Strategic Troops Explored

An In-Depth Guide to Strategic Troops and the Requirements to unlock

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Strategic Troops have found their way to the Dragon War Dimension. These troops are new and old at the same time. If you have been around Game of War long enough you remember when Strategic Troops were initially released. Here we are going to cover everything you need to know in order to be able to complete your Strategic Research and hopefully help you answer the question of, Is it worth it?

Meet the Troops

Your Strategic Troops show slightly different names in the Research then they do in your Barracks. However, no worry, they go in order: Infantry, Ranged, Cavalry, Siege. These troops interact in similar ways as your Regular Troops in that Infantry is weak versus Ranged, etc. However, they bring a new level of intricacy as well in that Strategic troops are Strong against Regular Troops. We will look at this more later.

Meet the Strats

Unlocking the Troops

Just like with Regular Troops we are going to see Academy Level and Barracks Level Requirements to be able to complete Research for these troops and train them. However, fortunately, these requirements remain the same for Strategic Troops as they were with Regular Troops. Just for a quick review here is what you need to know:

Academy Level Required to Unlock

  • Strategic Tier 1- Academy Level 1
  • Strategic Tier 2- Academy Level 10
  • Strategic Tier 3- Academy Level 20
  • Strategic Tier 4- Academy Level 30

Barracks Level Required to Train

  • Strategic Tier 1- Barracks Level 1
  • Strategic Tier 2- Barracks Level 10
  • Strategic Tier 3- Barracks Level 20
  • Strategic Tier 4- Barracks Level 30

In order to complete Strategic Research, you will need a combination of resources and Strategic Combat Research Tomes.

Tier 1 Strategic Troops

Tier 1 Strategic Troops are going to be your easiest Tier to unlock. You do not need to complete any prerequisite Research for this level but simply need the Tomes required to unlock this Tier.

Tier 2 Strategic Troops

Tier 2 Strategic Troops begin to require Research Prerequisites. However, even in this case, the levels needed are low.

Research Prerequisites 

Peltasts- Cavalry Defense Bonus Level 1

Rangers- Unlock Peltasts

Scythed Chariots- Unlock Rangers

Spear Tower- Unlock Scythed Chariots

Tier 3 Strategic Troops

Of course, as we open higher tiers the requirements will become more and more. For Tier 3 we begin to see the Speed up cost and Tome Cost increasing more and more to meet the requirements for unlocking these Troops.

Research Prerequisites 

Phalangite- Enemy Attack Debuff Level 4

Stalkers- Unlock Phalangites

Lancers- Unlock Stalkers

Flaming Trebuchet- Unlock Lancers

Tier 4 Strategic Troops

Tier 4 being the highest Tier of these troops will also be the most difficult to open. We will review the Research Prerequisites for this research as well.

Research Prerequisites

Legionnaires- Enemy Attack Debuff Level 5

Dianas- Unlock Legionnaires

Cataphracts- Unlock Dianas

Barricade Drill- Unlock Cataphracts

Remember that while we see the Research Prerequisites to the troops that the previous research will have its own prerequisites.

Research Costs

We have a table detailing the cost of this research tree, however, remember that these costs are for maxing the tree. Also, remember while this research seems expensive now historically costs of features have lowered the longer they have been out.

Unlock Spearman72,80072,800
Unlock Hunters67,90067,900
Unlock Chariots67,20067,200
Unlock Trojan Horse67,20067,200
Infantry Attack66,500141,400216,300310,400460,000613,800902,4001,287,0001,764,0002,550,0008,311,800
Ranged Attack67,900133,000216,300304,000469,200638,600930,6001,313,0001,710,0002,600,0008,382,600
Cavalry Attack72,800142,800214,200313,600455,400620,000987,0001,235,0001,782,0002,425,0008,247,800
Infantry Defense67,900144,200214,200313,600437,000638,600977,6001,365,0001,854,0002,475,0008,487,100
Ranged Defense72,800147,000216,300304,000455,400601,400902,4001,326,0001,728,0002,625,0008,378,300
Cavalry Defense72,800142,800205,800320,000437,000644,800921,2001,365,0001,728,0002,625,0008,462,400
Unlock Petalasts70,70070,700
Unlock Rangers71,40071,400
Unlock Scythed Chariots70,00070,000
Unlock Spear Tower68,60068,600
Empire Defender Attack70,700141,400205,800336,000446,200589,000949,4001,313,0001,764,0002,550,0008,365,500
Solo March Speed73,500141,400218,400329,600483,000595,200921,2001,248,0001,818,0002,400,0008,228,300
Empire Defender Defense70,700133,000207,900310,400483,000589,000987,0001,235,0001,818,0002,500,0008,334,000
Enemy Health Debuff68,600140,000214,200326,400446,200589,000940,0001,326,0001,764,0002,375,0008,189,400
Solo March Size70,000134,400203,700326,400483,000632,400921,2001,235,0001,872,0002,575,0008,453,100
Enemy Attack Debuff73,500144,200199,500310,400450,800601,400893,0001,248,0001,782,0002,500,0008,202,800
Unlock Phalangite73,50073,500
Unlock Stalkers70,70070,700
Unlock Lancers70,70070,700
Unlock Flaming Trebuchet70,00070,000
Empire Assault Attack72,100142,800220,500316,800464,600607,600902,4001,313,0001,872,0002,575,0008,486,800
Rally March Speed71,400140,000214,200304,000473,800651,000902,4001,287,0001,746,0002,525,0008,314,800
Empire Assault Defense71,400140,000214,200307,200469,200651,000911,8001,352,0001,872,0002,400,0008,388,800
Troop Attack73,500138,600203,700336,000450,800607,600949,4001,326,0001,782,0002,425,0008,292,600
Enemy Defense Debuff70,700135,800205,800307,200450,800589,000921,2001,313,0001,890,0002,525,0008,408,500
Troop Health70,000137,200214,200336,000478,400626,200921,2001,261,0001,890,0002,375,0008,309,200
Unlock Legionnaires73,50073,500
Unlock Dianas72,80072,800
Unlock Cataphracts73,50073,500
Unlock Barricade Drill66,50066,500
Wonder Assault Attack70,000138,600214,200329,600437,000632,400921,2001,352,0001,890,0002,375,0008,360,000
Wonder March Speed67,200140,000203,700323,200437,000620,000987,0001,235,0001,872,0002,475,0008,360,100
Wonder Defender Attack70,700144,200205,800316,800483,000589,000977,6001,326,0001,872,0002,400,0008,385,100
Max Troop Capacity67,900141,400216,300323,200437,000589,000958,8001,248,0001,782,0002,525,0008,288,600
Wonder HP Bonus72,800137,200212,100304,000473,800632,400930,6001,235,0001,782,0002,375,0008,154,900
Rally Capacity Bonus70,000133,000203,700320,000469,200651,000987,0001,287,0001,836,0002,625,0008,581,900

Reducing the Cost

In order to reduce the cost of this research make sure that you do the following:

  1. Equip Your Hero with Research Gear and Gems
  2. Skill your Hero and Dragon for Research
  3. Check your boost Hall and make sure you are getting RSS reductions for your Research

The Stats

While this Research is important to unlock Strategic Troops it is also important due to the stats contained within. There are tons of stats in this research that will help every type of player.

Check out the stats this Research offers at Max Level:

  • 800% Type Attack
  • 600% Type Defense
  • 800% Troop Attack
  • 450% Troop Health
  • 800% Empire Assault Attack
  • 600% Empire Defender Attack
  • 600% Empire Assault and Empire Defender Defense
  • 300% Enemy Attack Debuff
  • 300% Enemy Defense Debuff
  • 600% Wonder Assault and Wonder Defender Attack
  • 450% Wonder HP Bonus
  • 75,000,000 Max Troop Capacity
  • 100,000 Rally Capacity Bonus
  • 40,000 Solo March Size
  • 100% Solo March Speed
  • 100% Wonder March Speed
  • 50% Rally March Speed

Is it Worth it?

This is the question we always come to when we are looking at new troops. Is the feature worth the cost? One thing we do know is that there are players who have already been unlocking Strategic Tier 4 troops and are tearing their way through kingdoms with them. Check out this video of our friend Savage Arab tearing into a 4bill player! Did he burn because of the Strats or was it a combination of the Strats and the stats with a build that was lacking? I’ll leave that up to you to decide…

What we Know

  1. Strategic Troops are stronger than Regular Troops.
  2. While this is the case if you look closely at the Strat Research Tree you will notice that the stats added are not Strategic Specific.
  3. What this means is that if your stats are not high enough there are situations where Regular Troops may beat Strategic Troops.
  4. Early Adopters of this feature have the ability to get substantial stat increases that will allow them to have a high level of success.
  5. However, what this also means for traps is that there is still the ability to defend as you work to increase your research.

We will continue to update you as we are able to spend more time testing and playing with Strat. However, what we can tell you right now is that the research has some great stats that you do not want to miss out on. Add that on to the fact that it adds no power and it is the perfect feature for traps as well.

What are your thoughts surrounding the new strategic troops? Let us know in the comments below.

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