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Perses Game of War Core Recipe, Set Bonus, Stats


When all you want to do is set the world on fire in Game of War, reach for the titanic Perses Game of War Core Set. Gain giant boosts for your Infantry Troops and lay waste to the opposition!

Perses Core Set is the first of the 4th generation of infantry missile cores following: Ryujin – 1st, Zeus – 2nd, Nike – 3rd.

Perses Core Strategy

Perses Core Set is for Infantry Missile Attack meaning that is to be used with only Infantry type troops.  It has plentyDangerzone Game of War of troop and specific troop defense debuff to work well as a heroless core set.  Also, with its attack debuff bonuses it is difficult to kill entire rally which allows it to take on much larger targets.

The siege defense debuff will add to the devastation however relatively small that it is compared to the other troop types defense debuffs.  Keep in mind that siege troops don’t have a lot of defense anyway, maybe around 131%.  This set will provide 100% siege defense debuff.

All traps with tier 4 will have 131% normal siege defense from the combat tree.  Therefore, this set debuffs all but 31% of siege defense.

So, those players who have relied on siege for heroless traps are in trouble.

(raGe) Dangerzone has started picking them apart.


Visit Dangerzone on Instagram: dangerzone252 (Dangerzone66).

Perses Core Set Recipe

You need the following pieces for a full set of Perses:

  • Destruction Essence: 7
  • Chaos Plate: 7
  • Lava Orb: 7
  • Stone Heart: 7
  • Crystal Vein: 4
  • Fire Scroll: 4
  • Stone Visage: 1
  • Rune of Giants: 1
  • Bottled Anger: 1
  • Fire Flower: 1
  • Ember Eye: 1
  • Titan Mandate: 1

For those who don’t have VIP Instant Craft or wish to use some level 5 pieces in their Perses Set, here is the Perses Core Recipe:

Perses Core Recipe Game of War

Perses Core Set Bonus

Perses Core Set Bonuses consist mostly of Infantry Attack and Infantry, Ranged, and Cavalry Defense Debuff.  It also includes some Siege Defense Debuff and Specific Troop Attack Debuff.

Perses Set Bonus 5 Game of WarPerses 5 and 7 Set Bonus Game of WarPerses Set Bonus 7 Game of War

Perses Core Gems

Game of War released a new gem set bonus recipe with the release of Perses Core Set.  Spectral Warrior Infantry Gem Set.


Spectral Warrior Infantry Gem Set Recipe

Level 6 – Infantry Gem, Pachyderm’s Eye Gem, Cerberus Gem, (Special) Spectral Warrior GemSpectral Warrior Infantry Gem Set Game of War

Spectral Warrior Infantry Gem Set Stats

Perses Spectral Warrior Set Bonus 120% Enemy Defense Debuff

90% Infantry Attack

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Perses Core Stats

Now to the fun part.  The Perses core set stats:

The first set of images is from a preset unequipped with gems.  Add the set bonuses and boosts.  Thank you #581 (L.S) i8TheLastOne for the share:

Perses Stats Game of WarPerses Stats Game of WarPerses Core Set Stats Game of War

Perses Core Set Stats equipped, gems, boosted:

Perses Core Set Equipped Game of WarPerses equipped stats game of warPerses game of war Perses core set stats equipped game of warPerses debuff game of war

Have you hit anything with these cores?  Tell us about it in the comments below!


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  1. KillerPot says

    Are there any examples of special set bonuses for Perses yet? I have not seen any or what is the best to aim for?

  2. MySiegegotraped says

    Set bonus is showing 32% + 48% siege defense debuff,where is the other 20% coming from

    1. Darkthorne says

      Check the stats of the Perses set that is equipped, skilled, and boosted. It shows 100% Siege Defense Debuff. The extra debuff comes from skilling Full Set Bonus skill.

  3. Jamie says

    Is it even safe to set in colossus gear anymore? I have billions of troops, but based on those stats I think it will be tough for even bigs to survive a hit.

    1. zkenpachi says

      Anniversary colossus has more than enough troop specific defense and if gemmed
      for troop specific attack will have more than enough to handle anything currently.

      This new set does put a hurting on heroless traps with t1 siege front line.
      I lost avg 200M troops taking hits while heroless from it. I might have to dig
      into my pockets to upgrade the Garrison to convert my t1 siege to other troop
      types or just avoid taking Perses hits.

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