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A Dragonville Gear Guide

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As darkness fell over Phoebe’s first day in Dragonville, she snuggled under yet another cheap blanket, shivering with cold. “Tomorrow I must procure some clothing,” she muttered. The next day, after burning everyone around her, she set out to the Forge to see what the smiths had to offer.

Glancing around the intensely hot building, she admired all the blacksmiths hard at work. Sweat glistening off their… “Stop it!” she scolded herself, “Remember Darius…” Tuning out the workers around her, she perused the selection of gear available.

Sentinel’s Gear Set

The first display to catch her eye featured the Sentinel’s Defensive gear set. “Hmmm…” she thought. “I definitely need some protection here.” She eyed the stats critically:

wdt_IDGear PieceMinimum Hero LevelMax Troop Defense BonusTrap AttackTroop LoadTroop Health BonusMaterials Needed
1Sentinel's Watch30249%0%0%0%Dense Metal, Iron Linking (2), Cured Rugged Hide
2Sentinel's Plate30207%8%16%0%Corrupted Die, Dense Metal, Cured Rugged Hide, Iron Linking
3Sentinel's Greaves30168%0%10%0%Cured Rugged Hide, Dense Metal, Steel Silk, Iron Linking
4Sentinel's Storm Spear3073%41%0%0%Living Wood (2), Dense Metal (2)
5Sentinel's Sight Stone3027%0%16%20%Steel Silk, Dense Metal, Cured Rugged Hide, Fire Scales
6Sentinel's Aegis30125%0%0%0%Dense Metal (2), Fire Scales, Iron Linking
7Sentinel's Ring3053%16%16%0%Corrupted Die, Dense Metal, Cured Rugged Hide, Fire Scales

Now, Phoebe had been working hard all morning hitting other Strongholds to level up her hero. She discovered that hitting cities with low-level dragons home gave a significant amount of Hero XP. As such, her Hero was now Level 30. “Thank blazes, I can craft defensive gear!” she rejoiced.

After ordering a set of Sentinel’s Gear from the sweaty, glistening blacksmiths, she turned her attention to gear for attacking.

Arbiter’s and Assasin’s Gear Sets

Checking the tags on the gear, Phoebe noticed that this gear required Hero 40. “Well, poo,” she thought. “Guess I’m going to get more hate mail. This set has both attack AND defense. March speed too!” Always prepared, Phoebe wrote down the stats for future reference.

Arbiter’s Gear Set

wdt_IDGearMin Hero LevelTroop Attack BonusTroop Defense BonusAttack March SpeedTroop Health BonusMaterials Required
1Arbiter's Crown4024%99%0%0%Pristine Fossil, Doom Hide, Massive Feather, Oxen Tail
2Arbiter's Rainment4029%91%0%0%Pristine Fossil, Fine Wool, Vulcan Stone, Oxen Tail
3Arbiter's Stance4056%24%35%0%Pristine Fossil, Vulcan Stone (2), Massive Feather
4Arbiter's Judgement40113%0%0%0%Pristine Fossil, Harvest Idol, Oxen Tail (2)
5Arbiter's Soulcage4027%0%0%16%Pristine Fossil, Vulcan Stone, Doom Hide, Study Bones
6Arbiter's Heart400%0%25%0%Pristine Fossil, Doom Hide, Oxen Tail, Sturdy Bones
7Arbiter's Call4040%0%18%0%Doom Hide (2), Harvest Idol, Sturdy Bones

Assassin’s Gear Set

wdt_IDGear PieceMin Hero LevelTroop LoadEmpire Assault AttackEmpire Assault HealthEmpire Assault DefenseAltar Troop Attack BonusAttack March SpeedHero Monster March SpeedGathering March SpeedMaterials Needed
1Assassin's Hood406%29%0%111%0%14%0%0%Decaying Wood, Chain Links, Massive Feather (2)
2Assassin's Blitz Garb4016%33%38%0%0%23%0%0%Fresh Greens, Chain Links (2), Massive Feather
3Assassin's Sandals409%85%0%0%0%40%0%0%Massive Feather, Fresh Greens, Chain Links, Fire Scales
4Assassin's Black Blade400%123%0%0%30%15%0%0%Fresh Greens, Decaying Wood (2), Massive Feather
5Assassin's Kunai400%48%0%0%0%17%31%15%Malignant Splinters, Fresh Greens, Decaying Wood, Giant Fang

After browsing the Attack section, Phoebe turned her attention to the gear in the back. “Well hey,” she thought, “these items don’t require such a high Hero level. Mayhap the stats on these can help fill in the gaps.” Fishing out her trusty quill, she started taking notes.

Non-Set Gear


wdt_IDGearMin Hero LVLWood ProdRanged AtkInfantry AtkTroop HealthTroop DefConstruction Time ReduxMat Needed
1Dark Crown2755%16%0%7%0%0%Pristine Fossil (2), Malignent Spinters (2)
2Warrior Casket240%0%11%0%55%0%Clay Fragments (2), Locking Scales (2)
3Engineer Helm10%0%0%0%39%32:10Iron Linking, Lustrous Coin (2)


wdt_IDGearMin Hero LevelSilver ProdResearch SpeedTroop Health BonusTroop Def BonusCavalry AttackMaterials Needed
1Dark Cape2925%15%35%0%0%Fine Wool (2), Iron Logs (2)
2Battle Plate250%0%0%82%9%Clay Fragments, Fine Wool (2), Locking Scales
3Rugged Tunic20%0%0%54%0%Steel Silk, Fire Scales

Foot Armor

wdt_IDGearMin Hero LevelTroop Attack BonusTroop Defense BonusAttack March SpeedMaterials Needed
1War Boots49%18%19%Death Shards, Steel Silk, Iron Linking


wdt_IDGearMin Hero LVLOre ProdStone ProdWood ProdInfantry AtkCavalry AtkRanged AtkTraining SpdAttack BonusMaterials Needed
1Earth Splitter200%73%0%51%0%0%0%0%Pristine Fossil (2), Clay Fragments, Harvest Idol
2Iron Spear180%0%70%0%47%0%0%0%Iron Linking, Living Wood (2), Giant Fang
3Master Dagger1567%0%0%0%0%42%0%0%Iron Linking (2), Living Wood, Giant Fang
4Sharpsword20%0%0%0%0%0%7%19%Living Wood, Iron Linking (2)


wdt_IDGearMin Hero LevelGathering SpeedTroop Attack BonusTroop Health BonusFood ProductionMats Needed
1Brawler Gloves1720%5%6%0%Pristine Fossil, Fine Wool, Locking Scales (2)
2Family Ring10%0%0%120%Stone Shard, Iron Linking

Monster Gear

As Phoebe headed for the exit, she noticed a new section up at the front. “Ohhhh, Monster gear!” she exclaimed, “I swear that wasn’t here 2 hours ago…”

wdt_IDGearMin Hero LevelDef BonusHero Crit HitMax Energy LimitHero Atk BonusHero Atk Streak ModHealth BonusMonster March SpdGathering March SpdLoot Tile Gather SpdMats Needed
1Hunter's Greathelm1673%3.6%7300%0%0%0%0%0%Death Shards, Lustrous Coin, Stone Shard, Iron Linking
2Hunter's Gilded Plate2291%0%7300%+20%0%0%0%Death Shards, Fire Scales, Iron Linking, Stone Shard
3Hunter's Tracks130%0%0%0%0%11%35%18%0%Death Shards, Iron Linking, Fire Scales
4Hunter's Gladius100%0%1,16010%0%0%0%0%15%Living Wood (2), Stone Shard, Iron Linking
5Hunter's Protector190%0%1,4500%0%0%0%0%0%Fire Scales, Lustrous Coin, Stone Shard (2)
6Noxious Dagger100%0%1,90019%0%0%0%0%0%Living Wood, Bottled Toxicity (2), Iron Linking

Exhausted from the heat and excessive shopping, Phoebe gathered her Sentinel gear and headed back to her room with one final glance at the burly blacksmith hammering away at an Arbiter’s Judgement . Collapsing on the bed, she pondered her next move. Leveling up her Hero was a must, but perhaps she could bait some hits…

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