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Phoebe Travels to the Dimension of Dragons


Phoebe lay sleeping under her cheap wool blanket, when a commotion at the window awoke her. Cracking one eye open, she saw the familiar bedraggled carrier pigeon panting on the windowsill. “Just leave it,” she mumbled, trying to get back to sleep. Just as she was drifting back into her dream about Darius, she felt a wet plop on her neck. “Ewwww!” she exclaimed. “That wasn’t part of my Darius dream…”

Extracting the notice, she opened it and read, “Hail fair Phoebe! Hasten homeward, as a portal has appeared to the Dragon War Dimension! Tales from the new land speak of a world similar to Tempus, and your expertise has been requested by the King.”

The Journey to the Dragon War Dimension

“Good grief!” she thought. “I just got here! …But I have always wanted my own Dragon. I’ll name her TinkerFire.” After collecting her meager belongings, Phoebe set off for home. Darius was waiting at the entrance to the Kingdom and a blush spread over her face, as she remembered her dream from the morning.

“Phoebe! So glad you have arrived,” he exclaimed. “The gate to the Dragon Dimension lies just inside your city. Safe passage to you!”

“Not even a offer for mead,” Phoebe thought sourly. She entered her stronghold and quickly found the new portal.

Dragon Dimension

After assuring herself that she could return at any time, she took a deep breath and leapt in. It was so pretty and purple! “This is so disorienting,” she thought, “I hope I don’t land on my head!”

Portal journey

Almost as soon as it started, Phoebe was spit out on the other side. Landing on her butt, she muttered, “Perhaps I should have been more specific.” Staring around, she observed the land surrounding her. Strongholds dotted the landscape as far as the eye could see. Above all, there were adorable dragons! Dragons were everywhere: pulling carts, attacking other strongholds… even the monsters were dragons!


Tearing her eyes away from the dragons, Phoebe took a closer look at the inside of her new Stronghold. “Yep,” she thought, “This is pretty similar to Tempus. Loyalty is used instead of gold, Villas give defense. Gear is slightly different… better events… AND DRAGONS!”

Before she got started building her new Stronghold, Phoebe dashed off a missive to her friend at Realtips with an invitation to come and visit. “Hail Cinder! Perchance you can join me in exploring the Dimension of Dragons, and share your findings with the world! And perhaps bring Darius…” 

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