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Judging Rally Targets in Game of War


Game of War changes constantly.  A good target one day will trap your hero the next.  How many times have you burned a target and then capped by a different player with similar power and gear?  How do you know which targets are good to hit and which aren’t?

Also, if you play the trap how can you make yourself a more appealing target.

with great power comes something

Let’s first talk about whether a target is good or not.

Step 1: Uncover Troop Counts

Scout them to find out how many Troops they have.

This is not always possible.  In fact it’s likely the target will have an anti-scout boost up.  However, if you are able to get the scout and they have relatively low troop counts, say under 1.25 billion troops then it becomes difficult for them to capture your hero if the player is using the setup seen in Latest Requirements for a Flawless Trap article of Frostlord, Imperial Dragon, Kinoichi’s Daggers.

With the latest cores, research, gems and hero levels the “Flawless” setup requires close to 2 billion troops.  However, be careful of cores.

Step 2: Check the Gear of the Rally Target

As mentioned in Step 1, gear is major issue when it comes to choosing a target to attack. However, just because the target is showing a certain set of gear doesn’t mean that will be the same gear when you actually hit him.  Tell your alliance to keep a close eye on the gear.  Describe which items they should look out for that would make you want to cancel your rally, ie. Kinoichi’s Daggers, cores, colossus, etc.

Step 3: Graveyard and Profile Statsgame of war fire age power troop health

Your opponent’s Graveyard will often tell you what the player is capable of.  If you see high level heroes recently executed don’t get too full of yourself.  Its likely your fate will be the same.

However, most trap players are aware that rally leaders are checking their graveyard.  So, they keep it clean by not executing heroes that they have captured.

Check the profile of your target.  First, what is the kill:death ratio, KDR?  If very low, this means they lose many troops compared to how many they’ve killed.  A low KDR is often found on low tier troop traps.  You can bet the trap has a large number of troops, albeit, low-tier, or they’ve often been zeroed due to lack of properly protecting their troops.

If low power and low KDR chances are they will easily burn.  If high power and low KDR chances are they are a heroless trap and will burn only when hero is captured.  If high power and high KDR they rarely burn and will likely cap your hero.


When searching for a good target to rally first look at their gear and power.  This won’t always tell the whole story. Next, look at their graveyard and see if they have recently executed a top level hero.  Finally, you can check their profile for KDR to see if it is high or low.  If high KDR they have lost view troops in the past compared to how many they’ve killed.  They will be difficult to burn.

You can try to get a scout report but it most cases the target will run an anti-scout boost.

Want more information on trap building? Read one of our trap serieses here.

Let me know how you decide if you will win versus your enemy in the comments below!


Navi and Darkthorne

  1. Ronnie says

    Say I have 27 million troops mixed, about 14 million are t4 regular and strat mixed. Research is only about 160 million. How would I handle full rally’s from full researched guys with and without cores on?

  2. Argus Sandpiper
    Argus Sandpiper says

    I have good research, at 200M total pwr. first time as a lvl 50 w nice Xena gear, I was going to be hit by a 1.6B pwr player, full rally. I have 1.2M t4 troops, n about 1.5M t3 troops, n full t3 traps. All my skill points maxed for battle, in the end I shielded just before the hit. I regret it now, lack of experience. Should I have let him hit me? or was shielding smart thing? I lost about 30 heros for shielding.

    1. Chad K
      Chad K says

      How did your heroes compare?

      1. Argus Sandpiper
        Argus Sandpiper says

        Chad, He is champion in our kingdom, I just crossed over to lvl 50, not sure how to compare heros besides gear, his is better since one two slots in my accessories are not the best, and I do not have full gem sets yet. I’m sure his hero is more powerful. I didn’t get a chance to scout him

        1. Chad K
          Chad K says

          If you are a member, scout your enemy, then use or our hero gear tool to determine what bonuses he has on his hear. You will not be able to know his gems though.

  3. Biotrax says

    Well I have 930m power I guess it doesn’t mean anything

  4. yeeloong says

    does all tiers of troops give the same level of power?

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