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Pantheon Research: Rally Leader Strength Doubles


Pantheon research improves Pantheon building boosts. Also, Game of War released two new deities for Wonder battles. For traps you have 15,000% Legion Defense and Type Defense. Also, 5,000% total Behemoth Troop Defense and Health boost.

Rally leaders see what benefits you gain from this research tree that doubles your strength as a rally hitter.

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Pantheon Research Costs

Pantheon Research Resource Requirements GoW

As we can see in the image above, the requirements for this tree are about 10 BT of Wood, Stone, Ore.  You won’t need Food or Silver for this tree. Save those resources for training troops.  As a result of this tree everyone needs more troops.

Pantheon Research Benefits

Pantheon Research tree provides significant boosts for rally leaders. For rally leaders you gain:

  • 15,000% Legion Defense
  • 10,000% Defense Debuff
  • 700,000% Legion Attack
  • 700,000% Type Attack with Hero
  • 10,000% Type Defense Debuff
  • 1,500,000% Mobile Trap Attack
  • 2,000,000% Rally/Wonder Attack
  • 2,000,000% Rally/Wonder Mobile Trap Health
  • 3,500,000% Rally/Wonder Health

All Pantheon Deity Boosts

  • 600,000% All Pantheon Deity Attack Bonus
  • 900,000% All Pantheon Deity Health Bonus

So, for rally leaders how much boosts have we now? 700k Legion Attack plus 700k% Type Attack plus 600k% All Pantheon Deity Attack Bonus for a total of 2 million more attack.  More attack is gained from the additional boosts from this research tree to your Pantheon Deity Boosts.

Deity and Behemoth Boosts

Each Pantheon Deity receives additional boost as you work through the Pantheon research tree.

  • Empower Athena – 500,000% Troop Attack
  • Empower Ares – 500,000% Ranged Attack
  • Empower Zeus – 500,000% Infantry Attack
  • Empower Apollo – 500,000% Cavalry Attack
  • Empower Hera –  500,000% Health Debuff
  • Empower Aphrodite – 10,000% Defense Debuff
  • Empower Poseidon – 3,500,000% Rally/Wonder Health
  • Empower Hades – 2,000,000% Mobile Trap/Wonder Health

Behemoth Boosts

Behemoth boosts were once appealing.  They provided a significant at the time of release. However, now players have significantly higher stats. Old Behemoth Boost will no longer benefit players. With Pantheon research you will notice a slight improvement but no where near where they need to be for players to farm them like they have in the past.

  • 2250% Behemoth Boost Defense, Troop Attack, or Troop Health (5,000% with max research)
  • 1000% Type Attack Behemoth Boost (5,000% with max research)

Pantheon Research and Wonder Battles

You may be thinking, “I thought Pantheon didn’t work in Wonder fights?” You’d be right anytime before Pantheon research tree was released. However, with the release its now available and two new deities have been added for that purpose Poseidon and Hades.

Poseidon Deity

Poseidon Pantheon Deity Game of War GoW

Poseidon Deity provides 200,000% Rally/Wonder Health and you will obtain this and Hades Deity at Pantheon Level 21 regardless of whether you’ve done the Pantheon Research.

Hades Deity

Hades Deity Pantheon Research Game of War GoW

Hades Deity provides 200,000% Rally Wonder Mobile Trap Health.  Get your tributes ready for Super Wonder and Wonder!

Learn more about Pantheon Building.

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