Prioritize your Research in the Dragon War Dimension

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As research expands in the Dragon War Dimension, we are left with questions about how to prioritize it. We have been talking a lot about How to Build Your Stats in the Dragon War Dimension, in this series we discuss different researches and what stats will help when building different accounts.

AcademyHowever, we also wanted to be sure that you had more in-depth knowledge of the research that we are discussing and how to actually prioritize it. Today we will be taking a look at different tricks and tips that you are able to use when researching. We will also look at the research that currently exists in the Dragon War Dimension and how to prioritize it.

Eight Money-Saving Real Tips to use in the Dragon War Dimension when Researching

We all want to save money. Many times we look at the combat stats but there are basic economy stats out there that are necessary to consider as well. In the long run, making sure that you remember these Real Tips will ensure that you are able to be more efficient and spend less.

Real Tip Number One: Gear Up Correctly

Gear is essential in Game of War and when it comes to research that is no different. Make sure that if you do not yet have the Chief Inquisitor’s Gear Set that you are working towards it. Not only does the gear set offer Basic Research Speed Reductions but the whole set offers a full set bonus through your Armory of 60% Basic Research Speed for a full level 6 gear.

If you do not yet have the Chief Inquisitor’s set and are working towards it there is a Dark Cape that is not part of any set with a max of 15% basic research speed to help while working on your Research Gear Set.

Chief Inquisitor's GearReal Tip Number Two: Skill Up Correctly

Research SkillsWe are not just talking hero here. We are also looking at your dragon. Hero one has a research speed and exalted research (increases exalted research speed) skill to take advantage of when you are working on your research. Any time that you are saving on your research is going to help with saving on speed ups. Hero one is the only hero with research skills making the choice on heroes simple.

The dragon also has a research speed skill. This skill maxes at 50% when fully skilled. This is another time saver to help with speed up costs.

Real Tip Number Three: Do Not Forget your Academy

Reminder!!! The Academy offers a research speed bonus based off the level of your Academy. So be sure to keep your academy level as high as possible for your stronghold level in order to fully maximize its potential.

Real Tip Number Four: The Boost Hall

Boost Hall ReductionsThe Boost Hall is one of those places it is easy to get caught up in the combat stats and forget about the Economy Stats. However, this is a great place to save money! The Boost Hall will actually help you to save on resources. These boosts include T1, T2, and T3 RSS Research Costs Reductions. Open these boosts from high to low and watch the RSS savings wrack up.

Pro TIp: Events are a great place to get Research Mystery chests for the Lifetime Boost Hall

Real Tip Number Five: Lifetime Boosts Packs

Watch those Lifetime Boosts! The Lifetime Boost packs can have some great reductions for players to grab an use to save speeds and RSS. So be sure to keep an eye on these packs and see if they will benefit you in what you are doing with your build.Lifetime Boosts Packs

Real Tip Number Six: Events

EventsSometimes after we grab a pack or get some good prizes in an event it is tempting to quickly use those items and prepare for battle. However, it is always a good idea to do different functions with events. For example, leveling up your VIP one time will allow you to hit the VIP event, Tier 1 of the VIP event gives a good number of speeds so you can continue to progress with research using those.

There is a research event that has a port and other great items in it if you are able to hit it. So hitting this event and then waiting until you can hit it again is a great way to do research and stretch your items to their fullest potential. Bonus Reanimation events will give you chests so that you are able to complete your Seekers Rewards Research.

Real Tip Number Seven: Look to Research

Your research can help with your research! The Economics Tree includes research to help with cost efficiency for research. In addition, the Dragon War Dimensions Rewards Research includes research for Research Time Efficiency. Finally, the Crafting Tree is going to help with the stats on your gear using multipliers. Utilizing the research to help your research will take you a long way.

Real Tip Number Eight: Second Research Queue

A second research queue is an amazing thing to have. This will enable you to have two researches running at the same time. This will not only help you to complete research more quickly but it will keep you from having to switch skills too many times. This one is a bit of a money saver but mostly a time saver!

Looking at the Research

We have covered the Real Tips to help you save money when you are completing research. Now, we will begin to take a more in-depth look at the actual research. Each Research Tree is unique and brings its own aspect to the game.

ResearchEconomics Research

Economics research is very familiar to those of us who have played the game for a long time. This research is going to help with production, research, construction, gathering, training, loyalty, and so much more. This tree is essential to help with costs and different things throughout the game.

Wall Traps Research

This is another research that is familiar to players. Wall Traps research is going to help with unlocking the different tiers of traps within your city. However, it also has some great stats including Empire Defender Stats and Hospital Capacity and Healing Stats.

Combat Research

This research is essential. It should also be familiar to long-time players of Game of War. This research provides great combat stats, however, what makes it so essential is that it unlocks your different tiers of troops.

Hero Research

Hero research is mainly focused on stats for monsters. So that players are able to kill monsters and do so more efficiently. However, it also has some great combat research hidden away in it for traps and troop attack and health.

Crafting Research

Crafting research is going to give you multipliers to strengthen your gear even more. In addition, this research opens the fourth gem slot in your gear. If you are looking to optimize the stats in your gear this is the place you can do it. For more information about this research be sure to check out our article on crafting research.

Dragon War Dimension and Seeker’s Rewards Research

These two pieces of research are great. They have stats for many different things from economics to combat. However, the best thing about these research trees is that they add no power. This makes these researches a great place to get great hidden stats for Traps. In addition, you are able to earn the items needed for these two research trees by completing events making these researches very cost effective.

Draconic Combat Research

This is our newest research in the Dragon War Dimension. In order, to complete this research you need tomes that are available to be acquired in the Gold Store and recently there was a Kkill event where players were able to acquire some of these tomes.

This tree is split into three different trees. The Defender, The Conqueror, and The Emperor. Each of these researches is going to help different styles of different accounts in different ways. However, one notable thing about this new research is that it does offer the opportunity to open March presets in the Dragon War Dimension. We cover more in our Building your Stats articles on what stats in this tree are good for different types of accounts.

Prioritizing the Research

With all of this research, where should you start? There are a few different ways to go about your research, however, hopefully, we can give you some insight into how you do your research. Remember the level of research you are able to do is dependent on your Academy level so plan to get to points where you cannot complete more research unless you upgrade your Academy.

Start with: Economics

Many players want to jump right into your combat trees and that makes sense. We love playing the game and the research trees with combat stats are the ones that let us jump into the battle that much quicker. However, by doing Economics first you will save money as you progress into combat trees.

Move on to The Hero Tree

Wait a minute? Hero Tree? But Why???? In order to be successful in the battle, you need gear. In the Dragon War Dimension, a lot of the monsters drop materials, hero XP, and more. All of these things will be needed in order to successfully defend. Opening up the ability to hit some monsters will allow you to kill monsters while completing other research and begin to collect different items to help you on your way.

Move on to The Combat Tree

This research tree will allow you to open different combat researches and the ability to train different tiers of troops. You will need troops not only to defend but to collect those monster tiles too if you are utilizing monsters to help with getting items you need to build.

Move on to Wall traps or Crafting

Wall traps will give some great stats for defensive players and open up Wall Traps (in case you decide you want to use them). This is good research to plug away on. However, with the stats that come from gear, the Crafting Tree is a great place to go as well. The crafting tree is very dependent on Academy level, however, so it is a tree that you will complete if you are able to level up your academy to the necessary levels.

Move on to Draconic Combat Research

This research has great stats. However, it does require special items. It is a good one to complete as you are able to but the truly great stats in this research come at the higher levels. This is one of those researches that you will have to budget for and fit in as you are able to do so.

Last but not least Rewards Research

These are great research trees to complete with good boosts. You are able to earn rewards speed ups doing various events and really push through this research quickly once you have earned the needed materials. You definitely want to work on getting this research done as able for the nice boosts it gives. While we have this last on the priority list it is actually a good one to do in between the researches above when you are stalled.

What are some Research Tips and Tricks you have? Share below in the comments.

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  1. Charles Douglas says

    What to do about research that has “real time “? I’m new so some of my research says “real time” I even have 20 1day real time speeds. What is this and is there a way around it?

    1. carol
      carol says

      The original time is the beginning time for the research. The real time is the time AFTER the research boost in your account are applied. You can reduce the days needed with research gear, gems, and hero skills in hero one.

  2. HELLRAISR62 says

    i can speak for traps, we have noticed since level 60 came out that the 3 Empire Defender skills are a must have in the Draconic Research Tree to max it out to survive getting hit.

    1. Cinder
      Cinder says

      Yes while at first that was not high on my priority list it is definitely more important now and the cost has gone down too which is very helpful.

  3. RedBone_Aden
    RedBone_Aden says

    One thing I like to do that i didn’t notice in the article, but I’m sure you already do as well… Is I start my building and research in my hero 1 because she is skilled for both. And has presets with my building and research gear. Then to complete each action , I switch to which ever hero is running for the hero event at the time. So as I level a build or speed up a research, I get the pts toward my hero event as well.

    1. Cinder
      Cinder says

      Yes, that is an excellent thing to do.

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