The Extra Special, Special Building Guide

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Which Special Buildings are Best for You?

As players, we currently have to decide which special buildings are most valuable to level up first. This is due to releases not being immediately available.

The answer lies in your own account! Consequently, it all depends on your build and what your city is set up to accomplish. Now, let’s dive into these stats and functions.


  • Black Market: Attack, Defense, Health
  • Speed Treasury: Monster Lair Demigod Trap Defense, Defense Debuff
  • Archaeology Hall: Empire Defender Defense, Mercenary Defense
  • Gear Workshop: Empire Defender Attack, Mercenary Attack
  • Alchemy Lab: Trap Attack, Attack Debuff
  • Treasury: Trap Health, Health Debuff
  • Mausoleum: Health, Mercenary Health

Attack/Rally Lead

  • Black Market: Attack, Defense, Health
  • Speed Treasury: Demigod Trap Defense, Defense Debuff
  • Alchemy Lab: Trap Attack, Attack debuff
  • Imperial Banner: Empire Rally Attack, Wonder Rally Attack, Rally Attack Debuff while holding the Wonder
  • Treasury: Trap Health, Health Debuff
  • Graveyard: Rally Health, Wonder Holding Health, Rally Health Debuff while holding Wonder
  • Mausoleum: Health, Mercenary Health


  • Black Market: Attack, Defense, Health
  • Explorer Dungeon: Wonder holding Attack Debuff while Rallying, Wonder holding Health Debuff while Rallying
  • Imperial Banner: Empire Rally Attack, Wonder Rally Attack, Rally Attack Debuff while holding the Wonder
  • Treasury: Trap Health, Health Debuff
  • Mausoleum: Health, Mercenary Health

But What About the Pantheon and the Monster Lair?

These two buildings differ slightly from the other special buildings. The Monster Lair is technically not apart of the special building instant leveling. The Pantheon is included. However, the Pantheon does not give stat increases based on the building upgrade. The Monster Lair will increase health debuff, defense, and wonder holding attack with each level that you upgrade.

How to Utilize Each Special Building

As of right now, not all of the special buildings are equipped for demigods. However, if and when they do get updated, this guide will become updated as well!

Black Market:  This is where you can trade in your Black Market tokens for a variety of different in-game materials. You can get anything from resources to hero medals, VIP points, avatars, or even gear. The best way to earn these tokens is in the Black Market Speed Dungeon or through different events. This building is very helpful when you need a little extra or if you are not a big spender.

Gear Workshop: We all spend a lot of time here! The Gear Workshop has many different purposes. You can improve your gear level. The Power Up and Quality Improvement gear enhancements are upgraded here also. Finally, you can increase the set gear leveling as well.

Imperial Banner: Banners are easy to use. Pick the four banners that you want to use on your city, and apply them from the Imperial banner building. Don’t forget to combine banners in the forge so you have the highest level. Above all, banners have been reorganized!!! They are now in order from earliest release to the most recent released banner being at the very bottom.

Graveyard: Have you ever stopped to think about how many graveyards your hero is listed in ?!? The Graveyard list all the dead heroes. The heroes you have killed, and your heroes that have been executed, both are listed for all to see in the graveyard.

Pantheon: The Pantheon building has changed a bit. The deities used to unlock based upon the level of your building. Nevertheless, things are always evolving. The Pantheon research tree was recently released. As a result, the deities are unlocked based on your progress in the research.

Monster Lair: The monster Lair is where all of the monsters that are added to your marches are kept. Here you can upgrade the rank and level of each monster. Glancing at monster stats are easy to do here as well.

On the other hand, the Treasury, Speed Treasury, Explorer Dungeon, Mausoleum, and the Alchemy Lab do not currently have a specific function.

Special Buildings are Important!

The stats on the special buildings are not to be overlooked. For instance, they provide significant stat increases in every major area.

First, know which stats are most important to your city. Next, look through the lists at the top to see which buildings are the best for your build. Then, as you acquire more upgrade materials, focus just on those specific buildings. Likewise, you need to max those buildings first. Finally, you can continue to other buildings or perhaps use an instant upgrade.

In conclusion, the special buildings are a vital part of any build. You definitely do not want to overlook them!

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