Site Update: LINE Sharing Now Available

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LINE Sharing Now Available

Hello Everyone,

Since all of you tell us that you share our content primarily via Line, we've added the capability for you to share each of our posts directly from our MOBILE site to any Friends, Groups, or Chats you have on Line!

At the bottom of every article on our site you will see the Line icon shown below:

Line Share

Here's a screenshot of how it looks on my iPhone 5.

Share via line

Once you click the share icon, Line will open to the screen on the left below. From there you can select to share the post you like with "Friends", "Groups", or "Chats". In my case, I select the Groups option and tapped 3 groups to share with.  Once you tap one or more groups, you can click "Send" at the top right of your screen.

share with... share with multile...

If you don't normally share our content, but you like what you read, please share our articles out to your Alliance-mates, it helps us understand what you find most valuable! Whether you share on Facebook, Twitter, or Line, we appreciate it!

In particular, we have guides on almost every element in GoW. We always encourage Alliance Leaders to share it with their Alliance to grow faster and play better. Just take a quick look at our Cheats, Tips, and Guides if you don't believe me!

If there are other apps you use to share our content, please let us know in the comments below and we will see if we can add them.



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  1. Second best hit solo

  2. Best results I ever had in solo attack

  3. Navi, that is great news about the LINE Share button on every article. However, as this writing, I have not seen this button on any of the articles I looked at today. I’m using Win10, IE 11.

  4. Guys, thanks for all your work. It’s great. I can make a suggestion ?. It would be great to have a translator on the page.