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Navi here; a few months ago I downloaded Nox App Player because neither Bluestacks nor Andyroid were running well on my PC at all. With both of them I experienced an unplayable amount of lag, and for awhile I couldn't even load Game of War on Bluestacks at all.

Then came Nox App Player which completely changed the way I played Game of War altogether. I'm now able to have the game open on my laptop all day while quest, farm, and keep an eye out for attackers.

The first time I heard about Nox was when someone mentioned it in Line as "the best PC mobile game emulator that actually worked." I downloaded it and it did! And for the record, this was before I talked to the creators.

So naturally I reached out them to tell them how awesome their App Player was, and that I wanted to spread the word to as many Game of War players as possible. They were just as excited about the opportunity as I was, so they made an official download page.

Let's take a look at what makes Nox so great.

Play Your Mobile Games on PC

Playing GoW on your PC now is awesome because:

  1. You can play while at work
  2. You can play on a MUCH bigger screen
  3. Game lag is reduced because the processing power of your computer is better than your phone

In case you are wondering, the software works like an android emulator. You download Game of War from the Android Play Store, then log into your account from the Nox App Player on your PC and start playing!

You are still able to make regular purchases from iTunes, the Play Store, or even get cheap packs through Amazon.

Up to 25% of Packs

If you didn't know already you can get up to 25% off on Game of War packs by using Amazon Coins. Those of you with android phones are probably more familiar with this, but those of you with iPhones who were not previously able to get discounted packs, you can now!

Don't Buy a Nice Android, Download One!

This App Player gives you all the benefits of the most powerful Android phone without having to pay for one. Congratulations, you will save hundreds of dollars by downloading this app player.

Never Run Out of Power

Playing Game of War with Nox means that you will never run out of power or have an over-heated phone. Always online, always gaming.

Play Multiple Game of War Accounts at the Same Time!

Nox has a multiple instances feature that can run several android instance at the same time on your PC without taking up hardly any memory. You can play with multiple Game of War accounts at one time, with one device. Stop trying to juggle 3 iphones in your hand!

If I still haven't convinced you, you should download Nox anyway and try it out for yourself to discover it's full list of benefits. I'm VERY confident you will not be disappointed!

Let me know what you think in the comments section below.



About Navi

An avid Game of War player since it's original release. My passion is teaching players how to improve their game play so that the game becomes more exciting and competitive for everyone.

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  1. I love NOX on my PC for GOW. Crashes are significantly reduced, but I would recommend occasional restarts when slowdown becomes obvious.

  2. Is there a way I can zoom in more in the game to see a larger section in game of war, or is there a way to make it full screen for a laptop?

  3. I loaded NOX on my MacBook and plays just fine. I would however love to hear from others to the optimized use of resources to yield optimal play for the virtual instance. Also, I am not able to load the Gold Store at this time, the package appears but does not provide a price for the purchase button. When selected, the button yields an error indicating an invalid offer. Anyone resolve this issue?

  4. i downloaded the app and downloaded the game but it won’t open for some reason. can someone help me?

  5. Hi Navi,

    Is there any similar program to use it on Mackbook ?


  6. Is there a version for MacBooks? I’d really love to be able to play from my computer while at work!

  7. Hey, do you need a certain type of PC for this to work? I have an Android tablet that I play on, and I’d like to know if this will work no matter what type of PC I have.

  8. With Nox when playing game of war. How do I scroll from side to side across the kingdom land. What keyboard shortcut does this????

  9. Navi, I use NOX after being disappointed by BlueStacks and Andy Android installations (not to mention the response for support from both developers).
    Do you know if the settings can be set up for GOW to use full screen? When I use the full screen button, the display still shows the game framed as a phone or tablet display.

    • Even in “fullscreen” mode, it will only be as large as the pictures you provide. It cannot show a different aspect ratio than what the game is built for.

  10. what happen to my comment I left earlier?

  11. Navi

    I think you need to include more complete instructions Sir. I downloaded NOX and that’s all I got, oh and a link to Clash of Clans which I probably will not use. I thought OK, just click on a few icons and see what happens. I can tell you now nothing about GOW. Please what’s next.

  12. I tried Nox and GoW is laggy as hell on it. I’m getting, like, 5 frames per second, I’m not even kidding. Yes, I let Nox to download all my data since my account isn’t small and all, but still nothing. Now I’m on bluestacks but the game is screwed all around. Text is corrupted, can’t see anything and so on. It shows things like statsbar_power instead of Power, sale_text instead of gold pack, city_popup_kills instead of the actual kill number I have and so and through the whole game.

  13. OK Navi — you got my attention. Bluestack runs only so so. I’ll let you know how this goes.

  14. NAVI!!!!!!!!!

    What about MAC? Will it work on a Mac? I hope so.

  15. tells me internal server error wont download

  16. For everyone having problems running GoW on Nox i have found a workaround. Download Amazon Underground and instal Game of war through Underground app store. Viola! You can play game of war on PC using Nox 🙂

  17. Navi, the work and information on this site is excellent- but this app is a real gem. Running 5 emulators on Windows 10 flawlessly.

  18. Does this Nox app work with Windows 10?

  19. I tried it and downloaded 6 different games. it was great for the ones that played, but GoW wasn’t one of them.
    Every time I tried it it loaded up and then I would get the message *Unfortunately Game of War has stopped working *
    I uninstalled and reinstalled but it still did not help.

  20. All I get is “Unfortunately, Game of War has stopped. (report/OK)

  21. Doesn’t work. Won’t even start up.

  22. same here, retrieval erro

  23. Nox App Player doesn’t work. I tried on 2 different Windows 7 Pro computers and never could get it to work.

  24. Way better than bluestacks as i used to play with when i wasnt on my phone, really epic to use more than 1 device at the same time and the keyboard is working better in my experience + THE ZOOM FUNCTION WORKS!!! hated not being able to zoom out with bluestacks in an easy way, it could be done but really annoyingly (atleast for me) + Nox doesent lagg out as quickly as bluestacks, ive had nox on for almost the entire day and only had to reopen game of war 2 times i think – The Joker K2