Phoebe Tries to Catch New Friends

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Light dawns on Phoebe’s second day in Tempus. As she stretches her arms, she debates what to do in the coming hours. Peering out the window, she sees the Wonder in the distance, surrounded by large castles (well, large for Tempus’ standards anyway). “Do I want to be a huge Stronghold and fight for the Wonder here…” she ponders, “Or shall I try to trap them in my dungeons?”

Phoebe dresses and wanders downstairs to get some breakfast, until she realizes she doesn’t even have a Marketplace! “Well…time to make a decision. Trapping it is!”

After training a few T1 troops to raid her empty neighbor for food, Phoebe sits down with some blueprints and starts planning her construction.


“Hospitals or Villas…and how many Barracks…?” she deliberates. “Let’s take a look at what each of these provides at say… SH 15.”


Phoebe had trapped before, and in her old Kingdom, hospitals provided health benefits. Upon further investigation, she was reminded that Hospitals in Tempus only provided beds for her troops.



“Hmmmm…what about Barracks?” she pondered. Nope, no stats there, just training troops.


“Ok, FINE!” Phoebe huffed. Villas were her final option, and yes! Villas provided a Defense bonus.

Tempus Villas

Phoebe grabbed a goblet of wine from her newly constructed Marketplace and sat down to decide on her strategy. She decided to keep only one Barracks, build enough Hospitals to cover about twenty thousand troops, and the rest would be Villas for the Defense bonus. She toiled away through the afternoon building and consuming copious amounts of cheap level 15 Marketplace wine (the good stuff wasn’t stocked until SH 25).

Training the Troops

After she was finished building, a slightly inebriated Phoebe decided it was time to train some troops. She had watched some battles from her perch on top of the Villas earlier in the day, and had observed that Tier 1 troops went up in literal flames when attacked. Phoebe didn’t want to burn trap at this point, so she decided to train Tier 2.

All through the night she trained her army, working them to point of exhaustion. Phoebe was not going to have a repeat of Darius’ Mercenary disaster! Her troops would be disciplined and not get distracted by the swish of a pretty skirt.

As day dawned, she and her army set out for battle. They picked a spot close to the forest to wait for their prey. Shortly, along came an army out looking for some easy kills. As they charged Phoebe’s Stronghold, she stood proud upon the battlement and stared the enemy directly in the eye. As the dust settled, she glanced over to her prison and groaned. No enemy hero awaited.

Tempus BR

“Well,” she thought, “At least I won”. For Phoebe, winning wasn’t enough. She decided to take a nap and adjust her build after she woke. As Phoebe slumbered, dark shadows fell across the land. What evil awaits our proud heroine when she awakens?

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