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You Might Be a Game of War Addict if...

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Game of War Remember WhenIt’s 3am…you rub your eyes and chug your 7th cup of coffee. Your spouse wanders downstairs and glares at you, staring glassy-eyed into your phone. Do you give in and go to bed for some snuggle time? Nope; you’re 10 hours into a kill event on Game of War. There’s no sleep in KVK! Many of us have similar memories from our time with GOW over the years.

You might be a Game of War Addict if you…

  • Stayed up for 3 days straight to play Super Wonder. (Bonus points if you snored and peed on coms)
  • Manually opened 90k chests before VIP allowed open all.
  • Paid your children to open them instead
  • Spent hours combining in the forge and risked a 40% gold – then crafted blue instead, and cried into your beer
  • Navigated old locked realm politics: Only top 3 may farm in the forest! Wonder rotation!
  • Squatted in help and behemoth alliances
  • Remember the time before hemlock was a thing. (Yes, you waited 3 days or begged your hero free with gifts and funny stories.)
  • Experienced the anticipation over a new cores set, especially to see what customs you could create
  • Fought over monsters to try and get rare core mats and cores
  • Paid your buddy in gifts for their Odin dig sites to try and get more RavensEye pendants for your customs
  • Nailed the timing on a Counter Rally – That glorious feeling of watching your mortal enemy burn on impact as they tried to zero your alliance mate.
  • Agonized over if the lead you were trying to counter rally really had their hero in the march or if they were trying to trick you (before battle marking was a thing)
  • Swapped gems out between hits to adjust to the defenders gear
  • Dealt with five-minute rallies – (just enough time to make a sammich!)Game of War Remember When
  • Yelled, “C! C! DIDN’T YOU SEE ME SAY CORE!!!” in ac
  • Got wild in prison parties – don’t read too much into this one 🙄
  • Joined the enemy alliance to trade RSS to save said heroes from the prison party
  • Got online the first day ancient ports became a thing and you ventured forth into a new world
  • Participated in Burn squads
  • Remember when everyone ported to one kingdom for a juicy target, while the rest of the game watched from their home kingdom. (Never sleep in blacksmith, k?)
  • Created notebook after notebook/chart after chart of custom cores
  • Popped those custom cores by mistake and cried into your beer…again. (sensing a theme?)
  • Laughed maniacally as you wrecked someone with your super secret heroless cores…until SOMEONE published them on their website for the whole world to craft.
  • Know what Sling launching is
  • Stalked a target for hours, watching their helps and power to see if they were really asleep and
  • Tossed your phone across the room when said target swapped gear on your march and
  • Felt the satisfaction that came from zeroing his buddy because they didn’t wake up in time.
  • Chased a heroless target around the kingdom
  • Orbed for hours
  • Celebrated the great Athena’s gift glitch: free Zeus cores. Then, logging all your sleeping friend’s accounts to collect them. You get a Zeus, you get a Zeus, you all get a Zeus!
  • Participated in 4-hour long trapping burn downs – until you flickered out, got kicked and end up with a pig face. (But it was totally worth it)
  • Set the trap with Kunai, the defense gear that would never die.Game of War Kunai
  • Spent hours online discussing the best strategies for attacking or trapping
  • Have dozens of invisible friends that shared much more than Game Of War with you. Your GOW friends were one of the best support systems in the world.

I could go on for days. After four years, there are so many memories. Let’s hear yours in the comments below!


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  1. The Joker K2 says

    or when u woke up at 3 am because u had capped 5 heroes while sleeping in executioners / research/training gear and now u had 3 guilds spam scouting u hoping u will wake up and release them after they tried the new cores / research that got released in middle of the night for me every single time…

  2. Cecelia Enos says

    Remember when level 21 stronghold was the highest


  3. Manusse says

    Remember wining 4k gold by mistake because your troops were burnt on a tile by a huge 2 million account.

  4. Paul says

    Unfortunately all what the game was is what made this game brilliant. Kvk etc the teamwork was the game and all sadly missed . Gone the 40 to 50 regular players now inc me 20 on sometimes…… shame but thats progress lol

    1. Cinder
      Cinder says

      Except it is coming back. Did you see the last SW? It was all about teamwork!

  5. Rob says

    How about ghost rallies, when you count afford a shield…lol

  6. M4lam4dr3 says

    Or you said you were going to join the MZ boycotts (over and over) but just as you did, they released some new toys and it was all forgotten LMAO

  7. J Stan says

    And remember setting “Fake” rallies to protect your troops and hero.

  8. Sean says

    Ahhhhh, the good ole days……I logged in to check it out and it looks like only a handful of people play. RIP (:

  9. Valeria Seabolt says

    I love this issue!

  10. Suga says

    Absolutely but don’t forget staying up all night to farm gold piles

  11. David Murphy says

    I have been playing for 2 years and still can’t put phone down ,I try every moment I can to play.

  12. Cjay says

    Or when you unlocked your first t4 troop. You trained just 1 war elephant and named him Henry.

    Or when you attacked someone you didn’t think would burn, so you yelled “CHARGEEEEE” in AC and . . . They burned!!!!!!!! And you realised you had unlocked a secret power.

    1. Cinder
      Cinder says


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