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Get to Know GFB from the Demigod Dimension

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Welcome to the Player Spotlight for July. This month we will take a closer look at a player on the Demi Side of the Game. Each of the players we have had the opportunity to profile over the past weeks brings their unique style and spin to the game.

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This month’s player is a player I have known since my early days of playing Game of War. This player is very unique in that he has experience in playing several styles in the game. He is an excellent player with a great mind for strategy.

We are excited to let you get to know him this month. Meet GFB from the Alliance N3S. A player, who has been here since early on in the game and has stayed through all the good and bad.

Meet this Month’s Player Spotlight: GFB

Game name: GFB The actual meaning of GFB was “GO For Broke” now I am broke.  Lol.”

Current Alliance:N3S, I spent most of my time in kingdom 894 as an R5 with the alliance TR not many of them left today.”

Game of War is celebrating 6 years this month. GFB has been playing Game of War since that first year the game was created. He told us that he has logged into play every day since the day he started. With the exception of about five days.

GFB’s Game of War Days began in Hedvika, or 647. He started in a tiny alliance. GFB was building his first account when the R5 of the Alliance TR tried to burn him and lost. After that GFB received an invite to join them and he stayed with TR for about four years.

 I remember late at night I would cautiously drop shield and solo tiny farm accounts with my heart in my hands afraid of being burnt but I always wanted to be a rally leader and I hated being burnt so I studied how to be a trap first and then started to lead.  I was the tiny trap that could cap your hero then attack you and burn you as you are trying to figure out what happened.

GFB notes that one person that had the most impact on him was IShaw. He influenced him with some great core recipes. GFB had a fun story about when Cores and Game of War crossed into his real life.

I remember when my wife came to my game area and saw me with a print out of a 10-page spreadsheet of GOW core stats. She picked it up and yelled ‘holy shit this is a stupid game spreadsheet of weird stuff what the hell are you doing.’ That’s when I knew I had an addiction.

Why does GFB Play? 

We all have our reasons that we continue to play Game of War. GFB is no different, he is inspired by the people and the fun of the game strategy.

The people I have met and became friends with are a big part of me not leaving. I do a lot of research and studying of the game plays and keep up to date on all releases and gear etc.  Because of this I sometimes call myself the Rainman because I can boost and increase any account by tweaking it with my game knowledge.

I like to win and have been a rally leader for 95% of the time since I started playing.  After my first year, I got a second account and started trapping. At first, it was an account for me to test my main account against but I enjoyed it and have kept two accounts since then with both being very active.

What is GFB Wearing?

Gear says so much about a player style!  GFB’s Gear differs per account and he ensures that each one is unique to the style he is playing at that given moment.

My gear is usually always a mixture of some sort.  The one-piece of gear that I tend to always change out is the weapon as the attack power in that one piece is so high it can impact any gear set that is released. I never use a hades gem in the rally account because the 4th gem usually has so much power above the other 3 gems, that a set of 7 hades gems can impact the account power.

However, in my trap account, I occasionally use hades gem. I will do that when there is new gear released so I can keep attackers guessing how far along I have boosted that piece. It’s never a good idea for a small trap account to have a platinum max boosted gear piece visible, it reduces the amount of times you will get rallied.

What are GFB’s Most Memorable Wins and Losses?

As a rally leader, my most memorable wins were when kingdoms became ancient and we could port for the first time. I became a master at crafting gear and had some pretty nasty concoctions. With these core gear, I ported to a kingdom and solo zeroed the king whilst I watched the kingdom chat and saw comments of total disbelief.  After an hour of soloing, I literally had the entire kingdom surrounding my account some tried rallying me heroless with no success.

The ancient ports had just been released and I was the only one in my alliance that had one to port so my entire alliance was chatting and watching me in disbelief as I zeroed the target. Then I stayed in the alliance and solo won the wonder held it for about an hour. I lost it because the entire kingdom was pissed and sent a ton of simultaneous solos and rallies eventually kicking me. At that stage of GOW, I would play an entire event for 16 hours nonstop.

I built my first true trap account after a friend quit and gave me the account. My most memorable memory as a trap was being able to cap the big players.  Stayalive, Schoolbuss, Ctesse and many more. Of course, they would all beg for release during events and I would always say you are on timeout so others can play. When ultimate execution was released I used one on a big player and felt really bad after knowing how much he paid and had to miss one week of playing because of me, so I stopped using ultimate execution after that.

My worst memory was when I believed I was invincible and when MZ created demigods I saw people being zeroed and I said that couldn’t happen to me well of course it did and I was zeroed.  That was the only time I was ever zeroed. My trap has shielded for less than 30 days in over 5 years.

What Are GFB’s Best Memories of Game of War?

[My] best Memories are the impact I have had on players around me and on GOW sites with sharing stories and best practices on how to be a better account. I have had success working with and training wonder players and some of the greatest traps and rally leaders around. 

GFB’s Advice to Players


I love hearing the advice different players have to give to the community. GFB has some good advice to contribute to the growing advice we have received from other players.

To enjoy this game you need to find a good alliance and friends you can trust. Then you need to choose what your account will be a trap, a filler, an empire rally leader or a wonder leader.  Then build your account specifically for that role. This way you won’t waste money on building unnecessary gear. Example: A filler must focus ONLY on a defense set and a rally fill set. Don’t waste money on boosting wonder gear or other unnecessary gear.

Dragon Versus Demigods

Dragon Versus Demi

We all have our thoughts on Dragon Versus Demi. GFB is a Demigod player and while he ventured into the Dragon Dimension for a short time, ultimately, he definitely prefers the Demi Dimension.

Horrible decision by MZ, it has caused too many players to leave the Demi dimension and this has hurt the game.  Fewer players mean less fun. I played Dragon Dimension for the first two months and saw a carbon copy of Demi so why would I want to spend twice.

What is exciting to GFB about the Game Right now?

As a rally leader, you can burn most players. Some very large players that were previously untouchable are now burnable. Any burn on some of these big players gives a lot of satisfaction, especially heroless burns.  As a trap (if such a thing still exists) beating a 2B all T8 rally feels damn good.

Wrapping it up

We have some great players in the Game of War Community. We enjoy getting to know all types of Players. Do you have any suggestions on players you would like to see us profile? Let us know in the comments below! Also, be sure to join us in our Line and Discord rooms. Get to know some of these players in the community even more!
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