Rebuilding an Account

SavageArab takes the viewers suggestions and explains why he upgrades specific heroes, buildings, and research to rebuild his account.

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Rebuilding an Account

SavageArab is rebuilding an account and he wants to focus on becoming a trap. His video explains how he’s going to achieve that and why he chose the specific direction he’s going to do that.


Although SavageArab mentions that Hero 3 is typically for trapping and defensive players, he decided to stick with Hero 1 because it’s his highest Hero at the moment.

This allows SavageArab to delve deeper into the Skill levels and get more benefits overall. Savage is planning to skill into Troop Attack, Infantry Attack, Cavalry Attack, Ranged Attack, and Enemy Debuff bonuses.

Stronghold & Buildings

Currently, SavageArab’s goal is to get his Stronghold to Level 90. The amount of bonuses and building unlocks that Stronghold 90 grants him are massive.

The Academy gives you an Attack Debuff, Villas give you Defense bonuses, Alter grants you extended Attack, Defense, and Health bonuses, as well as Empire Assault Attack, Health and Defense bonuses.

Savage is stacking Villas to give his troops a ton of Troop defense. By level 90 the Villas will grant 2,500% Defense bonus to Troops, or 25,000% with 10 Villas.

What’s Next?

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