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Meet Kona and Learn about her Game of War Start

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The Community within Game of War is unique. From Demi too Dragon the personalities in each of these Dimensions have made this game something special for many. Here at Teamrealtips, we enjoy getting to know that community and introducing the different pieces of that community to you. If you have not had the opportunity to look back and read some of our past player profiles be sure that you do.

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Getting Started: Meet Kona

This month we will be featuring a well known Demigod Dimension Player, Kona. Kona is part of the alliance, LOC, she has been Emperor two times, the Champion of the Kingdom of Champions and is the current Fortress Wars Winner. Kona can be considered newer to the game but she has proven herself a force to be reckoned with. Let’s dive in and meet her and learn more about her journey within the Game of War Community.

Kona’s Story

Kona first started playing Game of War 2 years ago in Kingdom 1004, Carmel. She unexpectedly became the R5 of the alliance Winners/LOL/FOV, 2 weeks into playing Game of War.

Kona stated that she was always a big player but she was forced into more defensive gameplay at the time because she had Panda, BABS, CDC always in her hive burning or testing new drops on her team. When the one hit zero happened she saw her alliance slowly start to quit playing.

She moved to Panda where she was able to watch some of the big leads like Brysen, Playin with fire, and Rags in action. These players encouraged her to use her strengths and got her to start setting rallies and learning to play wonder. This was the beginning of Kona’s story, however, her story has more.

Why Does Kona Play?

I play GOW because of the life long friends I’ve made and the competitive game play.

What Is she wearing?

Gear Says a lot about the type of player. What does your gear say about you?

GearIi wear is either Wonder or Dusk Bringer.

Most Memorable Win and Loss

We all have memorable Wins and losses. Kona has her own that she has experienced in her time in the game.

Most memorable win was being able to finally hold Doc from knocking me from a wonder.
Most memorable loss was seeing where I ranked up on a SW , attacked Ctesse and she bounced me off wonder with a 16k difference.

What are your Best Memories playing Game of War?

We love reminiscing with you guys over your best memories.
Best memories are fighting over tiles , my first wonder battle , going into the SW back in the day with my small team and not getting capped .

Advice and Thoughts for other Players

Kona has some great advice and thoughts for players.

My advice to players .. although this is a game and it is competitive always stay true to you and the game you want to play.
There are real people behind the screen so be mindful of how you treat others.
I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support and encouragement of Jared575  who pushes me outside of my comfort zone to try different things in game that maybe doesn’t conform with the normal and also LOC/NBS without a great team behind you fighting and supporting it wouldnt be possible .

Dragon or Demi

Every player has their preference. For Kona, she finds herself on the Demigod side of things.

I didn’t really like dragon side was a bit slow for what im used to.

What is Kona excited to see in the Game?

Kona loves the competition so for her, it is exciting to see more and more players level up and join the play in the big events.

It’s exciting to see more players coming through trying to compete for the wonders in big events .
We love getting to know the various players in the community and we want to get to know more of you!
Be on the lookout for an event coming up that will allow you to help us choose the next player profile we do.

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