      Thank you for this nice article.

    2. foreal says

      I agree any information is appreciated. Most hardcore players spend a lot of time and money on this game, so someone taking the guesswork out of it is appreciated. Thank you for the post it was helpful. Jack sometimes its better to keep your trap shut. No one forces you to play but I a m sure you do.

    3. Darkthorne says

      Thank you for the comment Jack. I’ve corrected the title. Sorry for the confusion. I think the spreadsheet is at least a 5th grader level.

    4. Italia-Silenzio says

      A great article, Jack take a chill pill. Yes some further research in the future would be great but thanks so much for a good article as they always are !!

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