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Speed Up Treasury: Upgrade Requirements!


You can now upgrade the Speed Up Treasury in Game of War.  The building may now be upgraded to Level 10 to provide additional speed ups.  Click the requirements link to discover how many Pristine Sundials each level requires!

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Unlock and upgrade the Speed Up Treasury building in Game of War Fire Age to CREATE Speed Ups! Create a 40 Day Speed Up IN JUST ONE HOUR, or a 5000 Day Speed Up IN ONLY SEVEN DAYS.

Speed Up Treasury Level 10 Payouts

  • Gain a 5000 Day Speed Up in seven days by investing 2500 days of Speed Ups
  • Gain a 2500 Day Speed Up in three days by investing 1250 days of Speed Ups
  • Gain a 1000 Day Speed Up in one day by investing 325 days of Speed Ups
  • Gain a 200 Day Speed Up in eight hours by investing eight hours of Speed Ups
  • Gain a 40 Day Speed Up in one hour by investing one hour of Speed Ups

BOOST your Speed Ups in three easy steps:

  • Unlock the Speed Up Treasury by making a purchase in gold store and level it up with the Pristine Sundial.
  • Enter the Speed Up Treasury by tapping it from your City View and use a Certificate of Speed Up Deposit to invest Speed Ups which will then become more effective!
  • Watch your Certificate of Speed Up Deposit – once the timer is up, your upgraded Speed Up is ready for you to collect! Cash in on your investment by tapping the Certificate of Speed Up Deposit inside your Speed Up Treasury.

You can activate only one Certificate of Speed Up Deposit at a time. Be sure to leave your Speed Up in the Speed Up Treasury until the Certificate of Speed Up Deposit completes its timer. If you withdraw your Speed Up prior to that, the upgrade will not kick in.

Speed Up Treasury Upgrade Requirements


LevelPristine Sundials


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Currently, one Speed Up Treasury Upgrade pack provides 1100 Pristine Sundials.  Therefore, it requires 3 packs to max this building.

I’ve been using the 8 hour Certificate of Deposit to get 200 days of speeds.  If you are online a lot like I am then you’ll have no problem collecting these payouts every 8 hours. Also, with the 8 hour Certificate of Deposit you can use 650 gold to get 200 days of speed every 8 hours.  The larger 1 day, 3 day, 7 day deposits require much larger days of speed in exchange for 1,000; 2,500; and 5,000 days respectively.

Level 1 Speed Up Treasury

First, three certificate of speed up deposits exist:

  • 1 Hour – rewards an 8 hour speed up or 800% return, collect in one hour, requires a deposit of 1 hour of speed ups.
  • 8 Hour – rewards a 3 day speed up 900% return, collect in 8 hours, requires a deposit of 8 hours of speed ups.
  • 24 Hour – rewards 10 day speed up 333% times return, collect in 24 hours, requires a deposit of 3 days of speed ups.

Second, you may use gold to make the deposits.  However, I recommend something else first.

Use Speed Up Treasury to Convert Small Speeds to Big

I didn’t see much use for the Speed Up Treasury at first, but now I realize it can be used as speed up factory using my tiny speed ups 1, 5, 15, 60 minute speeds to make 10 day speed ups.

How it Works

Its simple.  The best return is obviously the 8 hour certificate.  With the 8 hour certificate you get 3 days back.  This is a return of 900% your investment.  When you get this done 3 times a day you will get 9 days for 1 day of speed ups invested in 24 hour period.  Use your tiny speed ups that are basically worthless at the moment to fill up the deposit timer.  In 8 hours those tiny speed ups will become a much larger 3 day speed up.

8 Hour Certificategame_of_war_3_day_speed_up (1)

  • Invested: 8 hours
  • Resets: every 8 hours
  • Return: 3 days or 900%

1 Hour Certificate

  • Invested: 1 hours
  • Reset: every 1 hours
  • Return: 8 hours or 800%

24 Hour Certificategame of war speedup_24h

  • Invested: 3 days of speed up
  • Reset: daily
  • Return: 10 days or 333%

Consider Using 8 Hour

If you find yourself logging into Game of War several times throughout the day, then I recommend using an 8 hour deposit.  However, if you just log in once or twice a day then a 24 hour deposit is probably right for you.

In the future, Game of War may allow us to upgrade the Speed Up Treasury to provide greater rewards for our investment.  Admittedly, 10 days of speed ups per day seems absurdly small compared to the current requirements for research timers and huge troop queues.  However, it shows some potential with 900% return on investment in just 24 hours. The Speed Up Treasury is definitely more useful for newer players who aren’t trying to complete huge research timers.

Consider unlocking this building by purchasing from the gold store?  Save money by using Amazon Coins.

How do you use the Speed Up Treasury?  Do you find it helpful?  Leave me a comment below!


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  2. Kate says

    Can someone help me buying coins on amazon, i not living in USA so it is impossible for me

  3. Dynamite says

    I think you meant to say

    1 hour certificate
    1 hour investment
    Reset time : 1 hour
    Payout : 8 hour speed up.

    Somehow you changed that to 24 hours and getting paid 8 days??

    1. Chad K
      Chad K says

      You must have a different Treasury than me.

      Jk fixed :p

  4. DejahToo, Admin, The Oracle says

    I used my tiny speeds for VIP quests (until I had VIP 18). So they were far from useless. I don’t log on often enough to change more than once a day–not reliably, at least. But for farms, or for those with *UT hum* farm gremlins, this could be quite useful.

    1. Chad K
      Chad K says

      Good tip

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