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Phoebe and Darius Have a Dream


It was deep in the depths of the night, and Darius slumbered peacefully in his Castle, safe behind his pretty blue skirt in Demi-world. A dream began to form behind his closed eyes. Far away in Dragonville, Phoebe also drifted into dreamland, but not as deeply, as she was unshielded and on alert.

In the Dreamscape, both reached an open, burned-out field. Scars gouged the ground from prior battles; the bones of fallen soldiers littered the earth. Staring across the vast expanse, they startled to see each other!

“Phoebe??” bellowed Darius.

“Aye, it is me,” gasped Phoebe. Reaching each other in the center of the field, Darius drew Phoebe in for a hug. Melting into his strong embrace, she wondered, “Is this a dream?” Deciding she didn’t care, she held on a bit longer than was necessary before letting him go.

“Phoebe, tell me about the great battles you’ve fought in the Dragon Realm!” declared Darius.

“Typical,” she thought, “straight to battle talk.” But she decided to humor him with tales of her great battles and glory.


“Dragonville is much slower than Demi-world,” she began. “It’s much like the tales we have heard of the days of yore. When I head out to battle, I ride slowly and enjoy the scenery along the way. The glorious battle for the Wonder is incredibly fun. I have found that, although riding my Dragon into battle is enjoyable, he takes a very long time to heal once he is injured. Therefore, I must sometimes rely only on my army to lead the way.”

“Are you a great attacker, Phoebe? Do the bards sing of your greatness?” Darius asked.

“…Nay Darius,” she muttered, “I attack enemies merely to level up my Hero. The best is when they have their Dragon home. I can get up to 300k Hero XP with my XP boost on.”


“More often, however, I am the one being attacked,” she explained.

“Aye, Phoebe, but who would dare to attack you? My lovely and fierce warrior!” Darius exclaimed. Phoebe almost swooned a moment before she got ahold of herself.

“Why, everyone,” she exclaimed, staring up into his bright blue eyes. “I’m cute and small, and look terribly innocent.”

Darius snorted, rolling his eyes. “Aye, right,” he muttered. “But let me ask you, cute and innocent one. Do you burn, or do you triumph”

“Let me just show you,” she said. “I did discover, that although T2 Traps work well against smaller attackers, they melt quickly against a T4 march.”

“Therefore,” she continued “I am not using traps myself at the moment. I often don’t even have my dragon at home when I am attacked, due to the fact that I need to do some more exploration of his skills and power.”

“Gear is very important,” she went on. “Hitting Monsters and gathering on Monster tiles gives copious materials! I also wait until there is a flash event to combine my materials, as it gives lovely prizes.”

Darius regarded Phoebe with eyes filled with infatuation. “I wish so dearly I could come and park my Castle next to yours, Phoebe,” he exclaimed! “What a wonderful time we could have.”

As the mists swirled around them, Darius leaned down slowly and gently brushed his lips against… ALERT ALERT! Phoebe was rudely jerked awake by the blaring of her notifications. Outside, the enemy armed charged upon her Castle. Glaring out the window, she muttered “Well, this definitely will be one Hero that I will not release…”


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