Return of the Game of War Glory Days

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Remember the days of relics and small march sizes? Remember getting butterflies as a lead ported in? …..Your screen flashes red and you wait anxiously to see if you cap or go up in flames. Remember “watch their,” gear, core, or switch?  Better yet, a simple “G” for gear and “C” for core. Those were the glory days. For many of us, it was like a high school sweetheart. it was our First true love of mobile gaming and no game would ever truly replace Game of War.

There’s now a rumor circulating within the Game of War community that the old school version of GOW  that we fell in love with is back. You may feel skeptical. Is this too good to be true? . Take a journey with us today as we explore the changes that have been made.

Let me get that Reset

Game of War has essentially been reset. The days of numbers you cannot pronounce, multiple drops a day, and more buildings than you know what to do with are a thing of the past. Instead, a simpler and cleaner gameplay has arrived, taking us  back to the old school Game of War that we all loved.

Logging in for the First Time.

So, you are logging in for the first time in a year. What’s changed? Is anything still the same? Let’s break it down.

What’s changed

We are back to the simple days when power was low and you had four troop tiers. The game has reset and is back to the basics, so to speak. When you unlock Demigod features your power is “reset” to zero with a star next to it. This will allow you to quickly find active players.  There are now only four troop tiers, which is way better than 52 tiers. The RSS and speed ups are all new as well. We no longer need 20 different types of speeds to play the game.

What’s the same

You will still see all of the old buildings to the left. They’re irrelevant, you can ignore them. Additionally, Game of War is still giving out old gameplay items, ignore those too, you don’t need them. There is very little that is still relevant to the current gameplay. Actually Athena’s banner is the only thing I can think of that still carries over from before. This means no need to train old troops. No need to worry about old research, boost, blessings, buildings, monsters, gems, or gear.

Improvements Game of War has made

The biggest and most welcome improvement, in my opinion, is the decrease in the drop rate. New things seem to be dropping on an average of 3-4 times a week, and not all are necessary for being successful in the game. You can’t get one hit zeroed anymore, assuming you have reset and built up a modicum of troops. Research Reward Tokens and Demigod rss are given out hourly by completing events and collecting from the Rewards Hub and Athena’s gifts (Check out our budget guide for more tips and tricks to save). Although some events are still giving out old rss and items, there are a good half dozen events you can hit to receive demigod RSS, gear, and research tokens. MZ may not be perfect, but they seem to be at least making an effort to bring back their old players and retain their current ones.

What is Relevant

Here’s what is really relevant. And this is going to be a short list:

  • Stronghold 1100: This is now the base stronghold. Consider it SH1
  • VIP 1301: This is crucial. The new VIP limits the number of troops an attacker can send at you. This results in “old school” battle reports. No more 300KTTTTTTT hits.
  • Demigod Troops (T1-T4), Demigod Traps, Demigod  Mythics
  • Power is also reset to readable numbers.
  • Spartan Hero (also known as the Demigod Hero)
  • Demigod Research
  • Demigod Gear and Gems

Troops, Power, Battle ReportThe real question in every old GOW players mind; are the rumors true and will it last? Will Game of War bring back the glory days? The forecast looks promising. I returned after a 9 month break and started a brand new account several days ago. I have purchased three packs and am able to take hits and continue moving forward with my building and research by doing events. Those three packs easily got me  to T2 troops, VIP 1301 and Hero level 64. This is a far cry from when I left the game.  Drops have decreased to a few a week, and adds desired value  as opposed to unwelcome required packs.

So give it a try! We have the perfect articles to get you started (here is a great place) and just maybe you’ll find an old friend to burn.

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  1. Myrna
    Myrna says

    I agree, once you go to sh1101, you don’t have to buy again for quite a while. Then you pick your packs, for VIP, Gems, Banners and Armor. Wait out the timers, do the events, and gather resources. I have 2 accounts, one that I spent on, and 1 I only bought the starter pack. Sh1120 vip1306 and sh1110 vip1301.

  2. Cordovalle says

    This all could have been avoided but we’re past that. I think charging players 3 packs to return to the glory days is still extreme. I will be patient and see how this plays out.

    1. Cinder
      Cinder says

      You don’t have to buy three packs. I know someone who got a Valentine’s Day gift and has not bought a thing but is able to play. One good pack can get you going.

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