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Top Reasons a Protected Kingdom is Like High School

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Four years of our lives are spent dedicated to this thing we call “high school.” However, some days I contemplate whether we ever actually leave high school. There are so many aspects of life that end up being just like high school. In Game of War, we have Protected Kingdoms.

Protected Kingdoms exist within their own bubble. You sit and you grow and you learn within the bubble until you are ready to be released onto the rest of the Game of War and your Kingdom is made ancient. Protected Kingdoms are unique in how they work and their dynamics, and in many ways they are the high school of Game of War. So join us for some fun as we see how a Protected Kingdom resembles high school…

Game of War High School

You download the game and you are launched into a Protected Kingdom. You are in awe of the bigger players within the Kingdom and ready to get building and learning so that you can one day be one of them. Freshman Year has begun!

You’re Stuck There

You can not leave High School and you cannot leave a Protected Kingdom. You are stuck there. Day in and day out, you go and you do your daily tasks, and wait for the day you are launched out into the real world.

StuckYou Can’t Wait to Get Out

Have you ever noticed that when you are in High School, you can’t wait to get out of High School? Conversations are dotted with talk of plans for the future and things you will do when you get out of High School. It is the same in a protected Kingdom!

I remember when I began in my Protected Kingdom, wondering and waiting with my Kingdom, hoping for the day we would become ancient. The most common statement was, “I can’t wait until we become ancient, I’m porting out the day it happens.” We are so ready to leave our Protected Kingdoms — but just like in High School, when the day comes that we are ready to be launched, we often linger as we get ready to face the “real GOW world.”

I can't wait to get out

You Meet the Same People in a Group

Group projects… I don’t feel like I really need to elaborate. In every group you will have the Overachiever, the Ghost, The Slacker, and the Space Cadet. This doesn’t end: you will always run into these personalities.

In every alliance, you will have an overachiever. They will get most of the points for Alliance events, make sure everything is on track, and constantly be pushing buttons to ensure the success of your Alliance. You will have the ghost who shows up, disappears, and then when it is done, they magically reappear as if they were there the whole time.

You will have the slacker, who is there at least… but they are talking and not really doing anything while they watch the overachiever work. Finally, you will have the Space Cadet. They honestly have no clue what is going on… like, ever. The overachiever will try to help them (believe me, I know, I have often fallen into the overachiever category), but they will continue to be a space cadet. Don’t worry, it’s not you, it’s just who they are. Group Project

Cliques Still Exist

Remember the Cliques in High School? Well they exist in Protected Kingdoms as well. They are just called Alliances. Your number one Alliance? Those are your popular kids. The ones that are at the top of the food chain and everyone loves to hate. The jocks, for lack of a better descriptor. They even get crowned Prince and Princess.

Next, you have your Alliance of the uncool kids, but these are not just your uncool kids. They are the kids that make being uncool, cool. It’s an oxymoron, I know, but it works for them. Typically, they are one of the biggest rivals of the Jocks.

Of course, you still have your nerds. The nerds are some of my favorite people, these would be equivalent to the Traps in the protected Kingdoms. Because of their sheer skill, they can cross cultural barriers in alliances and hang out with everyone, including the jocks.

There are drama kids, these would be the Kingdom Chat Trolls. They are on a stage for everyone to see and make sure that they over dramatize everything. Finally, you have your shadow alliances. These are alliances that are not jocks, they don’t make uncool cool, and while they may have nerds, they are not nerds. These would be your “normal kids” in High School. They just want to get through the day.


Peer Pressure Still Exists

Peer pressure in high school can be unreal. Here’s the truth, though: peer pressure exists everywhere. In a Protected Kingdom, it can take multiple forms. Whether it is the pressure to join a rally, to buy a pack, to reach a certain power, to test, to hit that unshielded player, or something else, that pressure is still there. Sometimes it is still fun though, razzing a player to encourage them to hit that trap… you know, the one that has already capped you a million times.

Peer Pressure

All The Gossip

Gossip: it spreads like wildfire in high school and a Protected Kingdom. For some reason, everyone knows everyone’s business. I may never have spoken to the little trap in that tiny alliance that is barely a blip on the radar, but I know what she is doing on Line and half of her life story. Well, that is, if the gossip was correct.


KvK and Super Wonder are like Spring Break

Spring Break, Summer Vacation, whatever it may be, you’re freeeeeeeeeee!!!!! You get outside of the same four walls or borders that contain you for the rest of the time. Super Wonder and KvK is a source of excitement for many, but for Protected Kingdoms, it is their only chance to experience the rest of the GOW world. I remember starting in my own Home Kingdom and how excited we would get to port to Super Wonder and be a part of the bigger picture. It was our chance to get a “vacation” from our normal Kingdoms.

Spring Break

The Relationships

Game of War relationships. No matter how many times we say it is a game, not a dating app, we know the reality. We spend so much time with each other when we play this game that relationships end up forming. We know that trap is dating that lead and that player over there… they are definitely sending… ummmmmm…. let’s say graphic messages to another player.

Also, don’t forget about this player who is married but we know they are trying to get every girl in the kingdom to send them “pictures.” You know what pictures I am talking about. In our Protected Kingdoms, we see love triangles, the on-again-off-again couple, the couple that breaks up and tears apart their clique — we see every form of high school relationship in a Protected Kingdom and the drama that comes along with it.


The Drama

Where should I begin? Or do I really need to? We all see the drama. It is aired out on Kingdom Chat on a daily basis. From arguments to people rage quitting because “this kingdom sucks,” it is rampant in a Protected Kingdom. We know that tomorrow those two will be besties again and the rage quitter will be rebuilding their account, but the drama is gonna happen.


The Reunion

At the end of high school, you graduate. When your Kingdom becomes Ancient, people port out and make homes in new Kingdoms. However, your Home Kingdom, or your Alma Mater, always hold a special place in your heart. In Game of War, they are notated by a little spot at the bottoms of our profiles. While we may move on, we still love the friends that we met in our Home Kingdom. Even if, in reality, sometimes we still hate them. While many of the people from my Home Kingdom have moved on and some do not play anymore, we still have our reunions.

We create rooms on Line simply to keep in touch with the people that have touched our hearts and lives. We get out of our Protected Kingdom and eventually we make new friends and lose contact with some of our old friends, but we always end up finding each other and finding ways to reminiscence about the people we played with and fought with.


A Protected Kingdom has so many reasons that it reminds us of high school, but we often wonder if we ever truly leave. We still see so many of these aspects after we move on — just in a new place and it may look a little different.

In what ways did your Protected Kingdom remind you of high school? Comment below with your stories, we want to hear them!

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  1. Harry says

    How long does it take for a protected kingdom to become ancient?

    1. carol
      carol says

      There isn’t a set time for this. Seems to go along with whatever the game needs

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