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Radiant Marksman Defense Gear – Bring on the Attacks!


A battle is won on defense as much as attack. Halt your enemy in their steps by strengthening your hero with the new defense gear!

Radiant Marksman Defense Gear is here to empower your hero against enemies!

GoW Radiant Marksman Defense Gear

Exclusive Defense Gear – Disrupt Your Enemies

It has been a while since we have had a gear released purely for defense and this one provides multiple stats! Here is what you need to know!

  • Set Gear is in the same category as Barbarian King so it is already leveled up for you!
  • There are three accessories to choose from
    • Radiant Marksman’s Horns

      • 125MTT Attack Debuff
      • 600KT Resolute Defense
      • 600KT Legion Defense
    • Radiant Marksman’s Blocker
      • 18.75BTT Troop Health
      • 200KT Troop Defense
      • 200KT Type Defense
    • Radiant Marksman’s Bracers

      • 25BTT Troop Health
      • 900KT Resolute Defense
      • 600KT Troop Defense
      • 400KT Type Defense
  • All of these choices with accessories include DAR and DDR

As a trapper myself the choice in what accessories I choose to equip comes down to Bracers or Horns. Both of these accessories have more defense stats than the Blocker. Then the question becomes do I sacrifice defense stats for attack debuff stats? While the horns have lower amounts of defense they have incredible Attack Debuff stats which are not easy to come by and very much needed with the insane amount of attack leads currently have.

However, the bracers increase my defense more and my health more than the Horns. So it comes down to a test of which gear is best for my build. What do I need more of?

I am currently running a t2 and t4 set up on my trap. I tend to like running on the smaller side and that allows me to have more troops without the huge power. However, I know that I need more defense to pull this off! Resolute defense is the only defense that is rumored to not be directly debuffed. So for my trap I chose the bracers. I am currently running around 63 MT Resolute and capping.

Check out the stats on these gears Equipped! (Please note that stats were SS before powering or improving gear!)

Radiant Marksman with Horns:

GoW Radiant Marksman with Horns

Radiant Marksman with Blocker:

GoW Radiant Marksman with Blocker

Radiant Marksman with Bracer:

GoW Radiant Marksman with Bracer

So pick the stat that meets your need or test to see which works best for you and surprise your enemies with your strength!


  1. ValeVille says

    The bracers don’t seem to give the 25BTT Troop Health Boost advertised. The boost is the same you get from the horns. Your screen shot shows only a total of 62.5 BTT, mine shows the same. I am thinking this was an error on MZ’s part. If the bracers really gave 25BTT Troop Health the total should be much higher than 62.5

    1. Blind Eagle says

      Yes please check the article. We updated it stating MZ zone had the wrong infomation in the blog. The bracers and horn infomation was actually swapped in the MZ blog.

  2. Dan says

    my actual gear has the horns with attack debuff!

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