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The Demigod Starter

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The Bible speaks of a prodigal son. Though he was beloved, he was dissatisfied and wanted more. Assuming the world had more to offer, he set out on his own. However, as he learned, oftentimes there’s no place like home.

This probably sounds familiar to many of our returning warriors. You loved the game and the friends you made here, but thought you’d be better off without it. While the prodigal son was away, he realized all that he left behind and missed home. In spite of whatever challenges he would face, he chose to return the people and place that he remembered fondly.  Are you at that point? While you want to come back, so much time has passed. Everything has changed. Have no fear, old friends, Team Real Tips is here to welcome you with open arms and make your transition back as smooth as possible.

Let Real Tips be the first to welcome you back to Game of War! We missed you!

While you were away, the almighty demigods took the game by storm. The  Rise of the Demigods left us in pure awe at their power. We had so many questions! After a little time, players realized this was an amazing add to the game! Demigods returned Game of War to the game we love; in many ways, it is probably very much the game you remember. The strategy aspect has returned to the game and a flame has been reignited in the warriors of old.

To properly enjoy this release, you will need to know a few things. Team Real Tips is here to answer all your questions and guide you on your quest to return to GLORY!

What is a Demigod?

Demigods came and with them the face of Game of War changed. But, what are these awe-inspiring additions to GoW? Demigods have their own building levels, research, troops, creatures, traps, heroes…well, pretty much everything. Game of War has truly become “Game of Demigods” with this release. Old combat stats were rendered useless; this was a reset of the game.

Many have been very frustrated with this release. They state it made months or even years of spending irrelevant. However, I see it differently. Prior to Demigods, we had up to four releases a day, and with each release, stats were increased a drastic amount (making the previous day’s stats irrelevant). It didn’t matter if you were maxed 12 hours ago or even an hour ago because one drop was enough to one-hit zero you. With demigods, the releases slowed exponentially and the stat drops are no longer “game changers.” For more information about the changes with Demigods, check out our Return to Game of War Article.

What do I need to begin my Demigod Journey?

Here’s what you need in your first pack when joining the upgraded ranks of Demigod players:

  • Demigod Hero or Spartan Hero Unlock
  • Demigod Economic, Combat, and Defense Research Unlocks
  • Demigod Building Unlocks to level 1,100 or 1,101
  • Demigod RSS

That’s it, everything you need to start your journey. Even better news: recently, there was a $20 pack that provided all of these items!

The Demigod Starter Checklist

    1. Educate yourself on ALL things Demigod by checking out our other articles:
    2. Buy your pack
    3. Unlock Hero
    4. Decide on what buildings you want (Rise of the Demigods)
    5. Use your “Instant Upgrade” item for Buildings
    6. Unlock your Research
    7. Start that build!
    8. Before you start taking hits, you will want at least VIP 1301 to limit your attacker’s march
    9. Go out and be awesome like Cinder




  1. Does Nerf still exist?
    Not thus far
  2. Can I play without Demigods?
    You are welcome to try but if you unshield, one Demigod will kill all your troops, traps, and mythicals (read: no.)
  3. Is every release required?
    No; while many of the releases are helpful and do increase stats, you are still able to play.
  4. What should I do with my old gear?
    There are very few old gear sets that are still relevant. If you are planning on ever killing monsters, keep your monster gear. Prospector gear still helps with shielding Demigod RSS tiles, even though it does not help with speed. Keep your dungeon gear in case the dungeon ever opens again.
  5. What about other old stuff?
    There is very little old stuff that still applies. It would appear some of the poison research is still applying so be sure that is still done. Also Athena’s banners, ancient ports, and hems are nice to have as they are not quite as easy to get anymore.
  6. Can I play without spending my life savings?
    YES! For more tips and tricks about how to be sure to save check out our Budget Guide!

If you have any other questions feel free to post in comments! Cinder is awesome, and you can be too!

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  1. Am2693
    Am2693 says

    Why not start over?

  2. Mark B. says

    Thanks for the informative overview… still working to understand all the ins and outs of DemiGods of War… (because, let’s face it, the Game DID start over and without Demi’s, you really don’t play… you just shield and continue to “exist”.
    Muchos Gracias, Cinders and RealTips team… your help is invaluable.

  3. Adam Kriegl says

    If a person hasn’t played in 6 months is it better to start a new accout

    1. Cinder
      Cinder says


      1. Andre says

        Why is it not better to start a new acct?

        1. Cinder
          Cinder says

          there are still some things that are relevant. For example hemlock, ancient teleports, some old gear, etc. When you start a new account it may not be as easy to access these items.

  4. Stacey says

    The issue is trust: may of us spent 10s of thousands of dollars on the old game, only to essentially have all of what we bought wiped out by MZ’s changes. What’s to say MZ won’t do it again? Nothing.

    1. Cinder
      Cinder says

      Everything You were buying was being wiped out daily. With anywhere from 3 to 4 drops a day all with gamechanging stats what you bought two hours ago did not matter. That has changed. That was the problem. This is a fix. I understand the trust issue, however, they have remained at this pace since Demigods were released and don’t appear to be escalating like they have in the past

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