Strategic T5 Troops

Big Drops in GoW including Strategic T5 Troops, Jiao Dragon Armor Set, and SW results!

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Strategic T5 Troops

Strategic T5 Troops just dropped in GoW and SavageArab is going to break down what they offer to players.

The new research will help unlock Lv 5 Sentinels, Crossbowmen, Dragoons, and Heavy Catapults.

Additionally, the bonuses from the New Strategic Tree include:

5,500% Infantry, Ranged, and Cavalry Attack vs Battle Marked Target

5,400% Empire Assault Attack

6,000% Empire Assault Defense

2,800% Empire Assault Health

5,800% Type Attack

3,000% Type Defense

3,000% Type Health

6,200% Wonder Rally Troop Attack

6,200% Wonder Troop Health Bonus

6,200% Wonder Defender Troop Attack

Something worth mentioning, according to SavageArab, you can unlock Strategic T5 Troops in just one pack! A nice change from what we’ve seen with players having to invest in 10 to 20 packs to get access to new Troops.

However, SavageArab recommends players to be more balanced and withhold on training too many Strategic T5 Troops, because eventually, we’ll see Wild Troops drop and make all of your Strategic T5 Troops obsolete.

Moving on, Savage breaks down the new Jiao Dragon Gear Set which is used for Wonder. The stats that Jiao Dragon offers for Wonder are insane and are highly recommended if you’re a Wonder player.

There was a VIP update to levels 81 through 90. MZ fixed an issue with Hero 3 Presets and now grants Hero 1, Hero 2, and Hero 3 Presets at VIP Levels 24, 34, and 41 respectively.

Lastly, SavageArab goes over the last Super Wonder event with the winners and runner-ups. Savage wasn’t able to participate in the last Super Wonder but the overall lag seems to have improved for Solos who were competing in the Super Wonder.

That’s all for this week in recapping some of the latest drops in GoW. What are your thoughts on the release of Strategic T5 Troops? Are you excited that they dropped? Are you waiting for Wild Troops to drop before you train too many Strategic T5 Troops? What are your thoughts on the new Jiao Dragon Gear Set? Is this the new Wonder Gear Meta that you have to get to compete in Wonders?

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