Rise of the Demigods

Rise of the Demigods

Demigods are here and we don’t know much yet but we do know this will be a game changer. Will the rise of the demigods send Game of War soaring? Or bring it crashing to the ground? This remains to be seen, however, Teamrealtips will be here to bring you the latest as we learn this new feature.

Table of Contents

Demigod Hero
Demigod Buildings
Demigod Research
Demigod Troops
Demigod Mythicals
Demigod Traps
Demigod Testing
Demigod Interactions
Eagle and Cinder's Tricks and Tips


Here is what we know so far:

  • This appears to be a reset of sorts
  • With the information given we know that old troops and creatures are unable to stand against these powerful demigods.
  • We have been given some information in how these troops, creatures, and traps will work but much remains to be found with testing.

We are all waiting to see who will rise above all as great traps and leads to pave the way into the mysterious unknown.

Demigod Hero

The new demigod features come with a new Hero, the Spartan Hero. This Hero is able to be unlocked with your initial purchase and by utilizing hero experience you are able to take the hero to level 50. However, it is important to note that at level 50 you only receive 10 skill points. More will be needed in order to be successful. The skill tree for this hero is reminiscent of the old skill trees including economics and combat boosts.

Spartan Hero

Hero leveling up will take a while and is slightly expensive at this time. Check out the costs to level up your hero and the points you get at each level.

Hero Costs

Demigod Buildings

These buildings remain the same as your old buildings just with new higher levels and new stats.Getting your buildings leveled up will be of the utmost importance. In order to even begin research your academy is required to be level 1101. However, at this level you will not get much research done as the next research down in combat requires academy 1102 and opening Demigod Mythical level 2 and level 2 troops requires Academy 1110. In order, to begin to open these features you will definitely need to focus on building first.

There is new RSS that comes along with this upgrade, when upgrading your resource buildings you are able to flip production to demigod resources.

Demigod RSS

In addition, the barracks, villas, and hospitals give different boosts. Before you upgrade all buildings to 1100 you will want to choose what you want.

Barracks give Health

Hospitals give Defense

Villas give Attack

Demigod Buildings require Demigod Resources in order to level up. The research requires resources as well. At different levels different resources are required. In addition, different troops require different resources. Check out our chart below to see what resources are required for each troop, creature, and trap. In addition, this chart details what building level you can begin producing each resource at.

The Resources

Demigod Research

As with any feature there is of course research to be able to unlock the new features and information. All old research has been categorized into four slots in your academy as seen here:

Past Research

While the new research is available in your top 3 slots, as seen here:

Demigod Research

There are different places you can start when researching. Some have suggested that Economics to save on items is the best place to start. Especially, considering the fact that research, troops, and buildings all require resources.

However, others have suggested starting with combat to open troops. In the end it will come down to a personal decision. By starting with combat research you will get up and going faster, however, in the long run starting with economics will save you resources.

Demigod Troops

There are four levels of Demigod Troops. You have three types as well:

  1. Waterlords
  2. Firelords
  3. Thunderlords

Each of these troops has a strength and weakness like our troops of old.

Waterlords are strong against Firelords

Firelords are strong against Thunderlords

Thunderlords are strong against Waterlords

Troop Interactions

In addition, as previously said there are four levels of these troops. We have their info here for you.

Demigod Troops

Currently there is no upkeep reduction for Demigod troops so you will need to be sure to watch when you are training as the will quickly run through all your food.

Demigod Mythicals

There are also new creatures. These are Demigod Mythics and these creatures can be further unlocked with research. Mythics are weak against troops but strong against traps.

Demigod Level 1 Mythical

Demigod Traps

There are four traps to unlock. You can see the stat info for these traps below. Traps are strong against troops but weak against Demigod Mythics.

Demigod Traps

Demigod Testing

The Testing Continues

We have continued testing and we are learning a lot. Some of the testing we are looking at is with gear. Today we were able to test several elements with the gear we currently have available to us.

First, we took one hit in our sandguard gear as a baseline hit.


Second we took a hit in Level 3 Berserker Gear. This gear has Demigod Attack and Defense. However, the defense is low in this gear.

Level 3 Berserkers Gear

Third we took a hit in Level 4, Bastion Gear. This gear has Demigod Trap Attack and Defense. The defense in this gear is High.

Level 4 Bastion Gear

Fourth, we took a hit in Level 4 Bastion Gear with the Level 3 Berserker Weapon. This weapon provides Demigod Attack.

Level 4 Bastion with Berserker Weapon

What do these tests tell us?

Notice that as my defense goes up the amount of my troops being killed goes down. However, so does the amount of troops I’m killing off my attacker. When I lower my defense by switching in the weapon I kill more of their march by adding Demigod Attack. The difference in the amount I lose is minimal.

Due to this we know that there needs to be a balance between attack and defense for traps. Traps can no longer just focus on Health and Defense but they also need the troop attack to help kill the march. We will continue to explore this topic more and test. Let us know what questions you have in comments below.

The Testing Begins

The testing begins and we began by looking at exactly how strong these new creatures are. Based off of this we have learned three things.

  1. Old creatures, troops, and traps are no good for defense. All of these creatures can be wiped out with only 1 troop. No exaggeration, 1 Troop will kill all of your old friends.Defending2. Old creatures, troops, and traps are no good for attack. Once again the same theory prevails. One troop will kill any of your old friends that you use to attack, and then your new stuff will kill your one troop.Attacking3. Trapping will be possible again. We took a hit from about 1 million Demigods. We had only 243k Demigods and old troops. The attackers march killed everything we had, however, because we were able to kill the attackers entire march and lose less we still capped the hero.Zeroed Yet Capping

Demigod Interactions

Overall, all of these features interact with each other. As you open more research you open more content. Traps and Creatures come into play and have weaknesses when it comes to different troops and creatures.


Troop, Creature, Trap Interactions

There is a lot of information still to discover regarding setups and how this will all pan out. However, Teamrealtips will be here to keep you up to date. Watch for articles to be updated and published as we learn more.

Eagle and Cinder's Tricks and Tips

March Speed: Let’s be honest Demigods are slow, and march speeds are expensive! Here’s a little trick to speed up your march! Train one Medusa, this takes about 3 seconds, add it to your March and watch it go!

March Speed

Save on Speeds: Be sure to utilize alliance helps and VIP timers to save on speeds! It is not always better to use multiple speeds at once.

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  1. So it’s best to dismiss all of our old troops at this point..and only have the demigods since they will all die anyway?

    • I have heard of some keeping old stuff only and running with demi reins. However, we have not tested this and it is not something I would recommend without further testing.

  2. I hven’t even begun to figure how to level up to demigod research. I realize I have to upgrade buildings but that requires manuals that are not in any packs offered. How do I continue?

  3. Is attacking people with a shield part of the upgrade or is that a hack someone created?

  4. It still amazes me how you can still keep up with this. You guys are awesome

  5. Nice work on the testing, however we have no idea how far each account is in research, building levels, or hero skill tree. Is the defender set with all hospitals and barracks? More information would be helpful. Thank you!

  6. Since the release of the new DemiGods, I have seen many players with captured heroes AND a peace shield. Is this part of the release?

    • I’m actually very intrigued by that. Eagle and I have that going on. I am not sure what is causing it to be honest, but if I find out I will let you know!