Prioritize What You Need – Part One

An Ongoing Series on How to Pick and Choose the Best Packs, Research, and Upgrades

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Often when in-game releases are feeling overwhelming it can be difficult to prioritize what we actually need. When we talk about how to play Game of War on a budget, we talk a little about buying what you actually need and ask ourselves some questions before investing in a feature, for more on this check out our Dragon Dimension Purchasing Guide.

However, when it comes down to it, we need to know how to prioritize what we are buying. Today we will look specifically at the Dragon Dimension (however, some of these concepts may apply to the Demigod Dimension as well) and how to prioritize what you actually need as each type of player.

This is not intended to be a budget guide but a way to help you guide your decisions on what you do choose to spend on or use the in-game currency for, such as Black Market coins.

The Newb Player

When Players first come to the Dragon Dimension, return to the game, or even first start playing they often have a lot of questions about what they need. It can feel overwhelming due to the fact that everyone else has been playing anywhere from months to a year in the Dragon Dimension.

Often times new players feel the pressure to catch up and question where they should start. However, be sure to check the Budget guide we linked above as well as our How to Play GOW without Destroying your Wallet Guide.

These will help you get a strong start without spending a ton. If you are not patient enough to really grind it out and have the budget to spend then go for it.

We are going to dive into things in just a moment. However, the most important thing as a new player before you even start building is to get in touch with the Game of War Community.

You have already made the first step by checking out Realtips. However, if you have more questions find us on the go! Join us on Line or Discord and get your questions answered as you build.

Line: Add thatcinder and request an invite to the Game of War Room

Discord: Just Click here

Do Not Forget the Basic Building Blocks

It is easy to skip over some of the basic building blocks because of wanting to catch up to the newest content that other players are really spending their time on. However, some of those basic building blocks can give huge increases in the stats that you need.

As a new player, skipping over those basic building blocks will make you weaker. We have a list of Building Blocks for our Newbie Players to help get them off on a strong start and prioritize what they need.

Building Blocks

Building Block One

Level up your Buildings and Hero. Building levels are essential when it comes to things such as march size and research. In order to be able to access certain levels of research, it is necessary to level your academy to the appropriate levels. So prioritizing Building levels is going to be important to best be able to continue with some of the building blocks we have for you.

The same is true when it comes to leveling your Hero. In order, to be able to craft certain sets of gear your Hero needs to be a certain level. Some of this will come naturally from doing events and XP you are getting from research, building, etc. So this is not necessarily something you will need to spend on to get those initial levels which is nice. However, be cautious with leveling your Hero if you are planning to trap.

Building Block Two

Athena's Armory

Unlocking Athena’s Armory and Start Crafting Gear. The Armory can be unlocked with a pack or with Black Market Tokens. This feature is going to open up set bonuses for you. While by themselves the set bonuses can look small, those numbers will quickly add up.

As long as you are crafting Legendary Gear Sets you do not have to worry about leveling this building. For more information about the boosts, you can get from your Armory Check out Part 3 of our Dragon Dimension Gear Guide.

When it comes to Crafting gear, this can be done as you are working on unlocking the Armory as well. Having the chests you need and the materials to craft Level 6 Gear will be essential to start building your stats. While some Gear sets may never see the light of day just having them in your inventory will ultimately benefit you.

Building Block Three

Research, Research, Research. Research is so important. Obviously, as a new player, you will need to prioritize some of the earlier researches just to unlock troops and get some of those early boosts.

However, once you get those to a decent level (or if you have a second research queue) doing some of the newer research will give you some quick boosts in your stats. The Draconic Combat and Ascension trees are nice because of the fact that you can cherry-pick the stats you want.

At this point, Draconic Combat is the least expensive of the two as well. In addition, you will want to be working on opening new types of troops as well in the Strategic and Wild Combat Research trees.  For more information regarding Research in the Dragon Dimension, we have a Dragon Dimension Research Guide for you.

Building Block Four

VIP and Boost Hall. These features give huge boosts and tons of other features that will save you time and money. This is something that you will definitely want to prioritize as a new player. When it comes to the Boost Hall be sure to really focus in on the stats you need for your playstyle.

When it comes to VIP be sure you know what level is optimal for you. While as a trap you may want to stay at a lower VIP it will still remain important to boost your VIP up to the level where you want it so you can go ahead and take advantage of what it does offer.

Building Block Five


Do not forget your Dragon. Getting your Dragon to Reborn levels is now very important. A lower level Dragon will quickly be killed off.  Every type of player, whether defensive or attack can benefit from a Reborn Dragon. You are able to get some crystals to level up your Dragon from events but this feature will mostly be leveled utilizing pack purchases.

Important Notes about the Building Blocks

The building blocks we spoke about above are not necessarily in order. You may be able to do different things at different times. However, before you dive in you need to have chosen what type of player you want to be.

Do you want to trap, lead, play wonder, or fill? Knowing the answer to this question will guide how high you level certain features such as VIP, Building levels, Hero, etc.

If you are not quite sure what your role in the game should be, we have an article that can help you look closer at the different roles that different players play within the Game of War world. Check it out here. 

What about everything else?

We talked about some of the very basic building blocks for new players and how to get started. However, there are a ton of other features within the game that will help you to build your stats. Remember, that here we are breaking it down to the essentials to prevent you from being overwhelmed.

Ultimately you are going to want to move on to the more recent releases. Some of this will come naturally as you are focusing on the Basic Building blocks. You will find yourself getting prizes for the events you complete that you are able to apply to the newer features or features that were not a part of our Basic Building Blocks.

Focusing on those building blocks as a new player will ultimately give you a strong start so that you have the ability to then move forward into the following sections that we are going to use to address players who have already completed those basic building blocks.

Always Remember: It is never a good idea to just level as quickly as possible. Patience is a good thing to ensure your safety when you begin engaging in combat. Leads are often on the lookout for players who have quickly leveled to fill and have not spent time on the basic building blocks. 

The Lead, Wonder Player, and Trap

As a Lead, Wonder Player, or Trap how you prioritize what you need in order to be successful is going to look different. Each type of player will really need to look at different things.

We will cover each of these types of players and how they should prioritize what they need in the next article in this short series. If you are a player that is ready to move on from Newb status or already past the Newb building blocks then be sure to keep an eye out for this article as it will contain tons of info for you.

What do you believe are the most important building blocks for Newb players in the Dragon DImension? Let us know in the comments below!

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