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Potion Recipes: Arcane Concoction


The Alchemy Lab in Game of War provides players the ability to craft potions which contain enormous boosts for various specific combat scenarios.  Below are the most popular and beneficial potion recipes discovered in Game of War.

Please keep in mind that the results of your potion will vary extremely each time you craft.  Even using the same recipe will have wildly different results. Expect this result until we receive a gear set or research tree that improves the luck of potion crafting.

Arcane Attack Potion

Arcane Concoction GoW

The latest potion for attack in Game of War uses the Arcane Vial with Cerberus Drool, Concentrated Energy, Frost Leaf, Ghost Thistle, Ley Stone, and Wyrm Tentacles. 

Your results will vary, however, here is an example of this potion.

Arcane Concoction Potion Stats

This potion is meant for attacking with any troop mix on strongholds or tiles. It is not meant for Wonder fights.

Arcane Defense Potion

Arcane Defense potion uses Arcane Vial with Desecrated Ground, Frost Leaf, Lidless Eye, Pyrite, Roc Feather, and Widow Fangs.

Potions for traps aren’t that amazing but you can improve your stats somewhat to potentially give you the edge you need to overcome defense debuffs or defense annihilation.

The potential stats you can expect are shown below.

Arcane Defense Potion Game of War

Arcane Wonder Potion

Potions for the wonder will focus attack and health, and their respective debuffs. They also include “Wonder Holding” ingredients. 

The Arcane Wonder potion uses the Arcane Vial with Cerberus Drool, Concentrated Energy, Frost Leaf, Ley Stone, Lidless Eye, and Wyrm Tentacles. The stats range for this potion are as follows:

Arcane Wonder GoW

Listed below are previous potions. Use these if you haven’t yet obtained Arcane vials and ingredients.  These aren’t bad.  Keep in mind that Catastrophic Vials and ingredients are better than Titan.

Titan Flask Rally Attack Potion

Titan Rally Attack Potion Game of War

If you need assistance upgrading your Alchemy Lab or understanding the basics of potion crafting then please see our article on Alchemy Lab Upgrade Requirements and Crafting Guide.

Titan Flask Defense Potion

Titan Flask + Batwing, Black Powder, Emerald Jewel, Ghostly Mushroom, Pyrite, and Roc Feather makes:

Titan Defense Stats GoW

Wonder – Titan Flask Potion

Wonder Potion Hero 100 Game of War GoW

Wonder Potion Stats Hero 100

Results will Vary

When crafting the above recipes your results will vary.  I generally receive stats that are between 60% – 80% of the top potential of each stat.

I’ll add more potions as the game releases new vials and ingredients .

To learn more about alchemy lab requirements and crafting, visit our Alchemy Lab and Crafting Guide page.

  1. Vitpow says

    Potion recipes page? Why only Titan Flask listed? Where are the rest of the potions? Any specific gear to use to craft potions?

  2. Krispyan says

    This is the result of the same recipe/skills. This time with BLACKSMITH lvl 25.
    (First potion crafted in maxed POWER FORGE)

  3. Krispyan says

    Seems legit

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