Platinum Group Rules


The purpose of these rules are not to intimidate anyone, but to keep consistency. Each one of the members were picked to be apart of the group based on their knowledge, their influence, and their willingness to give constructive feedback to better the WHOLE GAME.


You guys and gals are the cream of the crop, so to speak. We all know that this game can really be stressful or frustrating, especially when you put so much of yourself into it. Please remember that the group is also a FIRST of its kind! You guys are apart of something special, and you all really have a huge opportunity to leave your mark with helping to put GoW back on the right track. We really just expect each one of you to act like the considerate, competitive, level headed, intelligent, trustworthy leaders that you are!


  1. Confidentiality is paramount. No discussing anything in the room or about the room with other players outside the room. Not all platinum members are in the Platinum Group! Everything is to remain confidential or the entire room is put at risk. The punishment can be severe and in some cases, your account can be banned if you share any confidential information received from the group.
  2. Treat others with respect. Everyone must be treated with respect, including their feedback. Healthy debates are welcome, but not comments like “that’s a stupid idea”.
  3. Give constructive feedback. Constructive feedback that is reasonable will be considered by MZ. They may make changes to the game based on your feedback.
  4. No cursing. Feedback with cursing will NOT be allowed.
  5. Participation is required. Members must participate in all polls and surveys posted within the given time frame, usually 48 hours, and can ask for help if needed. Additionally, all members should regularly engage in conversations and debates with the group.
  6. Do not promote or participate in a boycott. If at any time you choose to participate in the promotion of a “boycott”, or anything similar, you will be removed from the group. Participating in boycotts go against the overall purpose of the group. MZ will prove that they listen to constructive feedback in the group. Boycotts will not be necessary or tolerated.
  7. If you leave the group your feedback will not be considered. If at any time you decide to leave the group, your feedback will no longer be given to MZ via the Platinum Group Feedback loop. You are all platinum members, so you all have the extra benefit of the platinum CS. Furthermore, if you decide to leave the group, you will no longer be apart of the liaison services offered.
  8. Do not send private messages to the Admin (Carol). You may not send private messages to the admin asking for special favors from MZ, or to ask for MZ to address other matters. All conversation must happen inside the group. Only talk to the Admin if you have questions about how the group works, or if you want to talk about non-feedback group related things.
  9. If you leave you may not be invited back. If you leave and then wish to come back to the group, each situation will be handled on its own merits. The overall participation in the group before you left, the value of your feedback, did you keep info on the group confidential after you left, and your behavior since leaving the group will all be looked at to determine if the Platinum Feedback Group is a good fit.

How to Give Good Feedback:

  1. Do not be only bias towards what will benefit you, but think of what would benefit the game as a whole. Consistently over biased comments may be cause for removal from the group.
  2. Describe why you feel a certain way, good or bad
  3. Describe what you recommend MZ to do when you have an issue with something
  4. Be specific
  5. Be constructive
  6. Include screenshots whenever possible
  7. Take the time to provide complete answers
  8. You get back what you put in. The more feedback you give, the more MZ can learn from you


Moderator Hours

I know that we all play the game at very different hours, but there will be certain times that I will be available, and then other hours where I will not be available barring a catastrophe.


Mon – Fri: 6pm-10pm EST
Saturday: Events / Urgent matters only
Sunday: OFF


So, what this means is that during those hours I will be readily available. You may still continue to post any feedback you would like outside of those hours, but I cannot guarantee I will be around to respond. The posted hours are also the time frames where I will be providing comments back to you that I received from MZ. Saturdays I will be on for events only, this way I can pass on urgent matters, such as glitches in events that affect the event as a whole. Sunday is my day off! I would like to have a day where I can play and enjoy the game as well 🙂


Please confirm you’ve read and agree to this in the following survey:



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