Prioritize What You Need – Part Two

An Ongoing Series on How to Pick and Choose the Best Packs, Research, and Upgrades

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Last week we talked about how to prioritize and begin with the basic building blocks as a Newb or Returning Player to Game of War. This week we will take a closer look at other styles of play and how these players should prioritize different releases. If you are a newb player before continuing here please go back and read Part One of this series.

When the releases feel like they are flying out faster than you can upgrade the last drop it can begin to feel overwhelming. So many of us feel like we need to finish or complete something to truly be at the top of our game and have the ability to engage in combat. However, if you sit and really look at what you need versus everything that is out there it helps break it down and helps us to feel less overwhelmed as players.

We are going to dive into the different styles of players and how to prioritize what you need for each player style. However, before we do that there are some basic Rules of Prioritization that you need to know.

Four Rules of Prioritization

Rules are no fun! However, before we really dive into prioritizing releases in Game of War you need to be aware of a few basic rules to help you with your decisions.

Rule of Prioritization Number One: Every Account is Different and Should Prioritize Accordingly

Billy Joe Bob over there thinks that prioritizing Colossus Gear is more important because of the Attack given in the set bonus. While Suzy thinks that you should prioritize the Draconic Research first because you have the ability to cherry-pick stats and really build to your needs.

What is important to note is that neither Billy Joe Bob or Suzy are necessarily wrong. What is also important to note is what they think is most important to prioritize may not be what is most important for you to prioritize. In Game of War, we need to look at our accounts individually. Our accounts are all different and built differently so what is most important for you may be different than what is most important for Billy or Suzy.

We know that the priorities will differ based on playstyle. However, even if Billy and Suzy trap and you trap too, that does not mean that you need the same things. Knowing how to read reports and adjust your stats based on the report will help you with knowing what to prioritize first.

Rule of Prioritization Number Two: Priorities Will Change Over Time

Over time how you prioritize different things will change. While today you might get the most Attack stats from Source A… Tomorrow you may get more from Source B. One thing you will not see in this article is a list saying do this, then this, then this. This article is meant to guide you to know how to prioritize on your own so that even tomorrow when the priorities may change coming back here and reading will still be helpful to you.

Rule of Prioritization Number Three: Prioritize based on Cost and Budget

Releases can feel overwhelming. However, one of the things we know is that as new releases come out and have more dominant stats the older items drop in price. One thing that is important to look at is the cost of the feature versus the stats you will get. We all know that initially when releases drop getting the higher stats often involves getting to the higher levels which can be very expensive at times.

What is important to look at is cost versus benefit. If I buy one pack for my VIP versus one pack for my Research which of these purchases is going to increase my stats the most. Part of that, of course, is knowing the cost and the stats at different levels. We work to be sure to provide you this information as quickly as possible.

However, if that information has not made it to the website yet be sure to check out our Line rooms or Discord as many times other players will be able to help with the cost that they have already encountered.

Line: Add thatcinder and request an invite to the Game of War Room

Discord: Just Click here

Rule of Prioritization Number Four: Know How to Build your Stats

Knowing how to build your stats is very important to be successful in prioritizing releases. Part of this goes back to knowing how to read a report. However, a huge part of this is simply knowing what stats you need.

We covered the stats offered in the Dragon Dimension in an eight-part series recently. There we addressed different places you can get your stats from.

While there have been updates to the game since this series was released it still covers some of the biggest places you are able to get stats from and how to prioritize those stats as a player. Being sure to go back and read over this series will be helpful in ensuring you know what you need before you start upgrading.

Prioritizing Releases as a Lead

As a Lead, there are many stats that you need to look at when you are building your account. One thing that is important to note is that you do not necessarily have to be maxed to lead. One of the things that we see players thinking is that until they hit a certain point they cannot lead.

However, you may be surprised. It is always good to see smaller leads out there finding targets that are good for them and getting in the battle. It allows more and more players to have fun and see the activity. Plus it helps you learn as a Lead what your limitations are.

Hopefully, you took the chance to look at the stat building articles listed above. However, if not let’s take a quick look at prioritization of stats for Leads.

Prioritizing the Stats

Part of this will be dependent on your budget and where you are able to increase your stats. The other part is dependent on where you have already increased your stats.

You should always increase your stats before you start looking at weakening your opponent’s stats. So prioritize March Size and Attack Stats first. However, where you prioritize March or Attack stats is fluid.

Increasing your March Stats may allow you to hit harder. However, increasing your Attack and Defense Debuff with Hero 2 may allow you to hit smaller targets that are reliant on defense harder. In every situation, you should focus on what is best in that instance.


  • Attack and March Size
  • Debuffs (such as Health and Defense, note that the priority of these will change over time based on what stats are currently available in the game).
  • Other Attacker Stats

While we are prioritizing the stats this way it is important that you are fluid in your decision making because at times the benefits of one of these may outweigh the benefits of the others.

How this plays into Prioritizing Releases

As an attacker, this is going to have you looking at these stats and where you can get them in the highest quantity first. Also, do not forget that currently, the Dragon is a huge component in gameplay whereas in the past it was not. Apply the rules we covered above to the different scenarios when you are prioritizing to help you make the best decisions.

One thing that is nice about the game is that there are tons of different places you are able to get different stats. However, knowing the best place to get those stats is what is most important.

As an attacker will you get more March Stats from leveling up Hero 1 or from completing newer research trees? Ultimately which one will get you the most stats at the lowest price? This is where you really need to start to break down what you actually need and what will get you the furthest.

Knowing where to prioritize your stats will ultimately help you with prioritizing what releases to get first.

Game of War is constantly changing and therefore, how we prioritize different releases will constantly change. Make sure that you complete your building blocks before diving into more advanced stats and prioritization.

In the next article in this series, we will look at Wonder Players and Traps. What are your tips for how to best prioritize in the Dragon Dimension? Let us know in the comments below.

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