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In previous months we have gotten to know many players in the Game of War Community. Part of what makes this community so special is the people within it and the unique contribution that they all bring. Whether enemy or friend each person makes up a part of the Game of War Community that makes this game worth the time we invest. If you have not had the opportunity to get to read some of our past profiles make sure that you do so here:

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So many players we have talked to have played Game of War for years. However, there continue to be new players as well. This month we are going to take a look at a player who is new to the game but making big waves. This month we will be diving into and learning more of the story of DARKkiNG of DRK.

The Beginning of DARKkiNG

DARKkiNG may be newer to the Game of War scene but in a short amount of time, he has proven himself a force to be reckoned with. He first started playing when the Dragon War Dimension was opened in 1151. He stated that he basically became a lead without realizing it.  DARKkiNG has the true heart of a Lead and all he wants to do is “burn stuff.”

I just wanted to burn stuff and when I couldn’t burn something I kept upgrading till I could.

After that, he kept going until he basically maxed his account and decided to take a shot at the Wonder and became the first King of 1151. He lists this as one of his accomplishments in the game as well as Becoming Emperor and scoring billions of points during a KvK which was aired live on Savage’s channel.

Most Memorable Win and Loss

DARKkiNG has had a lot of wins in his short time playing the game. However, he lists his most memorable wins as Burning Adnan, Becoming Emperor and becoming the First King of 1151. His most memorable Loss was being burned by Ctesse due to the Dragon Glitch.

Best Memories

We all make great memories of our time playing the game. For DARKkiNG his favorite memories include Super Wonder Battles and a 3 day Wonder Battle which he states he will never again do.

What is DARKkiNG wearing?

This is a trick question; it all depends on the day and what we are doing. I often jump from custom cores to NK gear to nothing. Only because when cores are used, I forget to put back on presets and I’m sitting with no gears on at all.

Thoughts on the Dragon Dimension vs the Demigod Dimension

With this question, we saw some of his humor come out.

“What’s Demi?? I’m scared to go on that side. I’ve seen Stargate, nothing good ever happens when you go through a portal to another dimension.”

Why Does DARKkiNG Play?

For DARKkiNG his reason for playing comes down to two simple things, he plays for entertainment and fun. His advice to players really ties into this reasoning too.

DARKkiNG’s Advice to Players

I love hearing what advice players have for each other. DARKkiNG’s advice is short and sweet (most who know him know he’s not a long-winded guy) but oh so true.

“Have fun, don’t stress, and IT’S JUST A GAME!!!!”

What is exciting to you in Game currently?

“All the new possibilities and how we as a community of players can make a difference and how we can try to make it better.”

Other Fun Facts from DARKkiNG

Just a few other notes from DARKkiNG that we want to be sure to include!!

V Ngan V first member to join my alliance and has always been with me since

Want to thank Carol and DV for all their help and support, as well as SavageArab

K1151 rival was 420 Alliance (writers note… good choice in a rival ;-))

Def want to thank NO, PIGZ, TOG, NFOR and 420 for making game interesting and fun.

Most importantly… big THANK YOU!!!!! to my DRK Family, I would have never accomplished any of this without the support and loyalty you all have given and shown me. This is not just for me but for all of us.

DARKkiNG is already weaving his story into the rest of the Game of War Community. He is loved by those who play with him and feared by many. This is definitely a player you want to watch out for. Who would you guys like to hear about in our next Player Profile? Let us know in the comments below!

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