How to use Demigod Reward Research to Enhance Your Account

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Research has always been the difference between a good account and a great account.  New Devout Rewards Research is now available, and often its the little differences that make the most noticeable differences. These reward researches can help every account have an edge, no matter if you are a trap or a filler or a lead.

The How, What, and Where of Rewards Research

Rewards Research are researches that are usually easy to complete and support the main stats in the game. If the new Devout Rewards research stays on track, you can earn the materials needed to complete the research from events, crosslinked events, and from Athena gifts.

The most recent rewards research is found under the Demigods Rewards Research tab. However, many of us forget that there are more rewards research under the Basic research tab as well. There are seven more Demigod rewards research that are under that tab.

Econ Rewards Research

These econ researches help with the speed up efficiencies and cost reductions for researches. The only other reward researches that are econ related are found under the basic research tab. The very first Demigods Athenas Research, and also the Advanced Demigod Athenas Research, are the only other ones to have econ related researches.

  • 2000% Combat Research Cost Reduction
  • 2000% Defense Research Cost Reduction
  • 2000% Combat Research Speed Up Efficiency
  • 2000% Defense Research Speed Up Efficiency

March and Rally Size Increases

These reward researches are vital for both leads and fillers. Since there are only ten slots available for rallies right now, you want to make sure that you have the bihggest march size possible. It also goes without saying that leads should do any research that increases their rally size.

  • + 1million Troop March SIze
  • + 500K Trap March Size
  • + 500K Mythic March Size
  • + 200K Troop Rally Size
  • + 100K Trap Rally Size
  • + 100K Mythic Rally Size

Combat Stats

These rewards researches that are combat stats are made to enhance the main stats that you get from research and gear and hero. Although these are not enough on their own to rely on, they are helpful for players that maybe dont spend as much, or for larger accounts that are looking for that extra edge. If you need help deciding which research to start first,Team RealTips has an article that you can check out to see which stats are best to enhance your gear, research, and hero.

Debuff Reward Research

  • 500% attack debuff
  • 500% defense debuff
  • 500% health debuff

In case anyone did not already know, or maybe needs reminding, debuffs remove a portion of the opponents stat. So for example, if the opponent has 2K attack and you have 500 attack debuff, then the opponents total attack is reduced down to 1,500 attack.

Basic Stat Reward Research

  • 750% Troop Attack
  • 1000% Troop Defense
  • 500% Troop Health

Dont See the Stats You Wanted??

Dont forget that there are fourteen total rewards researches!! The stats mentioned in this article are only the new Devout Rewards Research. Previous Reward Researches have covered a wide variety of stats for all players. Other researches have included wonder stats, rally attack and health, individual stats, dragon war deminsion stats, more march increases, and of course the basic combat and debuff stats. In conclusion, there is something out there for everyone!

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