Scout Bombs and How To Avoid Them


Scout bombing is pretty much the most annoying thing that can happen to you in Game of War. You get a whole bunch of notifications popping up at the bottom of your screen and a mail for every single scout.

What Is Scout Bombing?

Scout bombing is when 5+ people in your alliance scout an enemy over and over and over again so that it is hard for the enemy to navigate through their app.

Scout bombing:

  1. Makes it very hard for the enemy to see what the incoming rally or march is comprised of.
  2. Makes it very hard for enemies to change gear.
  3. Makes it very hard for enemies to view their own scout reports because your scout bombing reports push their report down super far.
  4. Can sometimes cause the enemy's phone to crash.

When Is Scout Bombing Used?

Primarily scout bombing is used to make it more difficult for a person holding the wonder to see what the incoming rally March is comprised of. Each scout “resets” the watchtower screen making it very difficult to identify the March coming. If they can’t identify the March they can’t switch out the proper counter units. Also, it is used to distract the enemy, cause them confusion, and make it difficult for them to review their own scout reports or mail in general, and freak them out. After playing the game for awhile scout bombs will affect you less and you be able to think more clearly while they are happening.

For example, when someone is trying to rally you while holding the wonder, it's wise to scout bomb them as much as possible so it's very hard for them to change gear while the march is marching. Also, it makes it hard for the rally leader to scout the wonder and see which troops are in it. This allows the alliance holding the wonder to switch troops in and out according to what will help them absorb the rally best, while not allow the enemy to view their wonder scout report.

When To Not Scout Bomb

Let's say you are trying to rally someone who you think is offline. You rallying them will send one notification to their phone (if they have notifications turned on), but if you scout bomb them they will get a whole bunch of notification and may come back online in time to shield.

So do not scout bomb someone who might be offline. Lot's of times trap account pretend to be offline, learn how to spot a trap account.

How To Avoid Scout Bombs

In order to avoid ALL this hassle, there only one simple thing you have to do. Temporarily deconstruct your Watchtower. Click the "Use" button only so that you will have many days before it deconstructs fully, and in the meantime you can "cancel" the deconstruction at any time you want to still keep your watchtower.

You can view all the steps below:

watchtower deconstruct scout bomb IMG_2871 IMG_2872 IMG_2873 IMG_2874

This will eliminate all the notices and you can function as normal. They will still scout like a bunch of noobs but at least you can manage the attack without interference. Hero Presets also help a ton here. You can keep a set for Solo Attack, Rally with Relics, Research, Train, Monsters, and Troop Load (for robbing banks). Being able to switch modes with two traps is killer.

Partially contributed by Jason and xxxSALTHEART

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  1. I know this an old post but if you deconstruct the watchtower once the rally has marched you will see what troops the enemy is sending as any further scout bombs won’t be logged, once you have seen what troops are being sent you can cancel the watchtower deconstruct and still receive the watchtower boost. Will this work as I haven’t tried it yet?

  2. Actually, you could just turn off the notifications for all watchtower abilities in the “+ More” section under “Push Notifications. This includes attacks, scouts, reinforcements, and hero notifications. You can set it to “Sound/Text” which is the default, you can switch it to “Text” or you can simply switch off the notifications completely.

  3. The solution to this problem defeats the purpose….
    – The main reason people scout bomb is to prevent the person holding the wonder from seeing what troops are in the incoming rally. If you are holding the wonder and you can’t see what troops are coming in the rally because you are being scoutbombed, you cannot swap troops to counter it.

    If you don’t have a watch tower… you can’t see what troops are in the incoming rally anyways… so effectively you have just given up. Sure you don’t get all the scout notifications, but you still don’t have a watch tower to see what is in the incoming rally. So this “solution” doesn’t fix that problem. Am I missing something?


    • You are right in the case where you are trying view incoming troops to the wonder and you are inside it, you wouldn’t want to deconstruct.

      • So is there any way to see what troops are coming in a rally when you’re being scout bombed? I’ve gotten a few with just being diligent with scroling and clicking through the watchtower, but sometimes scout bomb is so heavy that is impossible. Someone in my kingdom swears they is a secret way they know, but won’t dish it out. I’ve tried everything….

  4. As I still have my watchtower wouldn’t getting rid of it affect your ability to scout?

  5. If you are big enough to lead rallies you can delete the watchtower all together, you get a notification when your phone is locked about being scouted anyways and the watchtower doesn’t tell you if you’re being rallied. This spot can then better be used for a villa or barrack depending on your need

  6. You’ve missed a point of why people scout bomb and why it’s so effective. People don’t scout bomb for the reasons you’ve listed unless they are noobs.

    People scout bomb to make it more difficult for a person holding the wonder to see what the incoming rally March is comprised of. Each scout “resets” the watchtower screen making it very difficult to identify the March coming. If they can’t identify the March they can’t switch out the proper counter units.

    It has the occasional effect of causing a persons client to crash but that’s rare and should not be counted on.

    As for changing gear – as they are in different screens entirely this would only affect someone at the level of whether or not they are scouted so badly the client might crash anyway but under normal scout bomb conditions it wouldn’t affect that screen at all.


    • Saltheart
      Derp. I had this in the notes of my article but I happened to skip over it when writing it out. Thanks for the catch.

    • The scout bomb most certainly affects gear switches. I don’t have presets so I have to switch to cores as quick as I can before a rally hits. During a KE, I was hit by an extremely effective scout bomb. Each scout notification that comes in pops up right across where the equip button is. I had to spam the equip button for each core between the notifications coming in. Only got half of them switched and I was lucky to get that many.

  7. FYI the tower applies an attack debuff to incoming marches, so if the enemy starts marching while you’re deconstructing you lose that boost.

  8. Check in game blog the coliseum is coming in 2&1/2 hours