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“Rope-a-Dope” Prison Deconstruct KvK Scoring Trick


Defending and winning against multiple rallies in Game of War Fire Age is a great way to score some big points in a KvK kill event. Waiting for a rally leader to actually attack you can be boring! So when one finally does you want to maximize the points you gain from them.  I discovered a great way to trick them into attacking multiple times even when they lose big time!  

Great boxers like Muhammad Ali and Floyd Mayweather used “Rope-a-Dope” tactics against their opponent.  This tactic encouraged their opponent to tire themselves out by hitting them over and over. You too can use a similar tactic to score big points in kill events.

Prison Deconstruct Game of War Trick “Rope-a-Dope”

The execution of this trick is simple. However, it will require that you hold no heroes.  

First, start deconstructing your Prison.  Select your prison and choose deconstruct.  DO NOT hit help or speed up the deconstruction in anyway.  We only want the timer running for deconstruction.  If you don’t have a prison in the first place, great, you can skip this step.

Next, take a rally or hit if solo trapping. The enemy hero will return.  At this point the attacker will have a decision to make.  If you are burning it means you have lost the battle and the attacker will receive a battle report.  However, if you are smoking then the attacker has lost.

When the attacker checks the battle report it will only show that all troops were killed and wonder why the heck his hero returned.  At this point the attacker usually sets again.Game of War Prison Deconstruct

To execute this trick properly you want to keep very still. This means not changing gear or boosting.  You don’t want the enemy to get a scout report, or think that you are online.  For the enemy attacker to give it another try you need to make them think that the first time was a glitch or something. Basically, the attacker took a swing at you without anyone noticing but he fell down or something.  Oblivious to the attack you let him swing again.  

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Multiple Rally Defense Trick

Now, with the second attack YOU must decide if taking additional rallies is worth it.

Did you win the first rally? If yes, did you kill the entire attacker’s army?

If you didn’t kill the entire army then he will receive a battle report and know your city’s troop composition and adjust rally accordingly.

Also, after looking at the battle report he may decide he’s not scoring much and stop.  However, in my experience rally leader’s see fire and set again almost immediately without even glancing at a battle report.


The idea of this trick is to entice the enemy to attack you multiple times giving you great kill event points potential. By not capturing the enemy’s hero you open the door for additional hits and rallies. However, use your judgment whether you can sustain multiple hits.  When you decide you’ve had enough cancel the deconstructing prison timer and cap the enemy hero, port away or shield depending on how badly you are being hit.

Have you tried this trick in Game of War Fire Age or something similar you’d like to share with us?  Please let us know in the comments below!

Also, over the next couple of weeks I’ll be updating past content.  Which articles would you like seen updated or new content published?  I open to all and any ideas.  What questions do you have about Game of War?  Please leave a comment or hit me up on Line: darkthorne.

Thank you all for your awesome support!

  1. OBV says

    This works best for solo traps. Got 16.5 billion points two coliseums in a row by having no prison, people just kept hitting repeatedly

    1. Kuntriboi says

      How much did you lose per hit

  2. TazInAtlanta says

    GIve your hero to your Alt (if big enough to hold) or to a friend. Then port in the middle of a multiple rally environment. When everyone sees that you are heroless they will rally. As soon as multiple rallies launch have your Alt execute your hero. Then you immediately resurrect, pop cors and port. You will cap all hero’s before they know what happened. I did this at Coli last time ad scored all 3 prizes and capped 5 hero’s.

  3. Nick says

    If I deconstruct my prison does it empty my graveyard? I’m a trap trying to hide the heroes in my graveyard.

  4. Eric says

    Just put on a shield and it will warn you that all heroes will be released. Click ok and done. Your idea would work good if you didn’t want to shield though. 🙂

    1. TemperedPalm says

      that’s not what Nick’s asking
      He’s saying if he deconstructs his prison will his executed heroes still show in his graveyard since he is a trap and trying to hide that

      1. Brent Ward
        Brent Ward says

        The executed heroes are from killing them with altar. It is highly unlikely destroying your altar will wipe your graveyard. Typically what players do is called “flushing your graveyard”. They collect a bunch of killable farm heroes from alliance mates and kill all those. This pushes the high level heroes down further so at a glance the rally leader doesn’t see you’ve been killing level 60-70 heroes. Good luck!

        1. RIP says

          Lol this is why i always release heros. If its a respectable person i release immediately. If its someone whos a known ass around the kingdom, i set a ttimer and release after 42 min

          1. Brent Ward
            Brent Ward says

            Lol, I do the same thing with the timer!

  5. Ushuaia says

    If you were about to attack and didn’t want to capture any hero’s, could you start the deconstruction before the attack and then cancel it when done? thereby not being bothered with having to release any?

    1. Chad says

      FANTASTIC IDEA! YES! It works just like that.
      I’m gona edit the post with that info.

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