Player SpotLight: Mobile Wonder

Meet this Dragon DImension trap and hear his Game of War Story

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Happy December! The Holidays are upon us and we are taking some time to once again put one of our community in the SpotLight. Player profiles are always great and a unique way to get to know the members of our community. I am really excited about the one we have for this month. However, before we dive in make sure you take the opportunity to go back and catch up on some of the past profiles we have done! 

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This month’s Player SpotLight is one that is very exciting for me. This player has been around for years and is well known in the trapping community. Years ago when I joined the Game of War Community I met this guy as we started out in the same protected Kingdom. He refused to help me or invite me to trap rooms until I came over to the dark side and since then we have spent years bouncing trapping ideas and stats off each other. To this day our trapping styles are completely different, however, we remain friends and co-conspirators. Also the rumors about the dark side having cookies… well… If I told you whether or not it was true, I would have to kill you. 

Meet Mobile Wonder the Trapping Extraordinaire

Mobile Wonder has been playing Game of War since the days of 878, Djotus. This kingdom no longer exists as our Alliance killed it and then moved to another kingdom leaving 878 to eventually be absorbed during a merge. We were vicious back then.  He is an amazing trap and I’m not sure what this snippet of conversation I grabbed from one of his Screenshots is about but I would not be surprised if they were talking about watching him trap. 

PopcornToday Mobile Wonder finds himself playing the Dragon Dimension. However, he does not have an alliance he calls home. When we asked him what team he is part of this is what he said, 

1151, I switch alliances a lot. I like to team up with specific leads/traps and it helps me during KvK to be harder to find. Every KvK it’s probable I’ll be in a different alliance from the previous one. 

Mobile Wonder does not claim any accomplishments but is on a constant quest to perfect his trapping skill set. 

Not sure. I don’t really play for accomplishments as much as to perfect my trap skill set. I’m constantly trying to improve on that end. 

Why does Mobile Wonder play Game of War? 

To be honest, first, it’s the great friends you make in the game. It might sound redundant at this point, but it’s really GOW’s #1 strength. Second, I’m in love with trapping. Since my first ever trap, since they first time they explained trapping to me, I fell in love with it HARD. And it’s the reason why I keep being pulled into this game. 

Mobile Wonder’s Game History as told by Mobile Wonder

I love hearing about how people get their start in the game and it is even better when we get the opportunity to hear their story in their own words. Because I know him from back in the day and he did not mention me (except for when I dragged him kicking and screaming back to the game) I will attempt to not commentate or be hurt ;-). 

Now this is the fun one. I started in 878 Djotus, back in (probably) 2014. Kingdom was 7 days old when I started. I remember it like it was yesterday. I moved from farm alliance to farm alliance, while I did basically nothing. Seeing people burn. Then the fateful day came I was recruited by AHMF. 

That’s when everything changed. Leader of the group, mostly known as FREEWORLDLUV, he taught me to trap. I listened, eagerly. He helped me with my account, until I got my first ever lead trapped, MORTEM from the D3FA alliance. I was HOOKED. Now the strange part here is that immediately Free started talking to me about the finer points in trapping, and letting me figure out the basics. “Burn and learn”. And that’s what I did. 

I got zeroed a lot. But I also won a lot. And with the knowledge of finer things, I started getting much much better. Started being a big kvk player, became a 1-2 punch with Free, our lead. I’d cap, he’d burn the unlucky guy. That was my first trap. Small to medium size. And then things really blew up. Free was in a very small exclusive trap room, I wish I could remember everyone in the room, but I do remember the people that directly influenced my trapping game. Cheminem, Dutchy, Aly and free. Around that time was the time when health trapping was born, which will always have this sense of myth as to who created it, but in my opinion the creator was Chem. And that’s when I took off. 

I studied Chem, Aly and Dutch, all health traps, probably much closer than they ever knew I was. And I went my own route. We were all proud to be the smallest, it was a competition, but I wanted to be the flashiest back then. My account was overkill. I was spending money like there was no tomorrow. Then the building boosts came out, you know? The hated orbs? That was until, maybe the first week of December 2019, my best trap ever. Absolutely vicious. 9B power back then, when leads were 10T. Full-blown rally trap. It was beautiful. 

I placed top 10 in KvK. It was a time of experimentation. I did every single trap, hero less, burn down, capping, no prison, anything. And soon after, the demise of pre demi followed. One day I bought 8 packs because everyone was being one-hit zeroed, myself included. I fixed my trap to the best of my abilities, took it out confidently, and was one hit zeroed again. And that was the end of the first stage of my GOW life. I quit it for years.

Until June of 2019. I was pulled back into the game by Cinder. And I saw the dragon dimension. Old school, except for the dragon, I couldn’t comprehend. I started as a small sub-100M t3 trap. Last few months I’ve been studying, playing KvK, trying to bring back the health trap. The reason I said until the first week of December 2019, I had my best trap, it’s because this new trap I have for Toothless, I think might honestly be my best ever. 

We’re back to the health trap times, and Toothless is about to feel it in 2020. I am an extremely one dimensional, trap only player. I have a vast knowledge of trapping, no knowledge of anything else, a very incomplete player. Still room to improve, and I’m always looking to improve. 

What Gear is Mobile Wonder Wearing? 

Gear defines the player, right? Check out Mobile Wonder’s Current Gear! 

Old school. Lol. That was my prior set up, for the last KvK I played before this article. By the time anyone reads this, I’ll have another set gear. 

Mobile Wonder Gear Mobile Wonder’s Most Memorable Win and Loss

My first ever trap has to be my favorite. I have no screenshot, sadly. Back then I didn’t know it would be so big to me. MORTEM was completely thrown off. The feeling of it. Hands shaking when the screen flashed red. Seeing the march countdown. Making sure gear was set. The nerves! It was a beautiful once in a lifetime experience that will never come back. 

My worst loss, has to be my final one hit zero. Not so much because of the loss itself, mostly because of what it represented for GOW. Mass quitting, game heading into ruins, and me realizing it was the end of something beautiful. I knew it was time to leave, and never thought I would play again. It was really sad. 

Mobile Wonder’s Favorite Game of War Memories

Friends. AHMF, 1151. The pure competition. These are true friends. Friends that have your back when you have real life problems. I got stranded once in a different city, one of my GOW friends came and gave me a ride. It’s these friendships that elevate the game into something epic. 

Mobile Wonder’s Advice to Players

I love hearing the advice that other players have to give. Because in my early Game of War Days I learned so much from Mobile Wonder I was really excited to see what he had to say. 

Burn and learn. To anyone that wants to trap, learn it. I don’t mean to learn ratios, and troops, and stats. I mean really deeply learn it. Learn to bait. Learn to project the appearance you want to project. Learn every detail. It’s just a game, I hear that a lot. It is just a game. But it’s also an investment. Either of time or money. And whichever you invest the most, feelings will get caught up. So play with passion. 

More Fun Facts about Mobile Wonder

I love the fun facts he lists about himself, however, here is another fun fact for you. Mobile Wonder was actually the guy that taught me to trap and a huge part of the reason I have made it this far in the Game of War world and for that, I will be forever grateful to him. 

Fun facts. I really, truly, know NOTHING about anything else in the game. I had my first market in November 2019. I could not find a target to save my life in kvk. I don’t know how to kill monsters. I don’t do events because my account is so terribly one sided. 

My name is not originally mine. Dutchy and me were good friends. After Chem, Aly, Free and Dutchy quit, I felt the need to carry their incredible accomplishments. So I mix all their styles and took on Dutchy’s kvk name, MobileWonder. 

Also, it’s quite easy to see me as crazy. Before using a reincarnation stone, I’d rather start a whole new account. If I level up my hero too high, I start a new account. I’m a perfectionist, in a probably bad way. And when I talk about trapping, it almost sounds impossible. My goals are extreme and my play style is the extreme of extreme. 

Mobile Wonder’s Thoughts on the Dragon Dimension vs the Demigod

I love dragon dimension for a few reasons. That old school feeling is amazing. Stats are easier to understand. And once you study dragon enough, you understand the real impact it can do in the game. And Demi feels too much like those sad times. 

One thing in the game that is exciting to Mobile Wonder right now

This one is easy. To see that health trapping is possible. To understand there’s a whole new trap style that hasn’t been explored in dragon yet. And I intend to fully explore it and bring back, what to me is, the most beautiful of all traps. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this player spotlight as much as we enjoyed writing it! Each and every one of you is a valuable part of our community and I look forward to getting the opportunity to hear even more stories in the future! In the meantime make sure you join this amazing community by joining us on Facebook, Line, and Discord. 

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  1. skye says

    Tiny killer health traps are things of rare beauty. They are the most beautiful of all traps. They are perfection. You are not crazy to seek perfection. You are awesome! Thank you for this player spotlight. It’s inspirational!

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