Player Spotlight: Meet the Real Tips Team

First up is Cinder!

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Welcome to a special version of our player spotlight! We at RealTips think it’s time that we formally introduce our team to the Game of War community. Many of you already know us, or have heard of us, but this is a chance to get up close and personal! First up is the longest standing member of the group, Cinder, currently in the (FING) alliance. 

Meet Cinder 

No matter if you know her by Cin, Cinder, or CinderFire, chances are you have seen her in the RealTips Line room helping other players in the dragon dimension. She first started working at RealTips in September of 2017. What does she like about working at RealTips? In her own words she says, “I love being able to help people, and writing things out actually helps me think through things as well.” 

Her Biggest Accomplishment?

If you ask Cinder what her biggest in-game achievement is, you won’t get a report or a KvK story. 

“I consider my biggest accomplishment as having the chance to write for the Realtips website. I have capped so many people over the years and I used to joke that the day I capped Ctesse would be the high point of my GOW career, however, that day came and went and still nothing compares to having the opportunity to write for Realtips”. 

Why Does Cinder Play GoW?

“I play because I love strategy and I love the thrill of seeing an incoming march and waiting to see how well I do. I play because I love the community and love sharing the knowledge I get from playing with the community.” 

Tell Us A Little Bit About Yourself

We all have a unique story about how we started playing Game of War. It’s interesting to hear what made us continue to play, and then what really HOOKED us in. Cinder has a great back story. 

“So I am going to abbreviate this as much as possible because I have a long history in Game of War. I know I will not get the chance to mention everyone that helped shape me as a player, but I am going to try to hit the most important. I started playing Game of war either in the summer of 2015 or 2016. I do not really remember when I started playing at this point because it all just blurs together. When I first started I was in the hospital for Migraines. I needed something to distract me from the pain, so I downloaded the game just to have something to do. I landed in the Kingdom 878 Djotus. At the time I joined the kingdom was already well established but still not an ancient kingdom.

If any of you have joined in an already established kingdom, you know it can be weird. Cinder did the first thing a lot of us probably did joined a random alliance on the list.

I joined a random alliance and started building. Eventually, I met a player named Trinity, he was new as well and we clicked and became really good friends. With the lack of knowledge and activity in our current alliance, we decided to strike out on our own and build an alliance. I cannot even remember the name of the alliance at this point, but we built a little family. We used to go out and attack dead strongholds for XP, and then we would train our family using fake rallies on strongholds. I really had no clue what I was doing because this was the first time I had ever played a game like this. 

Then we all have that moment where someone else take us under their wing and points us in the right direction.

Eventually, I met a player named Sinister, he was a lead and we became fast friends. One day he hit me and seeing the results he told me, you built a trap! I had no clue what he was talking about and so he began to teach me what I needed to do to refine my account and with the help of another player, WYCQueen they would test me as I built my account up. 

Eventually, Trinity and I handed the alliance over to one of our R4s and joined the alliance D3FA in hopes of learning more and being able to impart that knowledge to our old alliance and hopefully build strategic relationships. 

There I was able to meet more and more people and continue to refine my account. Trinity eventually ended up leaving the game and I moved to a new alliance that was willing to take the little alliance we had built on as a training alliance. Here I learned how to bait trap. I still had no clue what I was doing. I waited for people to tell me what to do. I played with some great traps who would help me practice gear swaps and help me with what to do when I burned. 

This alliance went through some merges and I followed from place to place. I found one alliance I really liked but when they went back on their word on an agreement with another alliance I left because I did not agree with what was being done. I had an epic rival in the Kingdom with a player named Freeworldluv, he loved to burn me and I loved to cap him and put him in a “timeout.” I eventually ended up joining this alliance (AHMF) and we became friends. I also was able to expand my friendship with Torres (aka MobileWonder). 

He had always refused to help me with my build but once we were in the same alliance this changed. Playing with this alliance was really where I started to learn how stats work and how to make adjustments to my account without needing someone to tell me what to do. Eventually, I started getting emails of astonishment from leads after I capped them or of I must have been in the wrong gear can I try again? To this day the best compliment I have ever received after capping  a lead was

“You know the picture of the kitten looking in the mirror that sees a lion? Yeah, that’s you.” 

I moved to several different kingdoms making new friends and new enemies. I was always looking for someone to hit me and looking to test my limits. One day I ended up in the same kingdom as Darkthorne and this is when I was introduced to the Realtips website. At the time I met him he was writing for the site. I had the opportunity to help him with articles and drive his account. Once he was no longer writing for the site I was given the opportunity to do so, this was around September of 2017. Since then I have seen the game go through a lot of changes. I was there through the days of one-hit zeroes and paying 20 dollars a day to play. There were days the releases were so fast there was no way that we could keep the website updated. I was there when the Demigod Dimension was released and I was there when the Dragon Dimension was released. I have made new friends and new enemies and I have gotten a chance to see players come and go and there have been many ups and downs but I still love it. “

What Is Cinder Wearing? 

Every trap has a favorite gear set, but it is ever-changing. 

I am currently wearing Imperial 

Cinder Imperial Gear

Cinder’s Most Memorable Win and/or Loss

Every player has those moments you won’t forget. Usually as a trap its the first time you cap, or the first time you go up in flames. Cinder was able to give us an example of each one!

Most Memorable Win

I do not have the screenshots but there was a KvK where I was getting hit and burning and I was able to do a quick garrison and cap the lead that had seconds ago been burning me, the email of astonishment was awesome. 

Most Memorable Loss-

Back in the days of 878 Free and I were rivals. Like I said above he loved to burn me and I loved to cap him. One day before a KvK I logged out in off gear. He, of course, took advantage (to this day I am convinced he had someone spying on me in my contacts especially when he told me years later he knew that if I was unshielded it meant I was online or watching notifications like a hawk) and I came back to my phone to frantic messages from my alliance to log in. This ended up becoming an epic blow up in the kingdom leader room about purging active players just prior to kingdom events. 

Best Memories

When you have played as long as Cinder has played the game, you create a lot of memories along the way. Here she shares her best memories with us. 

My best memories have been made in combat. I love capping, I love burning, I love interacting with the players who are hitting me. I loved the days when Heroless trapping was a thing. I would get to play the attacker to purposely lose my hero and on occasion, I would actually burn someone. However, the fun part for me was waiting for the hits to come once my hero was captured. It used to make me laugh when someone would cap and then immediately send my Hero home, sometimes it was hard to get rid of that thing! 

Advice to players

Every player that has been in the game always has their own bits of wisdom to bestow on other players.

Have fun, it’s a game! 

Learn everything you can and be willing to take risks. Do not just ask someone else to do the work for you. Learn how to build and adjust and if you do not know, talk to players who can guide you in the right direction. 

Be a positive influence in the community. I really dislike players who make the game unpleasant for others. We are all going to troll a little and trash talk a little but at the end of the day, it’s a game. There is a line that should not be crossed. 

Thoughts on the Dragon Dimension vs the Demigod

I love Dragon. When Dragon was first released I was a little salty. I vowed I would not build another account there but then I did and I fell in love with Game of War all over again. Dragon feels a little more old school to me and I love that. 

cinder spotlight

What Excites Cinder in GoW?

Honestly, I just get excited anytime I get hit. 

What do Cinder’s Friends Have to Say About Her?

We asked around to try and get the dirt on Cinder from players that have crossed her path. Here are some of their responses

Cinder Fire is an intelligent, opinionated, sassy player that you either love or hate in Game of War. She tells it like it is, and doesn’t sugar cost things for people. She’s dedicated to understanding the game, inside and out.

Cin has a knack for making weak-looking stats kick butt, and underestimating her is a good way to be schooled. Cinder is fiercely loyal to those she cares about, and she would give all the food in her SH to her friends if they needed it. She’s definitely someone who leads love to hate, and traps love to learn from.


“I started with Cinder back in 878, Djotus. Back then, I was quickly starting to get better as a trap, and she was….a character. Loud, always ready for a fight with anyone no matter what. But she wasn’t a trap, so, yeah…she would either win or get absolutely wrecked. Haha. Somehow, she ended up in our Alliance of misfits, that’s when I started to train her, and this girl took off! It was amazing to see her growth. She was always willing to learn and to research, she wanted no doubts. It’s something weird nowadays. She never wanted a format to use, she wanted her own style, and those 2 things are what makes her one of the best traps around. Oh…and the fact that you’ve never seen her stats…she truly, truly looks like a farm….and she does amazing things with stats I would NEVER EVER unshield with. Now she’s spearheading a community and trying to make everyone learn and enjoy the help. I’m extremely proud of her and she’s become a truly close friend. I’m grateful for this time I’ve spent playing with her. “

-Mobile Wonder

I remember meeting her when she ported to my dying kingdom with an alliance with a great name. AHMF for All Hell Mother F******. When she 1st arrived in my kingdom she had 2 accounts and did a horrible job of pretending her 2 accounts where sister and not both hers, Fire Queen and Ice Queen 


Stay Tuned!

We will be introducing everyone on the Game of War RealTips team in the upcoming months, so make sure you keep an eye out! Also, come back daily for more of Cinder’s post on the dragon dimension! If you want to join us in our GoW RealTips room on Line, just add slapmesilly and send a message asking to be added!

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