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A favorite thing for many of us to do in Game of War is trapping. There’s nothing better than seeing that “Victory” battle report in your mail, along with the visual of “smoke of winningness” over your head. In this article, we will delve into custom defensive cores.

How do you design a defense core, you say? Well, it really depends on what stats you’d like to focus on in your account. Every situation is going to be slightly different based on your research, buildings, banners, hero, gems, skilling and much more! Below we will build a defensive core that is relatively general and can be adapted for your own city.

First, let’s talk about the actual GoW cores. For our core today, we are going to use the  base cores below. These cores focus on Empire Defender Demigod Attack, Demigod Empire Defending Defense, and Empire Defender Demigod Health. Everyone’s maximum stats are going to vary based on your research, hero, and core levels. (And don’t forget your PowerForge gear!)


  • Helm- Deep Emerald Annihilator 
  • Weapon- Deep Emerald Garrote 
  • Armor- Deep Emerald Honor 
  • Feet- Deep Emerald Resolve 
  • Accessory- Deep Emerald Call (3 of these!)

Now, let’s add in our pieces. You can add six pieces to each core. We are going to focus on the same stats:

  • Empire Defender Demigod Attack
  • Demigod Empire Defense
  • Empire Defender Demigod Health
  • PLUS add some additional attack and defensive stats


  • Horselord’s Mortality (Empire Defender Demigod Attack)
  • Emerald Monkey (Demigod Empire Defending Defense)
  • Silver Plates (Empire Defender Demigod Health)
  • Labyrinth Bunckle (Demigod Empire Defending Defense, Demigod Embassy Defense)
  • Carving of Thought (Thunderlord, Waterlord, Firelord, Mythic and Trap Attack)
  • Carving of Hearing (Thunderlord, Waterlord, Firelord Attack AND Defense AND Health)

Defense Core Recipe CardThe core we built will add some juicy stats to your defense. That being said, it’s only one version! Crafting a custom core is something everyone should try, and allows you to  customize your gameplay. Look at your base stats, decide what you need, and focus on it. Mix and match in the forge to create the perfect core to adorn your hero. For some added pizzazz, throw some Hades gems in there and go incognito. Then take it for a spin!

Share your favorite Game of War Core recipes below!

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