Prioritize What You Need – Part Three

An Ongoing Series on How to Pick and Choose the Best Packs, Research, and Upgrades

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Over the past couple of weeks, we have had a chance to take a closer look at prioritization when working on your account and how to prioritize things so that you are not overwhelmed by the rate of releases.

The first week we had the opportunity to dive into what it means to be a newb in the Game and how you should prioritize at that point. To review this and get a good grasp on those building blocks so be sure you go back and read:

Prioritize What You Need- Part One

Last week we had the opportunity to take a closer look at Four rules of Prioritization and how you should prioritize as a Lead. These four rules are essential to the rest of this article so you want to be sure that before moving forward in your reading you take a chance to look back at these:

Prioritize What You Need- Part Two

I am serious… If you have not read Part Two go back and read it now! While we will be talking about different things in Part Three today, you need to know the four basic rules we are basing our prioritization on!

A Quick Recap


Because I know that some of you did not go back and read those rules… I will list those rules here quickly but please know that there is a more in-depth explanation of these rules in Part 2 (I am serious, go read it now).

  1. Every Account is Different and Should Prioritize Accordingly
  2. Priorities will change over time
  3. Prioritize based on cost and budget
  4. Know how to build your Stats

We also talked about Leads last week. So this week we are going to dive in and take a look at Wonder Players and Traps.

How to Prioritize as a Wonder Player

As a Wonder Player, you are likely expecting to spend more than the average player. This expectation is accurate because the little things that boost your stats can give you a huge boost when it comes to Wonder. Wonder, unfortunately, has the unfortunate reputation of being a wallet game. However, Strategy matters as well! So when you are looking to prioritize what you need as a Wonder Player, once again you are going to want to look at the rules from Part 2 of this series.

You will want to know what feature is going to give you the biggest boost and be the most effective in building up your Wonder focused stats. You will also want to know what stats to prioritize as a Wonder Player. Recently, we have seen the Dragon take a huge role in Wonder so be sure that you are prioritizing leveling that as well.

Prioritizing your Stats as a Wonder Player


Prioritization is going to look a little different for Wonder Players then it will for other types of players. Depending on the scenario you will want to prioritize your stats differently. In every situation, you want to prioritize March Size Stats.

After March Size, however, how should you prioritize your stats? Well let’s take a look:

When Attacking Wonder


Rally Attack


Health Debuff

When Holding Wonder 



Attack Debuff

When you are Holding Wonder versus Attacking Wonder you will shift your prioritization, that could mean switching gear or banners or gems. However, you need the ability to be flexible in each scenario.

How This Plays into Prioritization

As a Wonder Player, you are going to need to ensure you have the features that give you the most Wonder stats as well as other stats that will help you in your quest to be Emperor or King. This is two-fold for Wonder Players as in different scenarios you will need different stats.

Focusing in on the features that really will help boost your stats the most will be very important. However, once you have these things your focus will need to shift to the smaller things as the building blocks to get your stats where you need them are quite important. It is necessary that you continue to evolve with the releases and drops as a Wonder Player.

How to Prioritize as a Trap Player


Trap Players! This is my favorite style of play (if you all have not figured that out yet, well where have you been?). Trap players are even more unique in their playstyle. For Fillers, some of this information will be important as well. As Fillers are typically focused on just remaining safe.

Traps have a few more rules than the average player when it comes to prioritization. We did not cover these rules previously, as these are specific to traps.

Two Extra Rules of Prioritization for Traps

Rule Number One: Be Aware of the Power a feature brings

For a lot of traps, power is very important. While some traps are not as worried about power, there is a whole set of traps that enjoy staying as small as possible. The question that is commonly asked is how big is too big. As of lately, we have seen a lot of players that are larger and getting zeroed or hit. A lot of leads like the players that are bigger and look like fillers. However, you still need to remain aware of power and how much certain features will increase it as a trap.

Rule Number Two: Hidden Stats are your Friends

Gear, VIP, Stronghold Level, Hero Level, Power, Gear Leveling, Banners, etc… these are all very visual things. Whether you have these things or not is going to be very visible to potential attackers. When these things are dominant in defense stats they could potentially scare attackers away.

As for traps, the best places to upgrade first are with the hidden stats. These are things like, Research with no power, set bonuses, boost hall, potions, gems, buildings such as the master garrison, the Dragon, etc. Basically, places you can get stats that will not be apparent to an attacker. As a trap, some of these hidden stats are the best places to focus in on first. We may need to at some point upgrade visible stats but we should focus in on the hidden stats first.

This does not hold as true for players who are playing as fillers. Hidden or Visible just pick the stats that most increase the stats you need to increase.

How Should I Prioritize my stats as a trap

When you are looking at your stats as a trap, understanding how the stats work is important so you know where you need to increase your stats. The three stats that you will focus in on as a trap are listed below.


  • Attack- Helps you kill off your attacker’s march
  • Defense- Helps you protect your troops
  • Health- Helps Strengthen your troops

The Current Recommendation for how you prioritize your stats as a trap is:

  1. Attack
  2. Health
  3. Defense
  4. Debuffs

While Health can be more effective it is important to keep up on current game debuffs that attackers are using. There are times where you may need to shift your focus from Health to Defense depending on current in-game stats.

How this Plays into Prioritization

We know what stats are going to help us as traps be able to be the strongest. So how do we know when to add which stat. Because this plays a huge role in how we prioritize our stats as a trap.

Focus in on Attack first, if you are unable to kill off your attacker’s march then you will not be able to cap. If killing off your attacker’s march is not the problem then the focus needs to be changed to health and defense.

Finding these stats using the Four initial rules and then the two additional rules for traps is how you want to prioritize. At times this can feel like a bit of a juggling act. As you want to increase your stats for the least cost, however, you still want to appear to be vulnerable.

Knowing what features a lead will shy away from hitting will be important. As this is constantly changing you need to stay very aware of this. Asking the leads in your Alliance or other leads you know what to them signals a player is a bad target will help you at any given time to be able to decide whether or not to level up certain features or keep that anti-scout on.

The Most Important Part of Prioritizing in Game of War

We have discussed rules, leads, fillers, traps, Wonder Players, and Newbs. However, things will constantly be changing. Right now it is all about the Reborn Dragon. Tomorrow the most important feature may change. So as players ultimately there are two things you can do to help you stay up to date with how to prioritize different releases.

  1. Remain Aware of what stats are available where and what the most important priorities are for you at any given time. This means staying up to date on what releases are out, what stats they offer and how that is important to you. You can do that by keeping up on our articles here.
  2. Get involved in the community. As mentioned before sometimes it can feel overwhelming trying to juggle all of the releases and updates that come along with the game. We have a whole community of players that you can discuss strategy with and ask all the questions you have until your heart is content. Join us on Line and Discord!

Line: Add thatcinder and request an invite to the Game of War Room

Discord: Just Click here

Do you have any tips on how to best prioritize releases? Let us know in the comments below.

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