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It’s April and while we are all stuck (safe) at home let’s take the time to get to know another player from the Game of War Community! I love writing Player Spotlight’s and the opportunity to introduce members of the community who have had some type of impact on the community. Whether Dragon or Demi we are all a community and it is great to know the people who are a part of the community. 

This month we will be Spotlighting Fins and his time in the Game of War World. He is an excellent trap and a very knowledgeable player and is one of my favorite people to discuss game strategy with. He may just be a landlocked beach bum playing Jimmy Buffet on repeat while drinking his Rum Punch but he is also an amazing person and player. 

Meet Fins

We had the opportunity to ask Fins some questions about himself and he answered them so well that he really made my job easier. We are going to let Fins introduce himself to you! 

The name that I am known by on the game is Fins. That said, I change my name during events since the number of hits I receive drops precipitously if I use it. It’s a running joke in my Alliance about how often myself and Bud change our names. 

I am actually a member of two teams, Divine Vengeance (DV) and Savage of Darkness (~DRK), but spend almost all of my time with ~DRK now since the two Alliances combined.

Fins History in Game of War 

I started playing GoW pre-Demi in May of 2017 while I was on vacation in the Bahamas. I guess those stupid commercials finally got to me and I decided to try it out. Lol. I originally played in an Alliance called TennVols out of K1064 (Petra) but we ended up consolidated with K346 (Linos United) after we lost a merge event. 

My Alliance was small but we seemed to hold our own even though we didn’t really have a strong lead account. TennVols was not associated with any other Alliances but I became friends with Carol through her trap room on Line as I was trying to figure stuff out. That led to me ultimately joining Divine Vengeance a few months before Demi dropped and there was a mass exodus, including myself, from the game.  

The Demi drops, too many heroes to keep straight and overall craziness of GoW (orbs anyone?) at that time made me hang up my spurs. After Dragon dropped, Carol convinced me to come back and I’ve been playing ever since. 

Fin’s Game of War Accomplishments 

I loved hearing about Fins’ Game of War accomplishments and not just because he mentioned me! 

Previous accomplishments include capping most of the major players, pre-Demi. This would include Ctesse. I know everyone says they capped her. Maybe they did, I don’t know. All I know is that she annihilated everyone around me but I capped her. I was pretty proud of that. I also capped Suki or whatever her name was. Once. Lol. Now, I’m proud of the fact that I can maintain a Stronghold in the 50s and still beat rallies from any lead on the game. Well, as of last KvK anyway. Who knows what will happen at Fortress Wars this weekend. I know you wanted reports of these accomplishments but I don’t save reports. I save what I call “fan mail” instead. Lmaoooo.  Since my account changes so often, the reports are pretty meaningless from one event to the next. 

Fan Mail

I was always fascinated by traps. People like Carol, Cinder, WorldWonder, Santa, and MobileWonder are total badasses to me. It takes a special breed of player to stay small, spend less, and still hold their own against a player who maxes everything. I think it takes more skill, and a deeper knowledge of the mechanics of GOW, to be a top-tier trap. It’s easy to drop $25,000 on GOW, max your account and burn everything. It’s not easy to eek out stats wherever you can find them without increasing your power to such a point that no one hits you.

What gear is Fins Wearing? 

Currently, I take solos in Judicator. Each piece is gold and powered to the max. For rallies from most leads, I switch to Imperial. That set is all gold and all but one piece is powered all the way. I also have a mixed gear set of Obsidian with Imperial accessories that I break out if a unicorn sets on me. I am hoping to get more play out of that set tonight and tomorrow during Fortress Wars but I doubt it will be needed. Most of the unicorns like to sit still and look pretty at the Wonder instead of hitting people. Which I find ridiculous. Get off your [butts] and rally people. 

Fins’ Most Memorable Win and Loss

The personal win would have to be against Ctesse. The most memorable loss was against a guy that doesn’t play any longer. He was in WB pre-Demi and he was their main lead, Bugs. He and I had a love/hate relationship, real back and forth with him hitting me and me sometimes burning and sometimes capping him. Anyway, he ported in one time and soloed my account. It was my first one-hit zero. I was so pissed!!!!! All that work down the drain. I reacted by rage spending for the first time. Stupid glitch got me.  Speaking of glitches, the most memorable burn that I saw first-hand was when Sav ported DarkKing’s account in and zeroed Noob due to a glitch. I laughed my [butt] off at that and laughed even harder at the memes that dropped!

Fins’ Best Game of War Memories

Fins best Game of War memories come from the community and the relationships he has been able to make there. 

My best memories of the game involve my friends coming together to host a bachelor party for me in Florida. I was whining to Carol about the fact that my best man had dropped the ball on planning something memorable, and that my groomsmen were all too busy to do anything, and she said, “Well, come to Florida.”  I was like sure! I’m pretty certain that she had a [uh-oh] moment when she realized I was serious about coming. She and Jess and I’m sure quite a few others, put their heads together and the next thing you know I was headed for Florida! I met up with Hungry Stick, Carol and Rage in Tampa and spent 3 fun-filled (and alcohol-fueled) days with them. Rage almost got into a fight with some asshole at dinner, we took a booze cruise, I christened a parking lot because Carol can’t drive worth a shit and I cemented what will be life-long friendships with people I met on a fricking game. How cool is that!? Anyway, It was a blast and everyone who was invited but didn’t attend missed out!

Fins’ Advice to Players

This is one of my favorite parts of Player Spotlights. Every player comes at the game with their own unique perception and it really impacts the advice they give for the community. 

My best advice to players is to play within your means. This game can still be fun even if you don’t have the shiny new thing that MZ drops. Just figure out what you can do and stay within that niche. The next piece of advice is to know your stats. Understand what they mean and how they work. Cinder, Carol and Team Real Tips put out really good blogs explaining this stuff. If you don’t understand, ask questions. People are generally willing to help you. The final piece of advice is “Don’t be a dick!” The game is supposed to be fun. It’s all ones and zeroes, not real life. Treat it as such. Final piece of advice, be active in your Alliance chat. Make friends. Laugh. Joke. Escape from reality. 

Fins’ Thoughts on Dragon and Demi and the current game state

I am asked quite often about my thoughts on Dragon versus Demi. To sum it up, Dragon rulz and Demi drools! Lmaooo. But, to be honest, there really isn’t anything on Dragon side that is exciting at the moment. My opinion that Fortress Wars sucks will never change. Leads don’t hit, there are never enough monsters spawning and when they do it’s a swarm fest. Activity is what makes the game exciting, whether it’s the Wonder, solos or rallies. Hitting monsters is boring, grow a pair of balls and risk hitting that SH50-ish sitting there! You know it’s going to burn. Or will it?

What’s Next

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Stay Tuned

Stay Tuned for more great information from our Realtip Team as the Dragon Dimension continues to evolve. 

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