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Research Sockets: New Resolute Defense!


Research Sockets in Game of War allow you to add unused gems to gain additional boosts as a reward for completing research trees. These boosts include attack and debuffs for rally leaders and a non-debuffable defense for trap players called Resolute Defense! Let’s take a look at how these sockets work and their benefits!

Research Sockets

First, head over to your Academy. You should see Research Sockets available for unlock. A Research Sockets Codex is required to unlock it. You received this codex in your mail box the first night the sockets released.

Research Socket Codex GoW

Once Research Sockets are unlocked,  you can start placing gems in your completed research tree branches. Tap on the Research Socket button and you will see all your research branches. Tap on the benefits. You will see the stats you can add if you place enough gems. You only need a few level 55 or 60 gems to receive the maximum benefits. Ok, now tap on the research tab and see where you can place gems.

Research Socket Points GoW Game of War

Research Socket Points

The points are given for placing your unused gems in the nodes that represent your completed research. So, you are gaining an additional benefit for doing great research! New and special gems have a higher point value than older non special gems.

You can use any gem you have to gain points.

Concluding Remarks

It will be interesting to see how these sockets are rolled out in the future. Each research tree had only 4 nodes selected in which to place gems in, but in the future this number could go up. The additional benefits to a max player are incredible right now! My legion defense debuff more than doubled! Check out these epic debuffs:

Bottom line, have a great time with this new feature. It adds a huge punch for rally leaders without much investment.

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Also, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this and other features in Game of War, how are you adjusting? Leave us a comment below!

  1. Greg Wood says

    I cannot find the codex anywhere. How do I find it. I was not playing back in June

  2. Greg says

    I do not have a research socket. I have all my research done BUT when I try to click on the Research Sockets I am sent to the gold store. When I look there I don’t see anything with Research Sockets in it. I am VERY frustrated with this. I believe that this is why I can only have 1KT wall traps. People just walk right in.

  3. Rexi says

    Does research socket – resolute defense go up if sockets are above 2500? for example, my sockets are at 2860 – so will that give me better resolute defense than 2500?

    1. Darkthorne says

      I’ve not seen maximum benefits rise yet.

  4. Arthur J Edwards Jr says

    I put four Mythical Divine Topaz Gems in my Economics sockets, thinking that I would see increases to my Gathering Speed and Troop Load.

    However, I got nothing. No increase, whatsoever!

    Suggestions? Should I not have expected an increase?

    1. Micarta says

      Hi Arthur:
      Try pushing the Research Sockets button in the upper part of the Research Academy screen, then pressing the Benefits tab on the upper right side of the screen, which will give you access to the added stats for each set of Sockets. You will see that rather than the gems boosting the content of whatever research tree is being used (Economics in your case), what they add are all combat stats.
      Troop Load can be increased by skilling the multiple relevant locations on the right side of the Hero Skill Tree, using Gem of Flight, Golem Gem and Winter Gem in your Prospector’s Gear, and Powering Up your Prospector’s Gear to Level 25.
      Gathering Speed can be increased by using Golem gems in your Prospector Gear, rolling the Special Base Bonus (5) (at least +20% is possible) and Special Full Bonus (7) (at least +80% is possible) of your Prospector’s Gear, and applying a Building Boost to your Marketplace. The most common Marketplace boost is Health Debuff, but Gathering Speed also comes up occasionally. Mine is at 2170.8%, and probably could go higher, but I’ve already used up too many Time Orbs as it is (lol).
      If you implement the above and get better stats on the Special Base Bonus / Special Full Bonus and Marketplace Gathering Speed, please post :).

      1. Keith says

        Do Liberator gems help speed up gathering in any way?

        1. Darkthorne says

          Not to my knowledge. Gem Selection Guide.

  5. ImPersuAsian says

    Hello Darkthorne,
    Thank you for all the posts, this website and your explanations are light-years ahead of all of the others. Most of the important updates I’ve done to my city have been because of your explanations of certain stats. I have a question or two, until recently I’ve been a rally trap (started out as health, had to switch to defense), however for about 2 months now I haven’t been able to get my troop numbers/stats right. I’m strongly considering going out in a blaze of glory, dropping my troop count significantly to try to be a health rally trap again. If it works, great, if not I will go back to solo trap haha. My question is what troop count do you think is a effective one currently? (I’m considering going as low as 20-25 tril – all t5-6) what do you think is a effective number that will actually give my city a decent health benefit again (i am current on all banners, gear lvl 100, maxed troop leveling, hero 97, all building 35. Only thing I’m missing is the new runes)? Also, what are your thoughts on going strictly t6 instead of t5-6 mix? thank you ahead of time, if it’s easier, send me a email. thank you!

  6. Stephanie Lewis says

    The blog says you cannot use the same gem in gear as you put into the research sockets, I don’t have enough liberator gems to fill the research sockets yet, so I am also using Mythical divine gems. Is using safeguard still a good option for my defense gear, or is there a better option?

    1. Darkthorne says

      Safeguard is good if you are maximizing Troop Defense with Kunai.

      1. Stephanie Lewis says

        Thanks for replying. I do appreciate it.

  7. paul says

    Are you saying that the unlock for this should be a free item that came in the game mail? It is not something you have to get in a pack purchase? If it’s free I sure never got it and mine is locked.

    1. Darkthorne says

      I believe they are now sticking the Research Codex in the first reward chest. Basically you should receive one if you’ve purchased any sort of pack that successfully completes the first gold chest.

  8. Az guatd says

    There are a lot of new terms that are not clear. Can you define what the difference is between legion defence, rally defence, troop defence, and resolute defence. Does anyone know?

    1. Darkthorne says

      These are all various types of defense that requires its own type of defense debuff. One exception is resolute defense. This cannot be debuffed. So, the various defense are additive if not debuffed by rally leader. So, if after debuff you have 500k legion defense left and 500k troop defense then you have 1,000,000% actual defense now. Also, add to this any other type of defense you had remaining after debuffs. So, its important to know the maximum debuffs of rally leaders so you know you are over that much. If you get completely debuffed 100% you will likely explode of you don’t have enough health to absorb the impact of taking on the full damage of the rally leader without reducing much of the attack with your defense.

  9. HELLRAISR56 says

    Thanks for updating and posting those examples makes more sense now

  10. Krispyan says

    I also forgot to mention all research is completed,and MYTHIC topaz gems are picking up the slack for the lack of liberators. I have enough sets to clear 800 points and embed 2 sets into my gear.

  11. Murf says

    Showing the debuff boosts above is great idea! Maybe you have this as regular feature, but seems that showing “max” debuff boosts after each of the MZ enhancements/additions would help everybody (especially traps) know what they are up against. Same for “max” attack boosts. I’d suggest you have a link from main menu that always goes to a page where anyone can see max rally leader attacks (type, troop, legion, empire, rally, battle marked, etc, etc) along with max debuffs (type, troop, legion, empire) – that would be fantastic feature of this site!!!

    1. Darkthorne says

      Yes, I agree. I’ll put it on the to do list. Max Rally Stats page or widget.

  12. Krispyan says

    Hey thanks for the info. It helps out a ton. Is there a certain configuration for the Liberator gems to be embedded?

    1. Darkthorne says

      No you will only use the Topaz to maximize points. That is the special gem of the set only. Placing that in the research sockets gives the most points in Game of War at the moment.

      1. Krispyan says

        Ah, I see I was embedding the entire set. With the exception of 2 sets. Since I don’t have enough points for the next tier, I embedded 1 set in my weapon along with MYTHIC RUNES and the other to the chest peice. I was satisfied by the result.

  13. BigBad Wolfx k416 says

    Personally, I’m getting tired of all these nonstop releases. I had a great trap setup, and only needed to make minor adjustments every so often. Now, I can’t even get a decent setup before the next daily release makes it obsolete. Enough is enough. I’ve pretty much decided that the next time I burn, I won’t shield, just let myself be zeroed, and walk away from the money pit. It was fun there for awhile, but not anymore.

    1. SexyladyRGL says

      Slot of people are quitting because of the way we’re being done with the new releases every other day and I don’t think it’s fair to spend so much time and money just to have to update something else they add. Let people recover from spending the money we have before throwing something else at us!!

    2. Bee says

      I totally agree with this…every time I think I’m competitive something new comes out and I’m nothing again. 4 changes in 4 days is too much. I think I’m done wasting money in this game. I’m going back to solitaire.

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