Girl Power in the Game of War Community

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Over the last two months, we have been able to get to know some of our favorite Greats in Game of War. With Huckster, we got the perspective of a lead who is often playing the role of Emperor. In Cheminem, we got to see a little bit of everything, as we dubbed him our Tiny Attacking Trap. These guys are great players who have earned the names they have built in Game of War.
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For July, we are going to toss in some Girl Power and feature our favorite Mogu trap, Rogueness. Often when you see Cheminem, Rogueness is not far away. These two players are friends and teammates, and both are amazing players. Rogue has enthralled us with her tiny traps and her vast game knowledge. You will often find her in LINE rooms sharing her knowledge, and she is a huge help to RealTips players.

Meeting Rogue

In game name:  Rogueness (Her traps have taken the names of Pinky, Clarice, LilBunnyFuFu, Rogbit, Gambit, Vixen, and others.)

Accomplishments:  Achieved rank 1 in numerous kill events. Usually places in top 20.  And, in her words, “Not really sure what other achievements I have, lol”

Team:  ONE

I met Rogue before my days with Teamrealtips. It all started in a Line Room for traps. At the time, I played a tiny trap much like Rogue. However, she was much smaller. My jealousy often ran high at the sight of her trap’s tininess. One of the great things that you will notice about Rogue when meeting her in Line is that she does her own thing.

Real traps are inventive and not cookie cutters. Traps are willing to burn and take risks to find what works for them. They know how to build to their strengths and know their accounts and where they are weak and where they are strong. This describes Rogue to a tee; however, she had to start somewhere. We do not download this game and automatically know who we will be, after all, or the answer to the ever present question of Trap or Lead?

Becoming Rogueness

Rogue began playing in October of 2014. She downloaded the game on a covert mission to check out what a friend was up to in the Game of War World. She landed in K358 and found a noob alliance to hook up with. Monster Killing and Farming were what she enjoyed, and when she discontinued her association with the person who drew her to the game, she ditched them — but not Game of War.

Rogue was envious of the bigger accounts that were going around and burning things. She began to reach out to these players, and became friends with players such as Daylight CT, the R5 of [4QA] Paranoid. Shortly after, she joined them with a few of her other alliance members.

She was set up with a mentor/buddy, Zed, who was one of Day’s R4s. From him, she learned a lot about account setup when it came to buildings, strategy with events and monsters, and more. What was a huge help, though, was the day that Day took some time to call her and go over the hero skill tree. He not only went over the tree, but did so box by box, explaining the significance of each stat and how he interpreted their importance in relation to each other.

Day gave Rogue homework to create some cores and show him what she came up with. That was the hooking point for her. Day had a lead account, but enjoyed trapping more, so they would bounce ideas off of each other. At the time, burner traps were Rogue’s favorite to play… until everyone had one.

“Burner traps were my favorite to play, until everyone and their mother’s brother’s uncle had one. Ha!”

Eventually, Rogue and Day shared R5 of the [4QA] alliance. Their alliance was the top-scoring alliance in the merge event between Timo and Ithika, with the traps often being the highest scorers. As the game evolved and people began to leave, they found themselves merging with [LION], Lions of Ithika, which then became Paranoid Lions.

Eventually, Day left the game as well. However, Rogue continued to build and meet new people. Through one of their leads, she met Cheminem. He was the trap that Rogue looked up to in events to see what he was doing. Rogue would compare her play and results to his.

Not knowing him, she always believed him to be an arrogant jerk. She attributes this to the alliance he was in, or maybe even because often some of the best players are in fact arrogant jerks (do not be that person). However, she quickly learned that this opinion was wrong, and he became one of her closest friends.

Rogue began working together with Chem and eventually left [LION] to join [ONE]. The game was declining, and after a month or two in [ONE], Rogue chose to leave the game. In February of this year, Rogue’s “trap wife” Carol May told her she need to return. Demigods had just dropped, and the rumor was that the game was fun again.

Having never actually deleted the game, she logged in and found that the rumors were true. She had kept in touch with Chem even though he had left the game at that point as well. Rogue went to Chem and talked him into logging in as well, and both rejoined the world of Game of War.

Why does Rogue play?

Like all of us, Rogue has her own reasons for playing. However, we wanted to know why she stays.

It’s an enjoyable hiatus from real life stuff, plus the friendships I’ve forged are some of the best I’ve had.”

What is she wearing?

Rogue is well known for her love of glitter gear. If it glitters, she loves it, and we are convinced that she is the reason we keep finding glitter everywhere.

“Since I am an “attacking trap”, my gear is mostly geared towards attack – but I swap between attack and attack rebuff depending on the situation.”

Most memorable win?

Like all traps, Rogue loves her hate mail.

“The merge event against Ithika – I got so much hate mail, and it was pretty great quality reading material.”

Most memorable loss?

“When I was a noob in my little noob alliance – I was r5.  Kannibal Kay and Naze (also from k358) had come to help us learn and teach us how to play.  Apparently during a kill event one night, Naze had a little too much to drink and decided to go take a wonder.  Well, he was successful….my shield dropped when he did, and I woke up in the morning to a million and one “you’re getting attacked” notifications and a zeroed account.  I literally, totally bawled – tears and everything.  Thankfully, my little noob alliance felt bad for me and they all mailed the guy that had my hero.  He was really nice and ended up releasing it.”

Best memories?

Some of our best memories come from the old days.

“Staying up for 48 hours straight to play kill events with 4QA would probably rank up there with my best memories.  I’d call off work, make excuses with non-game friends as to why I couldn’t go out, just so I could stay home, jump on Popcorn, log the game, and have fun with my GOW friends.”
However, as players return and we explore The Demigod and Dragon War Dimension, we are making new memories.
“I have some pretty great recent memories too – since the game isn’t at the point where we can really cap good hits, being able to play small and either just smoke or barely burn has been a lot of fun.  Being able to work with Tess and really see a completely different side to the game, such as SW and even regular wonder play, has been pretty amazing too.”


Can I get an AMEN, for this advice! Make sure you read Rogue’s advice to players!

“Don’t chase the carrot – play within your means.  It’s easy to get caught up and spend more than what you have….don’t do it.  Also, remember that there are real people behind the account.  Trash-talking is fun at times, but be a decent human being.  We all play this game to escape something in our lives -some have stuff worse than others going on.  There are some lines that shouldn’t be crossed.”

Fun with Rogue

Rogue is an impressive player, and apparently has many hands!

“I think the maximum number of accounts I’ve played simultaneously in one event reached seven at one point.  6 traps, 1 lead.  I literally confiscated every iPad, iPhone, tablet that I could find in the house, and everyone knew that they would be in use by me until 1 or 2pm the next afternoon.  It wasn’t unusual that I played multiple accounts (I had at least 9 different trap accounts at one time) but seven at one time, with one of those being a lead, was a little hairy.”
We are having so much fun meeting and exploring the different players in our community! I have loved getting to know and writing about the people we all know and love, and we hope you enjoy learning more about them as well! We will bring another player next month! Comment below to let us know who you would like to hear from!

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  1. HELLRAISR56 says

    I definitely can relate to her story, I play my own way whether it be as an attacker or whateve role I choose to take on in this game. I love this game, I also play it above everything else in my life. My account set ups work for me, may not work for everyone. But I also help everyone that asks for help. I’ve played in a ton of kingdoms since this game first came on line. My all time fave would have to be k166,344,374 and I had a blast in Lydia back in the day during a KE. When I just had 50M power and I was destroying everyone that attacked me, I had a ton of fun and their was a lot of head scratching going on, I even sat their unshielded when I got gang banged by everyone at once. then I played around with the wonder hopping around the kingdom with the king chasing me. After it was over I only had 30M power left. I never looked back after that day. I still play the same setup it works for me. And it’s working for me now in the Dragon dimension as well. Sorry if I don’t spill the beans about it right nowsee ya’s out there, I’m having a blast BTW.

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