Short Story: Nearly Solo Zeroing a 9B (Mdv) Player

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Short Story: Nearly Solo Zeroing a 9B (Mdv) Player

The moment I set my eyes upon the new 75% March Increase my addiction with Game of War kicked in once again. I’ve been getting a kick out use the March Increase in combination with the new Advanced Ancient Kingdom Teleports. I port to newer kingdoms with an arsenal of cores and hemlocks to see what big players I can embarrass with solo hits.

The 600k increase has been an amazing facilitator and my favorite episodes involve solo burning countless 3-14B players - kingdom kings, minions, R4's, the more prominent the player the better - almost everyone is vulnerable with today’s cores at some point in their daily GoW routine.

I typically scout new kingdoms for a couple targets before I port and it’s not hard to find 3-5 guys just around the forest alone sitting in bad gear. The easiest is obviously monster due to gem placement with training and research a toss up for someone baiting you but I try to always play as though its bait.

Everyone once in awhile the MZ God's will shine their ray of GoW crack upon me and I am able to find an unlucky victim to experiment with. Like most of my solo hits I tend to start from afar so I don't spook my target. I will have my boosts all queued up before I port and speed a missile into someone as fast as my fingers can tap my device.  Only about once or twice has anyone had enough reaction time to switch gear but in this case, it doesn’t matter. My next move is always to port next to them as quickly as possible and set a rally.  Not only does this give my alliance a show but usually the target won’t change gear because they think they might have an opportunity to catch me with some cores. Little do they know I'm all by myself and the reinforcements ain't coming. Before they can register any of this I will send one last solo into them because when I started my rally, it was without my Hero.

This move thankfully has worked every single time. In this case that didn't really matter either. The gear my target was in was actually hermes which I haven't tried to solo, especially with a guy at almost 8.5B but I had Game of War’s paralyzing magic medicine flowing through my veins and thought I might be able to burn him regardless.

I used frost obviously for its insane attack and good Debuffs and after checking what the stats are equipped I set my frost to debuff as much as I could.  My very first hit was the highest I have ever had and felt more like a rally circa 6 months ago than a solo. I obviously used the new 75% march increase and was able to have 700k troops so I sent juggernauts and he lit up with room to burn.

I guess the Game of War gods were still on my side because the guy turned out to be 106.4M T4 with nothing smaller but I won by a nice margin of 700k to 3,219,050.  Thanks to his T4 the hit was by far the largest I have ever had at 115.8M. Before that I could get mid 70Ms but nothing close to 115.8M.

IMG_1889 IMG_1894 IMG_1895

After my hit I immediately ported and set a Heroless rally, alerting my alliance as well as his. I shot another solo and he burned by another hefty margin losing 112.9M. I asked my alliance to watch his gear and was able to send solo after solo. I honestly thought i might solo zero a 8.5B player. A couple of the target’s alliance members were able to reinforce him and keep him alive just long enough so I couldn’t zero him. I was able to get off 8 hits total.

He lost 834M in power before he equipped kuni and ate my hero.

From our Troop Calculator you can see that 106M T4 troops is equivalent to 3.8B power. So Rush was 3B power away from zeroing (Mdv) DrewD0g.

Given it seemed like a pretty prominent alliance and he was an R4 I thought best to take a hike and random ported so I could avoid immediate retaliation. Fortunately for me the guy killed my hero and and shielded so I was able to hit 5 or so other guys before my Cores ran out but nothing like the 800M + I was able to do to this player. He ended the day at a little over 7.6B in size.  Seldom do we get these opportunities but on this day I got one of those little reminders of why I play GoW and the excitement it brings.


Short Story contributed by Rush

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  1. I solo zeroed a 5.8B guy yesterday. Caught him offline in training gear shortly after a kill event. I’m curious what the biggest solo zeroes are out there. Would be great for someone to put together a list.

  2. Sorry, leaving 3 billion on the table isn’t zeroing or nearly zeroing.

    He got off 8 hits for 850m, so he would have needed about another 25-30 hits to zero. Barely quarter of the way there.

  3. Advanced Kingdom Teleport? Did he mean Ancient teleport?

  4. Shorter Story: Rush Kingdom sucks. He’s a one hit wonder.

  5. damn that was sick!

  6. You keep your hero as long as you kill/wound more than you lose, epic story by the way, you’d have a field day in homer!

  7. Clearly I am a Newb at GOW but why didn’t you lose your hero on that first hit after losing all 700k of your troops?