Runes Selection Guide – Best for Attack, Defense & Wonder

GoW Leviathan Runes

In today's Game of War meta we all want the best of everything. We try to get max research, the right troop set up, and the right presets ready.  But we often overlook the little things. The little things could mean the difference between burning or capping for a trap, or getting kicked from the wonder for a lot of leaders.

So today we will break down the little things that make a big difference. We have already discussed what the best Gems are. Now, we'll move to the best Runes for each category and later discuss the best Banners for traps, leads, and wonder fighters provided on the link below.

Best Runes - What to Equip for Each Category?  

Runes can be set for defense, attack, or wonder. Below you will find the best runes in each category. This can be utilized for trapping or changing from leading rallies to conquering wonder.

10/11 Update

New Runes are here! The best 4 Runes for Defense, Attack, and Wonder Currently are:

  1. Ember Leviathan’s Fire Rune
  2. Arctic Leviathan’s Water Rune
  3. Shadow Leviathan’s Void Rune
  4. Slag Leviathan’s Earth Rune

GoW Leviathan Runes

*Note: When considering Runes for Defense don’t just put the newest runes in. Some of the newer runes do not contain defense stats.

Gems and Banners are two other "little" things you'll want to pay attention to:

Gems Guide | Banners Guide

Just look at the different possibilities. See how huge a difference these little changes can make. With the insane numbers each of these offer, it's worth the time to check and make sure yours are right. Now get out there and make a difference.

9/25 Update

The Best Set-up for Defense are:

  1. Roaring Behemoth’s Fire Rune
  2. Aquatic Behemoth Water Rune
  3. Primordial Void Rune
  4. Primordial Earth Rune

GoW best Defense Runes

*Note: When considering Runes for Defense don’t just put the newest runes in. Some of the newer runes do not contain defense stats.

The Best Set-up for Attack and Wonder are:

  1. Primordial Fire Rune
  2. Primordial Water Rune
  3. Primordial Void Rune
  4. Primordial Earth Rune

GoW best Attack and Wonder Runes

9/15 Update

The Best Set-up for Defense are:

  1. Roaring Behemoth’s Fire Rune
  2. Aquatic Behemoth Water Rune (Hint: This contains 10KT Resolute Defense)
  3. Elite Nefarious Colossus Void Rune
  4. Rock Colossus Earth Rune

defense runes

*Note: When considering Runes for Defense don’t just put the newest runes in. Some of the newer runes do not contain defense stats.

The Best Set-up for Attack and Wonder are:

  1. Roaring Behemoth Fire Rune
  2. Aquatic Behemoth Water Rune
  3. Decaying Behemoth’s Void Rune
  4. Marble Behemoth’s Earth Rune

attack runes

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  1. Game is too far gone in favour of attack over defence , it’s impossible to be a trap anymore unless you spend big , but not as big as the attackers . Updates are far to often , week after week after week . Money after money after money

    • What would you do differently if you were in charge of GoW development, marketing, etc.

      • I would double the pack prices and see how many people still payed to play, then I would triple the pack prices and so on until only the millionaires were playing amongst them selves .
        SOOOO MANY PLAYERS are leaving this game because they CANT afford to keep playing! Because the updates are so constant , go and buy a high powered gaming computer and top line graphics card , and you will have a cheaper and more sustainable past time.

      • Mz Needs to start putting a limit on how much total troops a SH can have, This unlimited troops a SH can have is the reason MZ constantly bring out more stuff.

        MZ give us new stuff. Players just train more troops to counter the new attack boosts. week later Mz brings out more attack boosts. and players just train some more. and tha is how it keeps on going.

        that works for MZ -they get money every time.
        that dont work for players. dont want to be spending $50-$100 every other day to train trillions of troops, just to lose it all next week because of a new huge attack boost that comes out and not even latest defense gear can protect you

        • Lance (Sir Lancelot) Combes

          Thing is there needs to be a way to be unburnable, otherwise it’s no fun playing because you can’t drop your shield and therefore can’t execute heroes without spending money, I was a rally trap before Devine runes, the very next day I was burning every single hit, I’m now joining the new boycott that’s going on because of that after all I’ve spent on this game!

          • I think players should get used to the idea of burning. Game of War trend is to add and usually double the attack power of rally leaders. The role of the trap player is tricky. The trap player must build her account strong enough to not lose a ton of power, while also appearing weak or at least burnable to entice rally leaders to set on them. So, a trap having found the right combination of troops, gems, runes, research, gear, etc. will need to adjust it in a day or two when rally leaders equip greater attack and debuff.

            In a way, I think Game of War thinks this will keep the game interesting. By constantly changing the strength of the rally leaders the traps are forced to adjust and rethink their build. However, the constant flux starts to deteriorate the sense of confidence/fairness/balance of the game. The user begins to feel like its hopeless, its just going to change tomorrow. Why bother?

            How often should content be released to retain the balance/fairness of the game and allow traps to adjust and enjoy their new found glorious builds while keeping rally leaders interested?

          • I liked the game back in the days of Nike, Ares, and Posiedon being dominate core sets where there was a release every 2 or so weeks and there was alot more strategy involved and almost anyone could be burned, now traps just have to spend 100$ and train like 50T troops and sit in Lava and they cant be burned.

      • Nothing . They have high and low cost Gold Packs . As long as members buy it , MZ will sell it . As much as they can . What would you do differently ?

      • Make training troops easier, without long wait times. I like to play but it’s to hard to rebuild troops.
        So I’m afraid to drop my shield for that very reason. Not everyone can be a winner but losing lots of troops and having a hard time to rebuild makes for a boring game, it’s all about the fight that counts. PS: I love the monsters! For battles with Hero. Great addition.

  2. How do you get the 4 large runes? Do you need to craft? What materials? Must all research be done first?

    • You can purchase the runes in packs. Take a look at the packs and you will see the runes there. Then you may need to find them in items or treasures. Once you have used them then, select a weapons and apply. Have you watched our YouTube video on runes yet?

  3. Since this is the latest research tree, what is the newest total max research number??