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Crafting Customs: Wonder Cores

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Conquering the Wonder

Our fearless hero Darius is currently hiding in his castle… I mean, plotting his next move. While he recuperates, this week in Crafting Customs with Aly, we will be focusing on crafting Wonder Cores to use in obtaining and holding the Kingdom Wonder.

In our last core article, we crafted cores for use in hitting Strongholds. Today, we’re going to discuss the ultimate goal of many… the Wonder. We are going to be crafting two Cores. One for attacking the Wonder, and one for holding it.

Wonder Attack Core

First, let’s talk about the Wonder Attack Set. For our core today, we are going to use the base cores below. These cores focus on Demigod Wonder Rally Attack, Demigod Wonder Rally Health and Demigod Wonder Rally Defense. Everyone’s maximum stats are going to vary based on your research, hero and core levels.

The Cores

  • Horselord’s Curses
  • Horselord’s Famine
  • Horselord’s Pain
  • Horselord’s Strife
  • Horselord’s Cataclysm (three of these)

Now let’s add in our pieces. We are going to focus on the same stats as above and add some Demigod Rally Attack.

The Pieces

  • Fossilized Pottery
  • Crystal Hourglass
  • Seal of Plague
  • Emerald Tiger
  • Flawless Silver Rod
  • Master Warrior Crest

Rally up your team and get to work! Once you have taken the Wonder, you are going to want to switch Cores to the following Wonder Defense Set.

Wonder Defense Core

Next up, a Wonder Defense Set. For this set, we are going to use the same idea as we did for the Wonder Attack set, only shift our focus. These cores focus on Demigod Wonder Holding Attack and Demigod Wonder Holding Health. Health and Attack are always crucial in Wonder battles.

Wonder Defense Core

The Cores

  • Valhallan Crown
  • Valhallan Greatplate
  • Valhallan Stompers
  • Valhallan Fury
  • Valhallan Deflector (three of these)

Now, let’s add in our pieces. The Pieces focus on Demigod Wonder Holding Attack and Demigod Wonder Holding Health as well as add in some additional Attack and Health

The Pieces

  • Seal of Strife
  • Tribal Lute
  • Deep Emerald Tooth
  • Horselord’s War
  • Horselord’s Famine
  • Deep Emerald Horns

Some Final Tips for Crafting Custom Cores

As we wrap up this week’s episode of Crafting Customs with Aly, let’s go over some tips again that will help you craft your own cores.

  • Always skill your hero to maximize core crafting boosts.
  • Wear your PowerForge gear.
  • Keep a notebook or Excel workbook where you can easily manipulate your stats and try different combinations before you actually craft.
  • Take a good look at your base stats and see what you may want to strengthen. Especially in the current GoW climate, everyone is at a different point in their research, gears, gems, etc. What we did above may not make sense for your account. Adjust it!
  • Have fun! Challenge your alliancemates to a crafting duel!
  • When attacking and defending, be sure you have the correct gear, gems, and banners on! 
  • You will want to have several sets of Wonder Cores handy, as they will not last the entire six hours necessary to close the Wonder.

As always, Teamrealtips invites your feedback below. Let’s see what you’ve got!

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