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Every month we bring you a new player profile. Some of these players have amazing stories of how the game has impacted them and changed them. We have heard stories from players who have been playing for years and stories from players who are a little newer. We have heard from players who have left and have come back. Every player has their own unique story. Make sure that you are up to date with all of their stories.

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This month we took the time to talk to another player who has her own amazing story. For November, we are doing Thankful November and giving you guys the opportunity to earn a $25 gift card by telling us what you are thankful for. One of the many things in Game of War I am thankful for is this lovely lady, BEllaKira.

I had the opportunity to get to know BEllaKira when I played in the same alliance as her for a while. Kira has a very unique story when it comes to Game of War. She is loved by many that she plays the game with and has one of the sweetest personalities. We had so much fun getting to know more about her and hope you enjoy reading her story as well.

Meet BEllaKira

I am BEllaKira. I’m the team mofo.

BEllaKira currently belongs to the team MoFo. She has been playing Game of War for many years, starting out in Kingdom 336. She talked about the fact that at the beginning she was an “ignorant little player.” While in Kingdom 336, she met Huckster who we did a player profile on a few months back.

Huckster being the lead, he promptly zeroed BEllaKira. At the point when you are zeroed for the first time, you come to a point where you have to decide whether or not you want to continue to play or quit.

This feisty lady was not discouraged but instead used her anger as motivation to begin to grow. BEllaKira grew and eventually, she joined Huckster’s alliance. There, her friendship with Huckster grew and she became his right hand. He taught her to lead rallies and two years later he began to teach her about Wonders.

Finding her Niche

After that BEllaKira became an avid Wonder player and that was all she did. She was king in Kingdom 773 for two years. She controlled the Wonder battles in KvK and was unstoppable. She began to join the best Super Wonder teams. The first team she joined was ONE as support for Ctesse.

After that, she continued on to help in Super Wonder Battles for Bx$ for School Bus and AJ. Wonder is what BEllaKira loves and this is where she found her fun. Playing with these teams gave her a wealth of experience and prepared her for when she would one day have a more influential role at Super Wonder.

Eventually, BEllaKira joined Team 73V. There she began to lead Super Wonder rallies herself. If you talk to Huckster (which we did, keep reading to hear more from him about Kira) he will tell you that he gives a big portion of the credit for him winning the title of Emperor to Kira.

Learning and Growing In Game of War

One thing amazing you will learn about BEllaKira if you know her for any amount of time is that she learned English entirely through playing Game of War. She is from Germany and would need to attend Telephone Conferences as a Super Wonder Leader.

In order, to be able to successfully do that Kira had to be able to communicate with the teams in English. She recalled that at times it was funny was with her German/English. With her love for the game and desire to be able to interact with her teams Kira was not afraid to dive in and learn to be able to speak English. BEllaKira would spend hours preparing the main account, presets, gear, potions and more. However, all of those hours were made worthwhile to her when 73V won.

The best thing about Game of War is…

In the time BEllaKira has played she has had the unique opportunity to meet many people and make many friends. For her, those are the best things about Game of War and the reason she plays.

The friends I met there. That’s the reason I still play. I met so many nice people. Different nationalities. They are great, and of course the best friend Huckster. Well, yes friend 😅. I love him. We are inseparable for five years.

Biggest Game of War Loss

We ask every player what their biggest loss in Game of War has been. For some, the losses in Game of War are in battle. For others, the losses are the people who leave the game. When it comes to Kira the game is about the people she plays with and the losses are about those people as well.

It is sad that I lost a lot of friends because they quit Game of War. It became uninteresting with every update with No more strategies. It’s expensive and just boring for most. I was really sad when School Bus quit. He really was one of the best players ever.

What are BEllaKira’s thoughts on the Dragon War versus Demigod Dimension?

Many players chose to play one side and have their own thoughts. Last month we met KushQu33n who mainly stays in the Dragon War Dimension. For BEllaKira she prefers the Demigod Dimension.

Dragon dimension. I do not really play this dimension. It is so slow. The only advantage I see is that there are more players there than in the demi-world. So maybe more action. But still, I can not get excited about it at all. And….. It splits the players. When our players are on there we are missing the filler in the demi-world. This is very annoying.

Thoughts from BEllaKira

Over time Game of War has evolved and many things have changed. Kira had some thoughts surrounding Game of War and the things she has seen change and the things she at times misses.

I really miss the old Game of War times. I always experimented with Hucky. Made tests. Tried this and that. That is not so today. You do not need real strategies anymore. Only $$$$ for a good account. That’s too bad. As you can see, Hucky has always been the key figure in my Game of War time.

Thoughts from Huckster

You cannot get to know Kira without recognizing that Huckster is a huge part of her story. We talked some to Huckster as he and Kira come as a team. Where you see Huckster then Kira is not far behind. This dynamic duo has worked together for many Wonder events and Super Wonder events one taking over when the other needs a break. We asked Huckster a few questions about Kira and what his thoughts were about her as a player.

What is it like playing Game of War with Kira?

Huckster’s answer here was simple but spoke volumes. It’s always fun to hear about players from the perspective of other Game of War players.

Kira is awesome.

Where does she excel?

Huckster has seen Kira play since the beginning. Their friendship has grown and he has seen her grow in the game. However, when we asked him what she excels the most at in Game of War the answer was not related to Wonder or Attack or Defense but her attitude in the game.

Her biggest strength in the game is that she never gives up… she’s relentless. As an added bonus… she’s drop dead gorgeous.

What makes Kira unique?

Every Game of War player is unique. There is something that makes each of us an individual that contributes and helps to shape the community.

Kira is very loyal, smart, and highly knowledgeable of the game. I would have quit years ago if it was not for her.

Like many players, Kira has brought her own wealth of knowledge and experience to Game of War. She has brought her personality and her love of the game to the community and many are happy to be able to call her friend. The Game of War community is shaped and formed by the players within it and Kira is just one of those players.

We here at Teamrealtips know that there are so many other players out there who continually change and shape the community. Whether you have minimal experience or have been playing for years you help to shape our community and make it what it is. We are looking forward to hearing from even more players as we continue doing Player Spotlights. Who knows who we will hear from next! If you have any requests for us to do a Player Spotlight on a specific player let us know who in the comments below.




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    How about Doc… I myself am really very curious about why he seems to enjoy resetting wonders… Friend, enemy, or unknown to him, he continues to do that.. we all know there’s nothing worse than staying up 18, 24, even 36 hours straight just trying to close. He as well as a few others swoop in on the last hour or less simply to reset and leave. I could see if they actually wanted the wonder, but that’s not the case.

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