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Runes Video

The Runes research tree in Game of War contains unstoppable strength for little power gained. This tree is perfect for traps and rally leaders alike! We now have a Runes video for your viewing and educational pleasure!

We provide a full analysis of Runes research tree including how to apply runes to your weapons. In addition, the following video explains the repercussions that Runes tree has on Game of War.


The Runes research tree in Game of War provides unprecedented combat boosts for your weapons. They function the same way as gems, but currently there are no rune sets.

Make your way through the Rune Research Tree to strengthen the potency of your weapons and get amazing combat boosts.

Key Benefits:

  • Unlock up to 4 Rune Slots for Normal and Core Weapons
  • Increase Rune Slot Benefits up to 1000% with Rune Multiplier
  • Combat Benefits:
    • Attack Total: 24700%
    • Wonder Health Total: 20000%
    • Wonder Defense Total: 20000%
    • Health Total: 4500%
    • Defense Total: 9000%

To learn more visit our Runes Research Tree article or click the Runes image below:

Runes Video GoW Game of War

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