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For October, we are bringing you a new Player SpotLight! I am super excited about this month’s spotLight but before we dive in make sure you take a chance to go back and read past spotLights we have done. Every player brings something unique to the world of Game of War and that remains true of each of these players we have shone the spotlight on. 

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This month we are going to have the opportunity to get to know another player from the Dragon Dimension. I am super excited about the opportunity to Spotlight this player. Many of you in our Line rooms know and love her. She is a wealth of knowledge of puts a lot of time into gathering information and making it readily available for other players! She is the perfect person to profile and we hope you enjoy reading about her Game of War Journey as much as we did! 

WorldWond3rMeet WorldWond3R

WorldWond3R often referred to as WW for shortening sake is a well-known player in the Dragon Dimension. However, she has been playing Game of War for several years and started in the days before Demi. She is currently an R4 in the alliance FING and is very active in community help rooms as well. An interesting fact about WW? She is an amazing and legit T3 trap in a game where most players scoff at lower tiers. 

WorldWond3RWhat is your Game of War accomplishments? 

We asked WW what her Game of War Accomplishments was and we loved her answer. Accomplishments do not just come in the form of titles but in the little ways, you can take pride in your gameplay. 

I have no clue, lol! In pre-Demi, I’m the Dungeon Dominator in Petra (K717).  In Dragon, becoming a successful trap my own way. I didn’t want to just throw money at the game again, so I made myself wait to buy packs.  At first, I wasn’t going to buy a $99 pack ever. Then I realized that I needed to, but I still limited myself. I’ve only bought 5 packs in Dragon, which is huge to me. 

Also, so many people told me that I would never be able to trap without t4, and that I was growing too slowly, but I’ve scored over 1B points in almost every Kill Event (whether its KvK, SW or FW) for the last several months, and I continue to win attacks against the alliance that told me I wasn’t good enough.  I laugh to myself every time I win against them.

WorldWond3r’s Game of War History As told by Her

WorldWond3RI started playing in June/July 2015 in Khoral, K898.  I had NO idea what I was doing when I first started. A super kind player took me under her wing and gave me some pointers.  From there, I joined a better alliance for me (somehow the first alliance I joined was entirely Spanish speaking and not very active), and decided that trapping was the route for me, as I didn’t want to spend to be a lead. 

Fast forward a couple months, and I was starting to get the hang of trapping, and starting to make a name for myself in K898. From there it just continued to get better – Capping without gear, then heroless. Those were awesome times.  Once pre-Demi started having multiple releases in a day, and many friends from my alliance had decided to call it quits, I did, too. I tried to go back a few times, but it was waaay too confusing with all of the changes in the short time I’d been away.

Once Dragon opened up, and it was like old school GoW, I was in 100%.  I started super slow. I vowed that I was NOT going to spend as much money as I had in pre-Demi, but I still wanted to trap.  So slow and steady was my pace. I had several people tell me that I wasn’t really playing because I wouldn’t spend money, and that if I wasn’t rallying or trapping, I was only logging the game to socialize. 

So many people would laugh at or ignore advice I gave because I was so small still. Actually, some people STILL laugh at and ignore advice I give because I’m still pretty small…which makes winning their attacks that much sweeter.

Why does WorldWond3r Play? 

We all have our reasons for playing and it is no different for WW. 

I started playing because I was looking for something fun to play when I was nursing my youngest.  I continued playing because I fell in love with the GoW community. This is the first, and only, game like this that I’ve ever played, so I had never experienced such strong connections with people I had never met before.  In pre-Demi, I had an in-game family that helped me through some tough times.

When I quit pre-Demi because of the ridiculous daily drops, I kept coming back just to keep in touch with the people I’d met there – the friends I’d made.  When Dragon opened, a handful of those people that I desperately missed from pre-Demi were giving Toothless a try, and it was like a family reunion of sorts.

Unfortunately, most of them quit again not long into the new dimension. I kept playing, mostly because it gave me something to do, and I eventually found a new family in Dragon.  I continue to play because of the people.  Hands down.  There are a few key people that keep me in the game.  If they were to quit again, I wouldn’t be far behind them.

What are you wearing?

WW is a trap and her gear yells that she has done an awesome job of thinking out every detail of her gear. 

My current defense gear consists of the Judicator helm and armor, and Vindicator feet, weapon and accessories.

WorldWond3r’s Most memorable win and loss

Hmmm.  This is a tough one.  They all blend together over time.  My most memorable loss was my very first one hit zero.  I had heard from a few people in a Line trap room that one-hit zeroes were happening and that everyone needed to shield. 

I was kind of in denial that it could happen to me – I mean, I was a freakin’ good trap. But it happened. I don’t remember the player other than the fact that the jerkface kept my hero for 59 minutes then released after I took an hour hem.  Needless-to-say, I was flabbergasted.

One of my most memorable wins was against Ctesse (aren’t they always? lol).  She spent all night rallying me, and while I was burning, I was barely losing, and she eventually gave up.  Even though I didn’t get a “Victory” report, I counted it as a win in my book.

What are some of WorldWond3r’s Best memories?

The thrill of your screen going red against a unicorn lead and holding your breath to see if you burn or not, then literally feeling like you’re walking on the clouds when you won; “Stoning” alliance members by sending a few stone resources at them; Locking hero names – My go-to Rename was “Wondered”; swapping accounts with friends for a night because I hated training and they hated researching, and spending all night doing that for each other; the MAIL! (from amazed, to angry, to shocked/surprised, to congratulatory), the mails were epic.

  I loved capping a huge rally and getting a mail that said how much they thought I was going to burn, and could I please release. Once, I during a KvK I got a mail from another player saying that he warned the guy rallying me to just move on because I don’t burn.

Sure enough, I didn’t burn. The lead mailed me and said, “they told me you didn’t burn, but I still had to try. Nice setup. Could you release or chop now?” That was awesome. Mails are still great to get now, but there are much fewer caps due to the dragons, so not as many players send mail, they just port away.

WorldWond3r’s Advice to players

This is one of my favorite parts of these spotlights and WW does not disappoint with some stellar advice. 

 1) Find an alliance that you gel with. You won’t get along with every single player, but that’s okay.  As long as you get along with most of them, and you can be yourself, and you know they’ve got your back, then you’re golden.  

2) Also, get plugged in on Line – find a group/room that you can be a part of that allows you to learn and get better at the game.  I’ve learned so much from other players. I wouldn’t be the player I am today without other strong players.  

3) RESEARCH!  Research is the key.  So many players think they can train 200m troops and be good to go, when that’s not the case. 

4) Don’t take it too seriously!  At the end of the day, it’s a game still. 

 5) Lastly, always be kind.

WorldWond3r’s Thoughts on the Dragon Dimension vs the Demigod 

Dragon all the way.  Demi is too confusing now.  I log over there occasionally and I have no idea what half of the buildings are for, or what hero is used for which function.  It’s too much. I like Toothless. There are, as always, a few things I wish were different, but that’s always going to be the case.  But at least I can figure out [the] math on Dragon side still without worrying about how many decimal places need to be shifted because my calculator couldn’t just tell me the number.

One thing in the game that is exciting to WorldWond3r right now 

WW is a true trap who loves adjusting as you can tell by what is exciting to her right now! 

The newest research (Draconic March) really increases solo/rally sizes, and has some impressive stats that could have a big effect on the game.  Too many traps were winning again, so things needed to be shifted back toward attackers. We’ll see how things change as more leads start to get a significant amount of the new research done.

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