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December has begun and with the commencement of the month, we are bringing you our next Player Spotlight. We are lucky enough to have a diverse community in Game of War that brings a lot of talent and personality to the table. Over the last few months, we have had the opportunity to get to know some unique players.  If you have missed any of these spotlights they are definitely worth a read.

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This month we are featuring a player who brings a lot to the community. Many may have met this guy in our Line rooms or in-game, but do you really know who he is? Some of you may have heard of the Oracle rooms in Game of War. These rooms if you do not know are run by the 420 Alliance and exist for the sole purpose of educating players on how to not only play the game but excel.

The leader of that amazing alliance (I may be a little biased) is SmotPoker710. This is a player who has no qualms about zeroing you one moment and then turning around and teaching you how to build back stronger the next moment. This month we will be featuring him and his time in GOW.

Meet SmotPoker710

SmotPoker710 is the leader of the Alliance 420. He is also the person that many look to for answers when they have questions. His name, while it fits him well, was not his first choice. However, it is pretty close.

The name I use in the game is SmotPoker710 because MZ would never release SmotPoker to me 🙁
SmotPoker first downloaded the game on his Kindle Fire in April of 2014 and was taken to Kingdom 508 which was an all Kindle Kingdom named Kinley. There he joined up with the Alliance, RaJ, Roman Angels. Eventually, he took over the Alliance and became the leader and never left.

The Help Rooms Begin

SmotPoker’s first month in the game, he decided that he wanted to teach everyone in the Kingdom how to Ghost Rally. In order to do this, he created a chatroom called Kinley Help and began to read a lot of tips online in order to be able to teach his Kingdom.

In order to do this, he would host Training Parties and Seminars. Who would not want to party with SmotPoker? In addition, for KvK events he created a “Multi Alliance Alliance.” This was so that big players from all Alliances could join as one and conquer KvK events together.

The 420 Alliance

One of the things that SmotPoker loves the most about 420 are the tags.

I feel our greatest accomplishment was securing the 420 alliance tags. I have been offered money for them twice.
While 420 has never had a lot of big spenders and not enough to go for Superwonders they have always taken pride in who they are. The Alliance 420 has no rules or Alliance and enjoy attacking anyone and everyone they can. It is not uncommon to see one member lose their Hero and other Heroes to quickly follow in that route. They burn as a team and get capped as a team.
Both in the Demigod and Dragon War Dimension 420 has been a powerful force in helping the community understand how to play and protect their strongholds without spending a fortune. They run an in-game chat room called “The Oracle” in both the Demigod and Dragon War Dimension. Since the inception of the Dragon War Dimension, SmotPoker has not thought once about going back to the Demigod Dimension.

What is he wearing?

What gear you equip your Hero with says a lot about who you are as a player. SmotPoker’s gear labels him as Lead looking to defend when offline. His clothing in the Demigod Dimension shows that he is definitely a player wanting to chill in the Dragon War Dimension.

What am I wearing: Dragon Realm: Arbiters when offline, and
Assassins when online. Demigods: Shielded at the 717 Wonder.

The Memories

The game comes with wins and losses. However, some of our best memories are often those of the wins we earn on the battlefield. SmotPoker has had his own share of wins but the one that stands out to him the most was from a merge battle for Kingdom 508.

Most memorable win: I won first place as did 420 in the Kingdom merge event for kingdom 508.
In addition, like many of us, he has memories from the battle that have been fought. His best memory is one that I lived many times and often ruined my graveyard because I did not wake up!
Best memories: Waking up in the middle of the night being rallied because I had fallen asleep during a KvK battle.

SmotPoker’s Advice to Players

I love hearing the advice that other players have to give. Every single player within the game has their own strengths and weaknesses and we can learn from each one. As with the advice we have gotten from other players, I love the advice we got from SmotPoker.
Join every help chatroom you can, read as much as you can online, test everything. Knowledge is power. Play the game and don’t cry about being attacked, expect it and prepare for it.
He followed up this statement with an invitation for all players to join the in-game Oracle Chatroom.
If anyone wants in the oracle help chatrooms feel free to message me in game and I will send an invite.

Demigod Vs Dragon War Dimension

We heard some from SmotPoker on his view between the Demigod and Dragon War Dimension. It’s interesting to see the different perspectives as we see players that love each side and the reasons behind their preference.
Demigod world has gone to crap. Dragon Realm has some hope, It is fun to play. Anyone can be a lead or a trap. I’m excited to see how things progress in the Dragon Realm, and I hope to see everyone on the battlefield.

Beta Testing SmotPoker

SmotPoker has had some amazing experiences in his time playing Game of War. Some of those experiences have been the opportunity to do things such as beta testing. SmotPoker actually had the opportunity to Beta Test Alliance City Battles back in the day and provided us with some Screenshots from that experience.
This may be a throwback for some of you old school players who remember when Alliance Cities first came out and the buzz around them. Unfortunately we never saw the day when this became a reality but all the same, the reports and screenshots are fun to see.
Alliance City Monster

Alliance City War Council


A Word from SmotPoker’s Team

One thing we want to start including in our player spotlights is a word from these guys teams. It is one thing to hear a players story from that player, however, hearing about them from other players can often be more telling.

He’s definitely a go-getter and very driven in the game. If for some reason I can’t find the answer or figure something out I know I can go to Smot and he’ll have the answer, kinda like the Google of GoW.


A word from Cinder

I am excited that I get to weigh in on this one! A couple of months ago I messaged SmotPoker and said, hey, you got room for a small mostly effective trap? His response was that there was always room for me in 420. I joined and have not left since that day (leaving for tests does not count). The 420 Alliance Chat is an amazing place to be. There is constant knowledge circulating that room and there is always someone willing to help.

However, one of the things you will note is that the voice you see and hear from the most is SmotPoker. He gathers information and is willing to share it with whoever reaches out for help. He says there are no rules and no allies and while one might believe that would inspire chaos it does not.

SmotPoker is always willing to help a teammate out and is a great person to play the game with. Many good players out there think they do not need help but the best players know that they have strengths and weaknesses and can always learn from others. The best thing about playing with SmotPoker is when he and I disagree about a strategy because it pushes me to test and grow and search for more knowledge.

Wrapping it Up

You will often find SmotPoker lurking around Line information rooms. One day I discovered him in a room after posting a report where he hit me. He is a great player to know with a wealth of knowledge about the game and a desire to help others learn and grow. We loved hearing more of his story and hope you did as well.

We will be bringing you our next Player Spotlight in January! Who would you like to hear from?

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